When GoDaddy Won’t Let Go.

GODADDY…is feeling a little trumpy.

Who knew GODADDY would refuse to let you leave? Who else does this remind people of?

This is my Second attempt to transfer a domain. Have over an hour total, vested…

The password sent to “verify” my identity before transferring out of GODADDY? Never sent.

The tech support (initially) promising a “two-minute wait time.” 45 minutes later. Still waiting!

How does anyone leave GODADDY when the business holds one hostage — just like thug trump kept trying to do? Did I leave a message for the number purported to be the “Office of the CEO” you may ask. Twice. For each attempt.

Have I ever received the services of Tech Support, or a callback. Nope.

Domain wise this is beginning to feel like a hostage situation.

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It's not about me....it’s always about people.
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