Memphis attorney Shari Myers, asks Judge incarcerate parents for non-payment of fees


Shari “pay up or go to jail” Myers

Memphis attorney and Guardian Ad Litem, Shari Myers, made news recently.   The Court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem asked Judge Donna Fields, who originally appointed Myers, to a incarcerate one of the parents responsible for her fee, for non-payment.

It wasn’t an one time request. 

Myers repeatedly made her request for incarceration.

Eventually, Judge Fields obliged and Myers, a wannabe fashionista, watched as Angela Gilmore was shackled and trotted off to the hoosegow, by order of Judge Fields. 

Shari Myers is also a member of “Super Lawyers.”

Which causes us to rethink, everything.

Yes, Angela Gilmore, who couldn’t afford to pay Myers was jailed for five days at Myers insistence, courtesy of Judge Fields.  Who is re-creating Debtors Jails.


Judge Fields recreates “Debtors Jails”

Myers other business

Additionally – and creepily; Shari Myers is also the proud owner of the Supervised Visitation agency, A Family Connection.  

Myers claims it’s low cost.

However, having caught Myers penchant for financial vengeance – it begs the question;

if parents are unable to pay Myers to visit with their kids, wouldn’t Myers supervised visitation business be capable holding the parent-child relationship, hostage, with a vengeance, also?  

Conflicts of Interest

As it benefits A Family Connection Supervised Visitation agency to remain in business; how likely is it that Supervised Visitation Monitors from Myers’ agency, would report to the court their services are no longer needed?

See Shari Myers interview below.  Shari has put on some pounds since the picture at the top, so at first, we didn’t recognize her. But, knowing what we know now, Shari Myers seems very happy to earn money off the backs of those least able to afford it, from the custody industry, in several different ways.  

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6 Responses to Memphis attorney Shari Myers, asks Judge incarcerate parents for non-payment of fees

  1. Angela gilmore says:

    Hello! I just found this. Thank you for writing it! The world needs to know about these attorneys and the corruption in the court system.


  2. Tom says:

    I would love a chance to talk to this mother and tell her my story. What is being said out Shari Myers, defines her character. It is all about the money and nothing about the kids…Just my opinion……..of course


    • Angela gilmore says:

      Hi Tom. I just found this story but I’m happy to speak with you. 🙂 I’m the mother in this story. You can reach me at sissy12479(at)gmail(dot)com


  3. Ce Ltic says:

    My own experience has taught me that Ms. Myers is, sadly, typical of the bottom feeder attorneys involved with divorce and custody issues. Conflicts of interest abound and these execrable narcissists scream that they are all about the children, using them as cover for their real interests, which are themselves and money and power. They are the lowest form of human life.


  4. Dunno. My take is Ms. Myers is a congregant of the “Church of Self.”


  5. Sally Spelbring says:



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