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The patterns of San Diego’s “Emergency Services” remains troublesome

Bad Blood in San Diego City Ambulance Services. When considering San Diego Emergency Services: Beware of “partnerships” The 2005, the San Diego Reader report on San Diego’s ambulance service began,  “It reads like a bad science fiction novel: A small … Continue reading

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Should Senator Lindsey Graham call Jeff Bauman for help?

Enemy combatants        When did Senator Lindsey Graham, proud assault weapon owner and staunch facilitator/accomplice for felons and the mentally ill to continue their ability to acquire weapons to kill men, women and American children, decide there is an enemy … Continue reading

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Another Robinson helicopter crashes and burns; attorney Gerald Sterns not surprised

Bay Area attorney Gerald Sterns is blunt. The acclaimed aviation attorney claims Robinson helicopters are flying Pintos. Gerald Sterns commented moments ago on the most recent Robinson helicopter crash, after it somewhat typically, burst into flames, shortly after take-off from … Continue reading

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