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A Todd Kincannon update: Still crazy, but at least Ashely Kincannon finally noticed

Update on Todd Kincannon.  Not his alleged, “lucrative” law practice, covered earlier.  Updates to include Kincannon’s very scared wife, <—–  Ashely Kincannon. (Those new to the cesspool known as Kincannon’s mind can get a sense of it through a small … Continue reading

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Cody A. Fitch vs. Republican Party USA – the Court of Appeal Decision is out

Attempted without success to reach both Cody Fitch and Gerald Fitch this morning by telephone. Cody A. Fitch is an unemployed, white male adult malcontent living deep within the wealthy bowels of California’s Republican Party.  That means Cody is living … Continue reading

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California attorney Matt McLaughlin petitions for “Sodomite Suppression Act” ballot initiative

Thanks Orange County!  Thanks for wasting government resources. (See bottom of the page.) Gotta ask:  is there Any organizational body that will protect the public from religious zealots such as California attorney Matt McLaughlin? And to those who might suggest … Continue reading

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Maternity tourism: How rich women foreigners obtain American citizenship for their babies

Behold!  A new kind of potential immigrant! Forget fear-riddled Tea Party fist shakers – shaking their angry fists at….children. Forget tea party types defaming innocent newborns, venomously attacking infants as “anchor babies” (never mind where parents of tea party ‘fraidy … Continue reading

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SAE hires Timothy McVeigh defender, Stephen Jones to investigate civil rights violations

UPDATE SATURDAY: National Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) wants all to know it had abolutely nothing to do with the now defunct, local chapter’s hiring of  criminal defense attorney, Stephen Jones.  This disconnect appears to be a fast-moving story, … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenberg fires two attorneys, keeps Perez for his appeal

I totally called it. Seconds after the “Guilty” verdict of Vanderbilt University’s wannabe football star and team rapist facilitator, Brandon Vandenburg, came in, I posted my take: “Guilty – is it too soon to mention Malpractice?“ Late today comes word … Continue reading

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Tom Cotton’s in Congress, but media missed why his newest best friend is the Arkansas legislature

March 10, 2015, Although most Americans were outraged by Arkansas’s Congressional Representative Tom Cotton’s violation of the Logan Act, (trending on Twitter as #47Traitors) media missed how the Arkansas Legislature pulled a Rand Paul  in order to assist Cotton to … Continue reading

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OU President David Boren expels two racist frat boys

Yale graduate, President of the University of Oklahoma, and Sooner leader, David Boren just expelled Parker Rice and Levi Pettit, two racists frat boys in a short, but succinct letter. President Boren released the announcement by traditional means, which now … Continue reading

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Nathan Fletcher’s divorce reveals a deep misunderstanding of Family Court

On March 2, 2015, the San Diego Reader barely reported former California State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher filed for divorce. Instead, the report detailed Fletcher was a former protege of Randy Duke Cunningham, (once voted America’s most crooked politician; since released … Continue reading

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The Ick Factor: CBS continues protecting Jacob Robbins, Sean MacDonald and Adam Nagel from their sex crime tweeted intentions

Update:  Not a fan of Curt Schilling.  But he did once, do something right. In a, “too creepy for words” segment on March 4, 2015, CBS Morning News protected the names of wannabe serial sex crimes predators who used twitter … Continue reading

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