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Air Asia Flight #QZ8501 “Here come the conspiracy folks,” says aviation attorney Gerald Sterns

As soon as I saw the latest headlines regarding Air Asia – “Frozen instruments – Deliberate  crash” I emailed aviation litigation titan Gerald Sterns.  With 45 years representing pilots and passengers, Sterns’ lock on the industry is profound.  With permission, … Continue reading

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Media, Journalism, and the problem with Paula Kay Schmidt: An open letter to Rick Burrough

December 26, 2014 An Open Letter to Rick Burrough President of JAMS Media, LLC,  on behalf of Michigan area residents and the public at-large. Dear Rick, As the owner of JAMS Media, wouldn’t you agree the basic social contract with … Continue reading

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Reporting 101: There are two kinds of GPS – but reporters aren’t covering the kind that works.

First, there are two kinds of GPS.  Second, most reporters and State and Congressional staffers, don’t know this.  Sadly, it follows when reporters are unaware of critical information, the public is then and repeatedly, misinformed.  Misinformation is responsible in part, … Continue reading

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Bradley Stone, Nicole Stone and how reporters are getting women killed. As horrible as the butchering of a family is, Philly news reporters DAVID GAMBACORTA, JASON NARK, WENDY RUDERMAN, DANA DiFILIPPO & BARBARA LAKER, still found the time to report … Continue reading

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