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Scoop! John P. Enochs two rape charges became Misdemeanor Battery with injuries

Yes.  Big scoop coming.  Sadly, it shouldn’t be a scoop, at all.  Here’s why. This column is called “Media and the Courts” not “Journalism and the Courts” for the very good reason after media successfully worked to eliminate the Fairness … Continue reading


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Michael MacNeil; the Deputy DA San Diego media almost helped to get away

Former San Diego Deputy District Attorney, Michael MacNeil, continues to enjoy a general shield of protection from his conduct, courtesy of San Diego Media.  Including after he was identified by a co-worker.   The “whys” of protection is media gets … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg sentencing – here’s why he could get a new trial

Refresh for updates: In the Brandon Vandenburg, Corey Batey sex crime sentencing hearing today, the disputed juror, Todd Easter, who first appeared both well-meaning, and not terriby smart, is on the hot seat. I mean, witness stand.  Currently testifying about … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg declared “indigent” – Parents throw a Hail Mary

Recognizing Indio’s former football star and Christian school (Xavier Prep) graduate Brandon Vandenburg’s future is more likely to be spent in a prison ministry in tight quarters, than national fame as a tight end; Brandon’s religiously right, conservative parents, Rod … Continue reading

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Miles Finley finally admits guilt in Vandenburg multiple rape case.

Miles Finley, finally pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in the Brandon Vandenburg facilitated, sports-bro, rape case of his unconscious date, so Vandendburg could further bond with his Vanderbilt football teammates. Finley was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenberg fires two attorneys, keeps Perez for his appeal

I totally called it. Seconds after the “Guilty” verdict of Vanderbilt University’s wannabe football star and team rapist facilitator, Brandon Vandenburg, came in, I posted my take: “Guilty – is it too soon to mention Malpractice?“ Late today comes word … Continue reading

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The Ick Factor: CBS continues protecting Jacob Robbins, Sean MacDonald and Adam Nagel from their sex crime tweeted intentions

Update:  Not a fan of Curt Schilling.  But he did once, do something right. In a, “too creepy for words” segment on March 4, 2015, CBS Morning News protected the names of wannabe serial sex crimes predators who used twitter … Continue reading

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Latest leaked video drama from Vandenburg attorney Albert Perez

Of course! Of course Albert Perez, the California defense attorney whose defense game plan for Brandon Vandenburg, ringleader of Vanderbilt’s football player gang-rape attack on his date; resulted in Brandon Vandenburg’s conviction on on all charges – had to do … Continue reading

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Two guys stop an “in progress” campus rape!

Nooooo – of course it wasn’t two, Vanderbilt guys. Lawn rape It was two guys riding bikes on the Stanford University campus, who first noticed a rape in progress on a lawn near the Kappa Alpha fraternity.  The victim was … Continue reading

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Vandenburg verdict: Guilty

Splashdown:  The Verdict is in: Guilty on all counts.     Pent up emotions can now be freed.         Vandenburg looked entirely perplexed.  Then disbelief settled in.    Mom Shawna and the twins boys weren’t present.  Likely wanting … Continue reading

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