It’s Womens History Month – So of Course the Murdaugh Murder Trial

Judge Clifton Newton failed only once, via sexism’s passive voice. Commenting, “Paul was savagely murdered.” Judge Newton then added Maggie was “murdered.” Paul, the son, shot twice…received top billing. Maggie, who was not the easy prey Alex likely expected, was shot five times. Judge Newton (perhaps thinking of of his own pain), mentioned during sentencing that Alex probably loved his son very much. There was no reference of love regarding Maggie.

My guess was Maggie was trying to put some machinery between herself and Alex. However, the counting of women as less valuable than children is part of America’s everyday sexism. It’s also explains why at no time in American history have women lost more rights since 2020.

Women have to be their own heroes. There are no men advocating for women as leaders, period. Full stop. Men want our “support.” They do not want us to lead, unless it’s in an area dovetailing with their career and/or wants. Children should learn this early so as adults they can decide if that works for them, and if so, to what degree. Presently, women are a long way from equality seeping into America’s DNA…and that goes double for our multi-hued sisters. So, dear American women, if you want equality faster, save time. Back a Black woman.

UK photo

Alex’s sister posted the Appeals process will be lengthy. So perhaps there exists a heavy load of Denial DNA not opioid related in the Murdaugh family. Two words about that. Mallory Beach.

The word consistently used by every man throughout trial to describe Mallory? “Beautiful.” Not one paragraph was devoted to Mallory Beach’s natural charm. Mallory’s high spirits. Mallory’s wit and loyalty as a true friend. Mallory Beach was a young women who made her parents proud. Imagine not word about Mallory’s goals in life. Not a single word about Malloy’s character.

I have South Carolina experience. Attacked online by Todd Kincannon, I wasted spent about three years talking with polite legislators, polite but uninterested State Bar officials, and polite officials from the Administrative Office of the Courts, before realizing The State of South Carolina had no effective way to deal with mentally ill attorneys. Until they did. All it took was Todd threatening judges during a hearing and just like that Todd left court by ambulance to a mental health facility. I dashed off a column on a Sunday and was astonished when WORDPRESS informed me the column was their top hit for their platform. This surprised the heck out of me —there were football games being played.

But I guess the same applies to attorneys with addiction issues. It’s really a shame. California has a way of getting their attention. Happy to send names if anyone is interested.

But it was a relief to finally figure out why I had so much trouble pronouncing “Alex” (correct pronunciation: “Alec”).

As in, “Smart Alec.” However, soon enough I realized my stumbling over both names was primarily due to the family’s last name, not the double killer’s first. Turns out, Smart “Alec” Murdaugh lies every bit as much as that billionaire publisher of daily lies in print, and televised broadcasts; Rupert Murdoch. (Although for the better part of a month Smart Alec Murdaugh and his never-ending supply of ready tears gave Fox Entertainment (still billed as news) and Rupert Murdoch a real run for the dirty, oligarch’s money.

But when it comes to lying for profit, Rupert Murdoch and the smart “Alec” ran for the money in an absolute, dead heat. Rupert had the advantage being smarter, minus a drug habit, and employing plenty of toads willing to lie to all of America. Alex had only himself after his grandfather’s law firm found out what was going on. Up until then, the law firm was the smart Alec’s biggest con. All credit for taking Alex down, goes to Alex’s then paralegal, Annette Griswold.

Still, it’s not as if people haven’t been fooled, or made to look foolish, before.

Think of William F. Buckley and the book, “Scoundrel.”
Buckley was pretty smart. Not Blanca Turrubiate-Simpson, smart, mind you. But smart all the same.

How was Blanca smart? Unlike Buckley, Blanca never lead overtly with her intelligence, which included her criminal profiling experience. Something Alex likely forgot. Blanca always led with her inborn compassion. If a movie is ever made about this modern American tragedy, it’s the role of Blanca that will make someone a star. If Blanca happens to read this — please get an agent smart enough to get you 200k upfront, and points from a world-wide distribution, (not just a U.S. release).

Returning to our theme, killing older wives and kids is a problem everywhere.

Australian police took their appalling lack of curiosity to the next level. Several women were killed before police um, noticed. After they noticed, everything police did was a disaster— including trailing the suspect to a female friend’s home. Police waited outside in various hiding places to nab him. Meanwhile, he killed his “friend” and left by the back door. The documentary, “No More Granny’s” began on Amazon Prime, but is now available on a variety of platforms. Check it out.

The family might want to meet and consider a name change. This might seem hard to swallow at first. But ultimately, it beats facing a lifetime of under-the-breath, “Murdering Murdaughs” cat-calls. Think of the children…and Buster. No one should be branded forever by rumors.

Just sayin’.

Given it is Women’s History Month — let’s consider the truly appalling, unfathomable — can’t even call it “work” of SLED to — well, actual forensic science. I recommend “When The Dogs Don’t Bark” discovered while watching UK crime shows during the pandemic. I got curious after watching the credits roll. The series was in conjunction with her work. The key to Professor Gallop’s success has always been she believes in science — just coupled with A very large dose of imagination.

The Bible of Forensic Science by — Professor Angela Gallop
Note the platforms. To not disturb the crime scene.
Note the wooden platforms the team is Standing on, careful not to contaminate the crime scene.

One of the things that struck me was Maggie Murdaugh’s sister, Marian Proctor’s statement…almost an aside to herself. Marian quoted Alex who had offered his opinion that whoever did this, had spent a lot of time thinking about it. Alex, who had been busying himself talking to his attorney and scribbling notes, was largely ignoring Marian’s testimony. But when Marian repeated Alex’s earlier words, Alex stopped and did the fastest head swivel I’d ever seen. Then I watched as Alex sat there, openly taking Marian’s measure. — It gave me pause.

Also not mentioned? I mention this as Judge Newton mentioned SLED had taken a lot of heat they shouldn’t have.

As a reminder, not a single member of SLED ever once called Mallory’s parents. Not once throughout the night of the accident, or the next day. That was due to the Murdaugh influence, including the non-lawyer Murdaugh brother. Imagine being Mallory’s mother standing by the water. Imagine being told by law enforcement days later, she could not walk down and look at the wrecked boat. Then imagine while standing there, Alex and Maggie drive up, and being allowed to go to the boat. Next? Imagine the sound of Mrs. Beach’s heart breaking as she stood alone on the embankment. Excluded by law enforcement from knowing anything about her daughter.

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When GoDaddy Won’t Let Go.

GODADDY…is feeling a little trumpy.

Who knew GODADDY would refuse to let you leave? Who else does this remind people of?

This is my Second attempt to transfer a domain. Have over an hour total, vested…

The password sent to “verify” my identity before transferring out of GODADDY? Never sent.

The tech support (initially) promising a “two-minute wait time.” 45 minutes later. Still waiting!

How does anyone leave GODADDY when the business holds one hostage — just like thug trump kept trying to do? Did I leave a message for the number purported to be the “Office of the CEO” you may ask. Twice. For each attempt.

Have I ever received the services of Tech Support, or a callback. Nope.

Domain wise this is beginning to feel like a hostage situation.

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January 1, 2022. Texas Twofer: Racism and Misogyny Demonstrated By Houston Chronicle and KPRC on Sandra Bland.

Nothing’s Changed~

Sure.  Sheriff Glenn Smith died. Just not before another inmate suicide. Texas media alluded to “Racial Strife”  but there was zero mention of misogyny,  Media has a long, well-documented history of making their misogyny invisible. So I always look for what’s not there.  Such as No Blue checkmarks for potent Women.  Such as Black Women.  Such as local fire-brand, Propane Jane.

Or the equally smart and savvy, “Emrazz.”  Neither have Blue Checks.  See how Twitter, with it’s 6,000 mostly “bro” employees, works?  But I digress.

When I first called the City Desk at the Houston Chronicle, it was to alert The Chronicle of to push back at Sheriff’ Smith’s laughable, “Independent Investigation” the editor asked where I was calling from. (This was after I showed him the Conflict).

I answered “San Diego” and he immediately challenged me with, “How does someone in San Diego know this?”  (Again, this was after whirling him around the documented online conflict).

I answered, “Have you heard of the Internet?” The Houston Chronicle did not report the conflict.  Because often media renders Misogyny,  invisible.  Media is proficient at invisible misogyny.

But I also contacted Keith Garvin, so he could amend his report.  Bupkis.  So, lovely Black Women — Do not depend on Black Male Journalists.  So I called all major Texas media outlets.

Not a single one responded.  This is what Texas Misogyny and Racism looks like.

Meanwhile, Judge Dun is all but advertising his conflicts.

Quick!  Someone call Waller County DA Elton Mathis and explain to him the meaning of the word, “Independent.”  Then ask him to inform Sheriff Glenn Smith. Then:  Start over! The latest screams Conflict of Interest.  Or would had the reporter done any kind of checking.  Really.  Any kind at all.

Elton Mathis - Waller County DA

File this under, “What Was Elton thinking?”

Normally we don’t call out really bad reporting, but the Sandra Bland case is too important leave unaddressed. Sadly, this post stars Houston’s KPRC anchor, Keith Garvin who interviewed attorney  Paul Looney about Waller County’s already problematic Sheriff, Glenn Smith.

Sheriff Smith supposedly called for an independent investigation into the death of Sandra Bland, but hired Looney & Conrad, the firm in which Waller County Judge Trey Duhon is officially, “Of Counsel.”  (This is on top of Elton’s calling for an Independent investigation and the Chronicle’s report on that involving Lewis M. White and Darrell W. Jordan two other attorneys.)

Paul Looney Playing KPRC Reporter Kevin Garvin getting played

A picture of attorney Paul Looney playing KPRC reporter Keith Garvin

No seriously.  I am not making this up.  Back to the problematic Sheriff and his choice pick.  We’ll let a competent reporter ask Judge “I run the county” Duhon why he didn’t advise Sheriff Smith he was “Of Counsel” to Looney & Conrad and how employing the firm would be a clear, Conflict of Interest.

Also, is the firm getting paid for this investigation? If so, how much?  Please note in Looney & Conrad’s June 1, 2015, announcement of bringing Judge Duhon in as “Of Counsel” an announcement includes the fact that:

Looney & Conrad are not certified in any area of practice by the State of Texas.

Looney's Of Counsel - Trey Duhon Click below for the televised interview. This rather significant fact was completely missing from Keith Garvin’s report.


Keith Garvin – the reporter who interviewed Mr. Looney.

One picture is worth a thousand words

Note the change in the Facebook Cover photo of Looney and Conrad  – Clues, anyone?

Wallker & Looney

New FACEBOOK Cover Photo from the Law Firm of Looney & Conrad

Yes, I did call the station to inform them of their miss.  Am waiting to hear back.

Just kidding! No breaths are being held.

But seriously, folks.  Step up your game.

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TJ Ducklo has two fatal diseases. Lung Cancer and Misogyny

Update: One day later, TJ Ducklo resigned. I remain completely proud of my column below.

Gotta wonder why the White House Skirt Offense ramped up a full skirt swirl to protect TJ (The Jerk) Ducklo…as the cowardly Ducklo, as in “ducked low” behind the skirts.


Sellouts near the top

Nevermind that Ducklo called Tara Palmeri, threatening, “I will destroy you” should Tara Palmeri move forward with her story. It was also reported TJ (The Jerk) accused of Palmeri of being “jealous” that a different man had “wanted to f–k” McCammond “and not you.”

One hundred percent full of himself, TJ then accused Palmeri of being “jealous” he was dating McCammond.


It’s not the “Cancel Culture” — when Men self-cancel

Ladies. Get Real. Misogyny kills.

TJ Ducklo immediately made a business dispute about sex.

So to the all female communications crew of the White House — you let President Joe Biden down. There was no need for this to become what it has. Ducklo, who doesn’t have the grace to resign, should have been terminated as President Biden said would happen.

You let that President Biden has a soft spot for cancer victims badly color your judgment.

Had anyone been on their game, any one of these experienced staffers could have found Ducklo a position somewhere, anywhere else. Frankly, America was failed by the all-female team, who acted in jock fashion…when a moderately bright staffer would have just found the creep another job and presented his resignation letter.

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Covid-19 tests are available – the problem for government is not doing this

My name is Bonnie Russell,  Call me at 858-324-1717, if you need the Korean Covid-19 tests, and PPEs now.  The newest tests are completed  in minutes, not hours.  That’s huge.  Also huge?

Democrats are likewise screwing the simplest of things.  Getting tests and masks to those in need.

Normally I work in media relations.

I’m in Southern California, and am also quite professionally, curious. So I have done a fair amount of exposés. 

My last exposé happened to be medically related…and the reporter interrupted my excited call to ask,

Lubbock.  Why were you reading the papers in Lubbock!?

Professionally curious got me into exposing some weird, Organ Harvesting  (completely unauthorized but very profitable) which I immediately recognized was a story way bigger than my blog, (devotedly read by four readers) could handle.

Jeff’s excellent follow-up was picked up by the wires, Organ Harvesting 2,San Diego Organ Harvest

including the Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune, and more.  Jeff did a great job.  Still, with COVID testing, both parties are screwing it up.

It saddens me to read reports like this.

 But it really saddens me to report the following regarding media:

  1. All media is mistakenly driving up Covid-19 testing costs with incorrect information regarding a perceived lack of testing and PPEs.
  2. Tests and masks are super available. Turns out, city, county and state governments handle a pandemic exactly the same way they handle everything else. By committee.
  3. I come with receipts. By demonstration, and certainly not to make anyone feel badly. But to provide examples because I don’t say anything unless I have proof. When Montana Gov. Steve Bullock pleaded for masks and tests on MSNBC, — I heard his plea and called Helena Police to get contact information for after hour emergencies. (Back when the earth was cooling I worked for a police department).

Next, I called Bullock’s Chief of Staff, Ali Bovingdon, and Deputy Chief of Staff, Adam Schafer.  I left messages for each that tests and masks (safety glasses) were readily available.


I called back, including a call for Ali’s assistant Kaydee, (daughter of former CA legislator, Gary Condit). Kaydee once called me for information while working in Government in California. I reminded her of that in my message to her.


  1. Again, — referencing Item 2., state governments handle a pandemic exactly the same way it handles everything else. By committee.

Prior to Dr. Valerie Arkoosh appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show, but shortly after the announcement federal help was being withdrawn in her community, I sent the good doctor an email detailing testing and mask prices (at a fair price) not something that would warrant attention in Propublica, or most recently, the Washington Post as pictured below,

and promptly received an invitation to fill out a form…

“Dear Ms. Russell,

On behalf of Dr. Arkoosh, I would like to thank you for your willingness to distribute PPE at this time.

I would like to encourage you to fill out our PPE vendor form online here:”

The Solution.

  1.  First, no medical personnel should have to wear a laundered mask. Also,…Ew.
  2.  City, County and State Governments, must — must think less like bureaucrats, and more like First Responders. Thus,
  3. For fast service to entities in desperate need, call me.  My number’s at the top of the page. If you’re a frustrated employer, call me. 
  4. Please all, act like exactly like a first responder. I can walk you through it.
  5. Have staffers decide in conjunction with the person writing the check. Then the person cutting the check contacts the company making the best offer for their needs — who can likewise, continue supplying tests and equipment in a way that doesn’t get the supply, hijacked, enroute.  I happen to know one such company.

As the renown tech journalist Kera Swisher wrote about her own antibody test in The NY Times,

“We are the most monitored, followed and data-mined people to have ever occupied this planet, and we know very little about a virus that knows everything about us.

As jacked into the system as I am, to get a tiny piece of possibly unreliable data about myself, I had to know a guy.”

         In the case of masks and COVID-19 testing, this )girl is that guy.

Personally, I’m in it so my now 97 year old Dad, gets to stick around long enough to complete his short-term goal. (Dad mentions all his goals are  short-term). . .and Dad would really like to vote in the upcoming election.

Dad’s Riverside County retirement community is so large they have their own polling place. I sometimes make fun of Dad on Twitter…as there is no way I could equal his record of service.  But I can do my best.

One last example behind my attempt to get media to refocus on supplies.

Doctors contacted me privately because their employers continue to fail them.

Their hospitals are not meeting their safety needs. None of this needed to happen. Korea has had 225 deaths which double every five days.  The U.S. response to date has failed, and we need to protect our first responders and all medical personnel, as well as non-medical personnel, who work in hospitals and doctor’s offices.  I leave you with this.


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Gotcha Legal Services Process server Kris Vorsatz Hit With New Charges By San Mateo Deputy DA

To highlight in action of DA Rosen

Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen

While traditional media seems a bit unconcerned why Santa Clara’s District Attorney Jeff Rosen’s office facilitated the twice-convicted felon and some-time process server, Gotcha Legal Services, process server, Kris Vorsatz, — San Mateo County is picking up the slack.

Gotcha Legal Services process server Kris Warren Vorsatz was hit with new charges last week.

San Mateo Deputy DA Lucas King added a few new charges against Vorsatz; including what Kris likely thought was fool-proof detection scam.  Using his identical twin brother, Kraig’s ID.  Lucas also including Kris’ penchant for waving a badge around, inferring he was working with the County.

Fortunately, at present, Kris Vorsatz is not available for release.  But in event he does become probation eligible, I believe his behavior demonstrates it is worth being on effective, GPS.  California has a history of ineffective, GPS.

dishonest process server jailed

Kris Vorsatz is the twin on the left. Kraig Vorsatz is on the right.

Which reminds me of the Judicial Council’s 68 million pre-trial release program and how that implies protecting the public, while the problem of Counties protecting bad contracts, which are repeatedly, renewed.  

I tipped NBC to one frequently used GPS “monitoring” company with a record so dismal, Orange County finally dumped them.

(Click the above link for one scary video too many counties continue to use).

There is a better way than the dynamic that typically plays out in Government “systems” which prompted the well-deserved quote, below.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals, but fall to the level of your systems.”

Effective leaders find a better way.  They are open to better solutions.  Particularly if they are cost-worthy.  My hope is none of  Kris Vorsatz’s victims, have to contend with junk-GPS.

Californians have begun to understand which county DA acts to use the best technology, given the new technology is price comparable to the companies formerly used in Orange County.

Judicial Council OKs $68M for Pretrial-Release Pilot Program

Given it’s time to clean up both the process-serving industry and the so-called, GPS Monitoring business;

  1.  The first agency whose process servers begin wearing body-cams is going to win the hearts and minds of the public as well as the courts.
  2. Junk GPS which has not worked in decades, but remain, in-use and causing problems, noted here “California Counties have issues with GPS Monitoring Services, as neither the Sheriff or Probation know how often they fail, it does seem time to go with what works, instead. 
  3. Sentinel in the news, in Georgia.
  4. Yes, we are aware of California judges who awarded GPS contracts to their kids. Talking to you, former El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Steven Bailey.

The Tahoe Daily Tribune reported,

“As a sitting judge since 2008, Bailey often would order defendants to become involved in a monitoring program called SCRAM, run by CHI Monitoring of Placerville. Defendants basically pay for the monitoring service, commonly known as wearing an “ankle bracelet,” instead of being jailed.

The judge in ordering numerous defendants to enroll with CHI often failed to note for the record that his son was employed there, according to the counts delineated by the Commission on Judicial Performance.”

When CHI clients failed to pay, Judge Bailey misused his authority to order the balance be paid as “victim restitution” when the monitoring firm is not a legal “victim” as outlined by the courts.

The California Commission on Judicial Performance also contends Judge Bailey directed potential clients to attorneys who were personal friends of the judge, without proper disclosure of that fact.

Also, the California Judicial Commission, composed of six public members, three judges and two lawyers, didn’t mince words in describing Bailey’s time on the bench.

“Judge Bailey has violated the Code of Judicial Ethics both on the bench and off the bench,” the decision concludes. “Citizens are expected to comply with the rule of law. Public respect for the judiciary cannot help but be eroded when a judge fails to abide by laws and rules applicable to the judiciary.”

Click here for:  The entire Decision against Judge Steven Bailey.

I telephoned District Attorney Wagstaffe for a comment, earlier this week regarding using effective GPS, and learned he will be returning   next week. I also called Deputy DA Lucas King, who was in trial.

 I repeatedly telephoned attorney Jeff Gananian, who represents Vorsatz victim, Gib Papazian, and Gib Papazian, too. I did not hear back from either; making my efforts 0 for four.  

I will try next week as I am aware of a need for this in San Mateo, from the testimony of Bonnie Beaton who spoke on non-agenda items, near the beginning of a Board of Supervisors Meeting on July 23, 2019.  Ms. Beaton focused on her former husband’s repeated violation of restraining orders, and the problems she has been having with Menlo Park Police, in getting the police to do their job after he routinely violates court orders.  According to her testimony Menlo Park officers have repeatedly told Beaton they will not make a report.

One can’t expect the District Attorney to act without the cooperation of local police.  By the way, over 2,000 plus women are killed in the U.S. yearly. Generally by someone who once professed their love.  But there are probably more, as their is no standardized reporting.  County and   State officials cannot fix the federal problem.  But they can use cost-effective, life saving GPS.

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“You’ve been served.” The Nightmare of Gotcha Legal Services’ Kris Vorsatz

Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen

Beginning at the end —two weeks of research ended with a call to me from Marcy Berkman, from Santa Clara County Counsel. I was assured, (complete with the Business and Professions Code Section 22351.5 reference) pleasantly, but in no uncertain terms, absent a specific order from a judge, the District Attorney’s office would not be revoking the Process Server license of Kris Vorsatz, a threat to the public.

(California licensed process servers need only register their license in one county to serve papers in all 58 counties).

Next, I wondered why the public would put its trust in Santa Clara County given County Counsel, the on-duty, Deputy DA, and the Business License division were continuing facilitating the criminal lifestyle of convicted felon and occasional process server, Kris Vorsatz.

Ironically, Vorsatz works as Vice-President of “Sales and Operations” at  Gotcha Legal Services according to his LinkedIn profile, with a Gotcha Legal Services, Inc., a company out of Florida.  Vorsatz is also affiliated with Screaming Eagle Legal Services, whatever that is.

But “ironic,” as at 6’4″ the often surly Kris Vorsatz (also a martial arts expert) has one skill that sets him apart from others.  Vorsatz’s specialty is not serving papers. Followed by filing false declarations of service. For diversity, Vorstaz also yells offensive names to men and women alike, as well as threatening them in person, or by phone.  Vorsatz is thorough that way. Just ask Dina Cole or Gib Papazian, both of whom requested restraining orders as Kris Vorsatz appears to be quite the loose cannon.

In his spare time and as is his right, Vorsatz also files for expungement of past criminal convictions. Kris is very up on expungements.  Good thing a copy of the last one was made before it was destroyed.

However, I am at a loss to understand why Santa Clara has not only been protecting Vorsatz, but facilitating his continued career criminal aspirations; and why Santa Clara County officials, would not only refuse to revoke Vorsatz’s license but are seemingly annoyed by requests to do so.

Still I was informed unless and until Santa Clara County officials receive a written order from a judge to pull Vorsatz’s license, his license stays put. End of story.  I should mention during  one of his trials, Kris was widely supported by other process servers who supported him…and referred cases to him.

But it matters not one whit to Santa Clara County Kris Vorsatz is a lying, convicted felon.  Period.

It matters not one whit, Vorsatz’s lies have cost people to lose custody of their children then spent a fortune trying to undue lies, as judges take not showing up, very personally.

It matters not one whit Vorsatz committed elder abuse, in frightening an older woman with eviction (Vorsatz carries a big badge that looks like it could be from the Sheriff’s Office, which I’m told, is where Voresatz claims he works).

Outright threats?  Pffft. Restraining orders entered into the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System; (CLETS).   Pffft.

Nope.  County Counsel was very firm.  Unless a judge specifically orders Vorsatz’s license revoked, Vorsatz is free to terrorize anyone while costing them a fortune…and have a nice day.

California Attorney, Jeff Gananian.

Still, IP litigator and registered patent attorney (Lic.33696) Jeff Gananian, (who wandered into Gib Papazian’s Family Law case), personally met with officials in the Business Licensing Division to make the case for doing the right thing, on behalf of the public, on May 31, 2018.

With zero results.  

Undeterred, Jeff next  met with a Deputy DA “On-duty” agent.  Unfortunately, the Deputy took it one step beyond, saying until Vorsatz was sentenced, Santa Clara wasn’t interested. 😳

But Gananian is not a man who is easily discouraged. Here’s a peek at the first page of Jeff’s letter dated, January 3, 2019.  One of Gananian’s continued attempts to encourage Santa Clara officials to do their job.

Trying to convince Santa Clara County to protect the public.

Nothing happened.

Fast forward eight months later.






August 2, 2019, Letter from attorney Jeff Gananian to Marnie Stout, Business Licenses, Santa Clara County 

Nothing continued to “ happen.”

All of which aroused my interest in noodling around for a little more information on Kris Vorsatz.  

Like, who is this guy?!

It didn’t take long to discover New York Banks have cited Kris Vorsatz’s failure to serve in foreclosure notices…in one case featured by the Process Servers Institute. Kris Vorsatz was featured in a foreclosure, here.

or, a snapshot if you prefer.

But wait…there’s more!

Kris Vosatz also wants to get into acting.  (Hey, why not. He certainly acts like a process server; and should a role come up for “Deputy” Kris already has the badge!)

So it just makes so much sense, for Kris to register at “Explore Talent”

Below are Kris’ “headshots.”

If this doesn’t scream “Felon” what would?



I have to admit, the above shot

“speaks” to me, as some in the industry might say.

It speaks in a voice that is loud, and the voice is saying, “RUN!”

But, Ladies and Gentlemen, this story has a twist!

Yes, a real, honest-to-goodness, twist.

Are you ready? Okay!

The Twist!  Actually, there’s  four.

  1.  San Mateo District Attorney, Steve WagstaffeI spoke with Mr. Wagstaffe, who was quick to inform me “Following State Bar rules, and on a broader level, Mr. Vorsatz appears to be the type of individual who believes law and rulings just do not seem to apply to him.”  Wagstaffe indicated given the background (which I am not privvy to), he asked Lucas King to pursue the case agressively.  

2.   Gib Papazian has a dual careers. Lucky Strike Farms, as a “Produce peddler” and, the movie business. 

As Director of Photography, Gib said, wait. As Director of Photography, that’s the fourth surprise.  So lets move on to three.















3.  San Mateo Deputy DA, Lucas King.  King looks like he’s straight out of Central Casting for an updated version of Clark Kent. I tried speaking a little with King.  He was polite, as most Texans are, but King was mostly interested in getting the job done, so I was quickly referred to Wagstaffe.  Still, good thing an ice cream truck rolls up most days…because there’s quite a number of people queuing up…some only to look. (Hat-tip to the two police officers recommending a vanilla, chocolate dip.)

San MateoDeputy District Attorney, Lucas King

4.  Four is the real kicker. 

Kris Vorsatz is a twin! Brother Kraig Vorsatz, began Gotcha Legal Services. I’m wondering if Kraig will be in trouble for the actions of Kris.

Is blood thicker than water? It is until push comes to shove. I called Gotcha a while ago and Kraig answered. He sounded stressed and a bit evasive. But ultimately Kraig helpfully indicated he was turning the business over to Matt Anderson in Marin.

Also, as someone said to me long ago,  “If one lies, the other swears to it.” Or, as Gib said.  “Dumb and dumber.”

Which one is which, remains to be seen.

Kraig on the left, and Kris, or “he who must wear his hair combed straight-down” on the right.

For the public, I do know this.  I would question any attorney using “Gotcha Legal Services” services exclusively.

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Riverside County Judge Craig Riemer Presiding Over Banks Against Senior Retirement Community

When it comes to your parent’s fiscal health when living in Riverside County, watch their back.

The bottom falls out…and is left that way. Seems an appropriate photo example of Eskaton’s Management style.The picture on the left is in the public café.

The picture struck me as exceptionally ironic.

However, this post was inspired by (click the following link) the latest veteran, needless death, courtesy of the La Jolla based,  Westmont Living. Retired, former military personnel continue to experience neglect.

In the above instance, the Readers Digest version is a resident Veteran was left outside on the patio on a hot day for a few hours.  His body temperature reached 103 by the time of his emergency hospital arrival by ambulance.

Calls from the Roseville facility to the family did not indicate there was a real problem.  After his death, the State of California fined the for-profit facility, at 5k a month to be ignored, a whopping $1,000.00 because they’d screwed up, previously.  I mention this, in conjunction with the current situation in the Riverside County litigation involving retired military personnel and other seniors.

Judge Craig Riemer allowed the foxes, i.e. the State of California and Social Services to intervene in the Riverside action of foxes guarding the hen-house, after Plaintiff Sherry Ikezawa sued the Board of Directors for a variety of long-standing financial mismanagement issues.  

Judge Riemer did not have the case initially.  It was transferred to him to “expedite” the Courts time, without notice to Plaintiff.   In researching his background I heard three basic thoughts, repeatedly.

  • Judge Riemer is very smart…and lacks the “Spirit” of the law, (where wisdom is revealed).  He’s a black and white kind of judge.
  • Judge Riemer is likely the most papered judge in the downtown courthouse. I spoke with attorneys who enjoy his quick wit and even temper – but do not want to appear before him in Court for the reasons above. They use their one free, ‘bounce’ card.
  • Judge Riemer is a corporate guy.

Sherry’s mistake was not bouncing him.  This became evident when Judge Riemer almost immediately dissed Sherry’s attorney, saying she was “trying his patience.” In short, by not bouncing Judge Riemer, Sherry wasted her time and money, as Riemer allowed the two institutions that should have been holding the Village accountable years ago, to intervene.  However —

Judge Craig Riemer did not allow the singular Plaintiff, Sherry Ikezawa, a resident, and Plaintiff, to intervene.  Although Ikezawa’s history is that of a Commerial broker.

Why would Judge Riemer do this?  I have heard Mary Carruthers financial company holds triple-digit millions with Riverside County.  I have no idea if this is accurate.  But it does have a whiff of fish, as whenever something doesn’t make sense, the answer is, follow the money.

Regardless, what does smell funny is barring the single individual sincerely interested in the rights of the seniors and Alta Vita residents, while allowing the two entities that didn’t do their job for over a period of decades, to join the effort to sell the facility. That reeks.

As such, residents would do well to remember that in preparation for the next cheerful round of newsletters courtesy of Eskaton.  Or when Sam Maizel drops by for a pep talk.  

Residents might want to ask Sam why the kind of Chapter 11 Sam talks about is the kind that goes straight to auction and not restructuring as Sherry has always maintained should happen.  Also,

Why hasn’t Judge Riemer trimmed the budget where appropriate?  

In the beginning, I listened when Bellann said she would just drop by the courts and have the judge to sign an order.  Judge Riemer did not rubber-stamp in the beginning, but he clearly seems to have come around as just about the only people not held accountable are the Receiver Raile and Eskaton.  Seriously folks.  The property has been available for quite a while.

Yet Cordes & Company can’t manage the thirty seconds it takes to link it to “Assets for Sale”  while the “leadership” Eskaton offers, can’t manage an easy chair fix in Alta Vita’s very public cafeteria.  

Also, now they suddenly find some firms they rejected, or which walked away before, okay.  Why?  Certainly not for the benefit of the residents. This is for the benefit of the State, Social Services and the banks.  I don’t buy the reasoning it’s the fault of the resident contracts.  I do buy years of mismanagement – because it makes more sense. There is no need to look for zebras in a herd of horses.

Will Judge Craig Riemer trim where appropriate?

People are wondering why Judge Riemer has not once questioned the fees of Eskaton and Raile, given both Eskaton’s monthly management fees and Raile’s monthly fee (in the high end of 45+K a month).  How can these fees be justified?  Especially when Eskaton was previously successfully sued for over-charging residents at one of their other facilities.

For years the board President, Mary Carruthers followed the wishes of the advisors to the very banks now suing the Village.  The management company that chose name “Altavita” did so apparently without checking or checking, but not understanding an existing retirement community in the area, with a less than stellar history, had a similar name.  Does Judge Riemer even know about this?  Does he care? 

Does Riemer care that basic issues with Eskaton and Raile have been repeatedly raised and repeatedly ignored.  We’re talking decades of this….yet all discovery has been essentially, stopped.  Will Judge Riemer remedy this? No. Will he address the lack of performance,  especially with Eskaton and Raile again considering the very same companies with poor track records regarding senior health, who walked away or were rejected, earlier?

I ask as it is not fair for the residents to be on the hook for those who do not perform.

I also ask for this reason. Last month as my resident father and I were returning from the dining room, we overheard a few food-service employees in another room, (unaware we were quietly padding by) listening to the answer another employee received after asking for a raise….from just over minimum wage – if that.  The employee quoted a Supervisor,

“Well, if we give you a raise, then we have to fire someone  else.”

Dad and I looked at each other and wordlessly began to shake our heads. About the worst thing my Dad ever says is, “That’s gross.”  It’s exactly what we both said once we reached a private area (inside an elevator).  We see how hard the servers work.  We see servers giving extra love and patience to seniors, some who really slow the line.

But these servers bestow good cheer and much helpfulness — especially under tight deadlines in the café where coincidentally the chair depicting the bottom falling out, literally and figuratively, is in full, public view. 

So in my view, in the interest of fairness, Judge Riemer must address the outrageous fees, from Raile and Eskaton.

Cutting to the chase…

By now it seems easy enough to conclude Judge Riemer supports a strong, Riverside, corporate atmosphere.  This is corporate speak for:   “Corporations win:  Actual people, lose.”

Should Senator Roth register as a Republican?

This also seems to be the view of retired General, now State Senator, Richard Roth of District 31.

 In May of 2017, we visited Senator Roth’s office and asked for a letter of support.  We indicated it was of critical importance.

Two weeks later we received a note telling us where to file a form.

I am not making this up.  

 We visited Senator Roth again, this time with a crew in  2018.

 We repeatedly stressed we needed a letter of support.  We received bupkis.  Again.  It’s something to remember when Senator Roth is out doing his Veteran’s Day or Fourth of July rah-rah veterans pr move parades.  Not to be outdone, our Congressional representative Mark Takano, was equally lame.  Riverside veterans and seniors should be aware Democrats are more like Republicans when it comes to actually, helping seniors out of the financial jam corporations place them.  

Still, the evidence is strong this current dumpster fire of a sale, now that Raile and the Board, led by Mary Carruthers, continue the board’s years-long, balk at Filing Chapter 11, for reorganizing.  Only recently did the Board allow for the thought.  But again, as it pertains to “straight to auction.”

So remember, Chapter 11 Reorganizing is something Sherry Ikezawa said for years, should happen.  The documents I’ve read included former Board members writing to the Department of Justice asking for an investigation.  Those who spoke out were kicked off the board.  Folks, this goes back to 1999.  The State of California in my mind is an accessory to the current condition.  Meanwhile, Judge Riemer positioned the State as a ‘helper.’  And there is no help from the State Senator or Congress.  They’re as cold as Republicans.  Maybe there is something to the triple digit millions in with the County through Carruthers company.

Sherry Ikezawa – the long-time commercial broker filed suit.

Sherry Ikezawa filed suit to protect her community.  Next, the usual happened. The below cartoon sums it up nicely.


Yes.  A bunch of guys showed up with chests puffed up, and immediately began telling Sherry, with her decades of commercial expertise, what she should do.

Sherry is very polite.  She listened.  She told them what to do.  She listened when one short guy presented her ideas as his.  Sherry doesn’t mind. She just wants to get things done right…and the guy had no clue.  She even went on record to waive her fee.  I don’t think a fair judge would allow that.  But…

Anyway, these sudden so-called experts immediately promised to support Sherry as long as she was okay letting them do it their way.  The problem with that, is these are the very same guys who were ineffective while they were on the board, or the Finance Committee….including two who specialized in leaving their wives alone, so they could power monitor the dining room at every opportunity. Still, Sherry just wanted to get a deal done.  

(As an aside, I can’t wait for another female president.)

But to recap:  they blew it. After years of complaining without filing a suit, they injected themselves into meetings with plans of support if —- there’s always an “if” with these guys.  None of whom let me be quick to add, were the slightest bit acquainted with Riverside’s track record of legit but ignored, elder financial abuse.

Ladies and Gentlemen – Judge Bill Sullivan!

First a quick review of Riverside’s history with a judge who specialized in ripping off seniors.  It’s absolutely stunning Bill Sullivan was not criminally charged, given he admitted to a long history of ripping off Riverside seniors from the time they became a judge.  (The judges words, not mine.)

Riverside Seniors remain at risk.

Bottom line.  Living in Riverside County is dangerous for seniors financial health.  They cannot depend on their elected representatives and it seems they certainly can’t depend on the courts.

As an aside – I can’t wait for another woman president.  Wait.  Did I mention that?



Fun Fact: When all was said and done, Juddge Sullivan, was not prosecuted. He returned to the bench as a high court judge in…the Marshall Islands.  Hey!  Grifters gotta grift!

Bookkeeper arrested in Riverside County Elder Abuse scam


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Dear Tom Brokaw and Megan Neely; Maybe try assimilating like Vivian Ho

Dear Tom,

Got to thinking about your “Hispanics should assimilate” comment, (along with a similar comment from North Carolina Professor Megan Neely, regarding Chinese students speaking Chinese in public, at Duke University.)  That story is here.

Megan Neely lost her job as Director, but remains teaching at Duke…although it was very clear, personnel wanted the names of those students…to deny them internships and other forms of discrimination.

Anyway Tom, (and Megan, too, if you’re reading) – first, neither of you are wrong.  Only your focus was sincerely and remains, 100% wrong. Not the more mundane, “incorrect.”  Wrong.

The focus Tom, (and Megan) is this:  You.  Rather than being the old man not yelling “Get off my lawn” you are the old man yelling, “I want you to sit on the lawn a certain way.”

So you as a former news leader, must demonstrate a willingness to learn. Because you’ve forgotten, learning through assimilation works as a two-way street.  Why not try your hand at walking a mile, (not 1,700 miles), in someone else’s shoes.  Here’s a thought.  Maybe give Vivian Ho a call to use as your guide!

(Vivian if you’re reading this, I hope you don’t mind my volunteering your awesome assimilation background.)

Vivian Ho is a good choice because Vivian’s a journalist, and sometimes arrested for, you know — committing journalism.  Thought you would appreciate that, Tom.  Vivian’s old-school.  When the east-coast raised, Vivian Ho attends a protest….she sometimes winds up booked! (Or maybe cite released since SF – Oakland host lots of protests.) Still, real journalism, Tom.

Vivian Ho – journalist – and lover of Mexican food.

Where to begin

Begin like most. And after a protest, a girl’s gotta eat. Please note Tom, Vivian Ho, is more than happy to participate in a conversation of the best Mexican burrito, carnitas, taco, in a specific area of San Francisco.  That’s Mexican food Tom.  Not Hispanic food.

How assimilation works

By the way, I had my first assimilation experience in Waco, Texas, after the Air Force sent Dad from Plattsburgh, New York, to Waco, to help close James Connolly AFB.  Dad pulled into a gas station, and I casually listened as Dad chatted with the gas station attendant. We were in the thick of Texas, Tom.  And I didn’t understand one word the gas station attendant said. Seriously.  Not a single word.  And Tom, I was born in America.

Eventually, I assimilated myself into school.  Sorta. – but the kids didn’t really assimilate to me.  One kid asked if I was from England.  (I am not making this up.)  But assimilating along, pretty soon I was drinking Dr. Pepper (invented in Waco) with a boyfriend, who introduced me to the love of my life.

The history of Tex-Mex food…with recipes!

Yep.  Tex-Mex food. Love at first bite.  Reading the treasure above, I learned…one man who owned a Mexican restaurant, figured out by feeding hungry children, the dropout rate slowed. Then he noticed school grades soared.  This brought a better return for state funding.  Yes, the caring for hungry little kids was a good move by the state, and noticed by Gov. Lyndon Johnson.  So the program birthed in a Houston, by the owner of Mexican food restaurant, later became the beginning of Head Start.

The business man assimilated hungry children into his life, and school scores soared.

Many years later, I moved to the Bay Area..and when I bit into a burrito and tasted rice — well, Tom.  My eyes could not believe what my mouth was tasting! Rice in a burrito was unheard of.  Eventually though, I realized what likely happened.

When our Mexican friends first came to the U.S., they opened great little holes in the wall eateries, with lines around the block, that grew into bustling enterprises.

Still, not every one is a good cook. In California, good cooks got to stay in the warmth of Southern California; but lesser cooks were forced to move the cold North..where no one knew too much about good, Mexican food.  Some wound up in San Francisco.  Windy and cold.

Still, the Mexicans coped.  They hired Asian busboys — some of whom their daughters fell in love with….and BAM!  The next thing you know, Tom, there’s rice in your burritos!  Bravo assimilation!

Tony Bourdain knew how to assimilate through food.  Same for Jonathan Gold. Both men knew food is love.  And Tom, if you haven’t seen the documentary “City of Gold” —do.  Here’s the trailer.

LA isn’t yet over the sudden death of Jonathan, the only food critic to be awarded a Pulitzer prize.  I think Jonathan would have appreciated…LA’s tribute to Jonathan seeing Jonathan was a one-man, assimilation band. . .and LA loved Jonathan Gold for it.  See the golden tributes LA made for him.

This is America Tom.  The America you separated yourself from.  Sure, you have a place in busy Manhattan.  But Tom, you have more places, away from the American public.  Both here and British Columbia.  And from your secluded life you insist people assimilate to your standards…which is not how it works.

Tom Brokaw’s Pound Ridge, New York retreat

Away from the maddening crowd, for Tom Brokaw

One example of real assimilation, Tom, is learning to be creative when government supports rules and regulations that works against, people.

For instance…

Come back to America, Tom. It’s nice. The food is good too.  If you come to LA, I will take you to the one place my famous reporter friend, Linda, says she has the best dessert of her life. And Linda’s been all over the place.

Thanks for reading, Tom and Megan.  Isn’t it great that it’s really never too late to learn?!

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Election 2020: None of the 2,000+ killed in the U.S. yearly, will be voting. Lets make them count

This post is due a couple of fed up women @letat_lechat,  Dr. Melissa Bird aka: birdgirl1001, and a nod to @LEBassett (who apparently and magnificently dropped a truly, volume inspiring dime on some jerk doctor in an airport.)  h/t  @RespectableLaw

The other ladies connected through my pinned Tweet…and seemed excited to hear bout the partial solution to “Domestic Violence.” So I told them I would post it today.  If you don’t have time to read, just watch the three videos demonstrating the problem and the solution.

Prior to that though, and being unaware of the general “awareness level” silently challenging women everywhere, wanted to provide two quick examples of the full range of the problem.

  1.  Article titled, The Price of Silence, in Kern County. Details  How much women are up against with so-called, “Law Enforcement” officers.
  2. San Diego Deputy, Richard Fischer, now facing sexual misconduct charges from 19 women. One up from this June report.

Now for the solution!  Yep.  The solution to “Domestic Violence” which, surprise!  Has been around for years. Below is the last variation of a letter I send  regularly to top journalists, everywhere….which is annoying as 48 Hours and Dateline sell a lot of advertising with their weekly, “Who killed Becky Sue”  why don’t they air the solution?

Now, that said…here’s my letter.

How CA lawmakers are getting women killed.

Dear XXXX (name of reporter),

The answer is: Domestic violence is a huge, money-maker.
My name is Bonnie Russell, and while I’m writing to inform you I discovered how to end relationship, domestic violence…first mentioning my discovery was, accidental.
I was both a fan and good friend of Dominick Dunne.

Once, during one of our many conversations of his beloved murdered daughter, Dominique, over the years — in 2007 I was astonished to hear myself blurt, “Dominick, I will find the solution to these relationship murders!”

First, I had no idea what I was talking about.
No matter, went right to work as the pain in Dominik’s voice, so many years later, remained evident.
(Once a year I re-read Dominick’s first column for Vanity Fair. It was titled, “Justice.  A Father’s account of the trial of His Daughter’s killer.”)  The judge was awful.  Years later, Harvey Levin went after the judge.  He’s no longer a judge and Harvey delivered the most emotionally honest, electrifying tribute at Dominick’s Hollywood farewell. Sorry.  I digressed.) 
It took me two years to discover the answer…and while I didn’t expect it to come in the form of technology, turns out, that’s exactly where the solution has been all along.
Fast forward.  This works!
Imagine a judge in Family Court, (where the bedrock of most relationship murders, begins) ordering a restraining order, but coupling it with a real-time, victim-notification warning, GPS device.  A GPS device that unlike what California and other states use, (below) can’t be cut off.
Click below for NBC’s report on the pathetic devices California law enforcement officials insist be used.
Next, imagine a human monitor noticing a potential violation, calling the cell phone of the intended victim, and advising her to clear the area where the restrained person is about to violate.
Next, imagine the GPS monitor using the Walkie-talkie radio installed on the GPS device, and telling him, “Hey there!  I see you are about to violate the court-ordered, stay-away distance. Please turn yourself around right now. Don’t make things worse for yourself.”
Next, imagine the guy remains determined to harm his former love — so he’ll ignore the warning.  (He doesn’t know his former love has already been warned and is no longer where he’s headed).  Next, imagine the Third call is to the police.
Fourth, add to that, to encourage the potential violator to rethink his options…imagine the GPS monitor flipping the switch for an alarm to sound — also installed on the GPS device.
This is just in case the Restraining Order violator decides to jump in a dumpster to hide.  Works great because once an officer arrives on the scene, people are generally helpfully pointing in the direction of the guy booking it up the street, along with a physical description.  (Red Hat…jeans, whatever.)
See how it works using these two, news clips.
Yes folks!  This is not Hollywood. It exists.  It costs the same as the absolute junk California (and possibly your state, is using.)
So the story is:  Why is effective GPS, not in use?
The ANSWER! (Again…it’s all about money and information control)
Because Domestic Violence is a hugely profitable business, thus neither the many, Domestic violence Non-Profits, or law enforcement agencies want to use it.
1.  The DV Non-Profits would be forced to change their business model, which they do not want to do, and;
2.  Law Enforcement does not relish losing control by being the third down the line of information.  Even though it is the same price point as the junk currently in use by the State of California.
Once I discovered the solution (two years later) I very excitedly called Dominick.  He was very sick by then, and I’m not sure he understand the technology aspect, but he sensed my excitement and was pleased to know there was a solution. I got the company a lot of press.
(I am a no-hype publicist by trade.  Or, and more accurately, a information junkie. I work with (or against) attorneys and, litigants,  Which means I funnel a lot of exposés to reporters.
Sadly, huge numbers of them don’t care two hoots about women getting killed. (See my Pinned tweet @Rockmedia ).
But although there was a lot of coverage…media missed the point. This technology should begin in Family Court.  A civil court.  Where judges are more concerned with protecting the rights of the perpetrator, and refuse to use it, and worse –  will not refer criminal cases to the DA.  So women are trapped in Family Court when they should be hot-footing it to the DA’s office demanding police and court services for their tax dollars.
I also tried to reach the agents for stalked stars and reporters, beginning with Erin Burnett, and later, Sandra Bullock, and ending…well, it really never ends.
No calls from agents have once been returned.  Am baffled why agents wouldn’t jump at the chance to protect their clients or their income. The stars?  This where the story gets worse.  The stars have no clue this kind of safety, exists.  No clue at all.
Worst for last.  Neither their agents or their attorneys are telling them.

My letter ends with my phone number and email.

What happens next?  Crickets.

As this tweet demonstrates, media remains a huge part of our problem.

By the way, I have lots more stats and lawsuits against the companies my State insists on using.  Not that the company that has the best equipment cares about spending any marketing dollars to lobby for, well, a sane, life-saving, cost-effective, approach.

They’re out of Utah.  A State not known for its fine treatment of women.

So what’s the solution

We are.  Although women are 51% of the population, we might want to consider taking a more emphatic stance with candidates who want our vote, not to mention our volunteer work.  What say we first negotiate?

If a candidate refuses to make our safety through cost-effective, life-saving technology, their top priority, lets stop shooting ourselves in the foot by voting for him or her. Instead, lets demand candidates use tools that actually give women a level playing field.

Thoughts?  Should we start naming those who refuse?  I have lists!  Starting with Toni Atkins, my rep for years. But in those our years, couldn’t even get an appointment.  Same now with Todd Gloria.

I’m a very liberal woman. A liberal woman who decided to never sell out my gender. Need proof?  No problem.  No problem at all. Didn’t vote for Toni.  (No pics).

Didn’t vote for  Todd.  A party favorite.  Because Todd will not represent women at risk.  I’ve met with a couple of police chiefs, probation pooh-bahs and such.  No one in California seems interested.

Ergo, no reason for any woman to work for, or vote for those who aren’t.

Not Todd Gloria. My vote went to someone who cares.

What say you?


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Mississippi and Sean Parker’s Next Level Misogyny, via Cindy Hyde-Smith

Short read: Protect women. Vote for Mike Espy!

Photo for Vanity Fair by Christopher Orth

Sean Parker’s forest storybook, fairy-tale wedding in 2013, took place when Parker’ bent towards misogyny was less obvious.

But Parker’s next level, tap down of women is well-funded.

And with over 2,000 + women killed in the U.S. per year,  Parker’s use of Brigade, to facilitate the worst example of “democracy” is more than a little troubling, considering Parker’s close association with Jack Dorsey, (a guest at Parker’s wedding) and of course, Parker’s history with Mark Zuckerberg now bolting from all accountability concerning Facebook.

Two things.

1.  Americans must get serious in addressing media and legislators ignoring the deadly crimes against women.

Especially since former Facebook guru, Sean Parker, teamed with Haley Barbour’s nephew, Henry, to elect the godawful, Cindy Hyde-Smith. Sean’s next level, misogyny includes Henry Barbour, nephew of Gov. Haley Barbour, whose stunning record against women, lingers.

Parker’s next level misogyny, is toward the bottom if you’re stuck for time. But first, just a mention the other issue.

2.  Congress must demand the return of the Fairness Doctrine. Why?  Because Fox News is teaming with the Saudis to launch yet more propaganda.  The FCC must regulate this.

Meanwhile and currently, media indifference to female murders, matches Congressional indifference. Click the links, as the long history of this is stunning.  You can’t un-remember it.

First, comes CBS’s “The Ick Factor.”

See?  Media Indifference matches Congressional indifference

Now, consider last year, and the reporting of male Facebook Groups who had happily targeted women marines — these guys (clearly the Marines need to up their recruitment game) were thoroughly ticked off their harassment group was discovered…but they promptly regrouped.  Hardly a blip on the radar, am I right, ladies?

Anyone see a press release from Cindy on this?  I didn’t either.

So women are the problem with women getting killed?

In a way. The problem in part, lies with women, wanting to help others, before themselves. Something, (sadly) that includes, (as much as I love what they’ve accomplished so far) Moms Demand Action.  Forgotten is when the plane is going down…put the oxygen mask on yourselfm first. Then help others.

Mom’s Demand also missed a key element. Networks profit from these murders.

Except for murders generating ad revenues for CBS’s 48 Hours and Steve Burke’s (Comcast) Dateline’s, weekly, “Who killed Becky Sue” — American media seems happy to ignore the over 2,000+ women killed each year. Mostly for having the gall to break up with someone. And reporters still calling the killers, “love sick.” Click on the “Pinned Tweet” (pinned tweets are the first tweets) atRockmediafor more examples.

Unfortunately in Mississippi, it’s worse. In Mississippi,  Women are still getting burned alive.

Enter Cindy Hyde-Smith’s armed with the NRA’s plan to block homicide investigations.  And Sean Parker

Aw come on.  You’ve heard Smith speak.  No one thinks Cindy Hyde-Smith has ever written anything by herself.  But wind-up Cindy, armed with the NRA plan to thwart Domestic Violence homicide investigations, came along with the NRA’s, “Gun Owner Registration Owner Protection Act.”

The purpose of this NRA written legislation was to prohibit Federal funding of State firearm ownership databases, and for other purposes.  Never mind this thwarts gun-related, homicide investigations.  The NRA doesn’t want it, and Cindy has an A+ rating with that corporate organization.  (My hunter friends, seeing how the NRA voting was rigged, quit long ago in disgust.)

Watch Cindy speak about implementing NRA goals, sounding like a wind-up toy.

Sean Parker?  Parker’s not asked his donation be returned.  So a little walk through history of the Barbour family traditions.

Gov. “Go Ahead and Kill ’em -I Got Your Back” Barbour, enjoyed his long history of releasing men who kill their wives.

Haley Barbour, who long doubled as a Gov/lobbyist released Michael David Graham, sentenced to life after Graham blew away Adrienne Klasky, his ex-wife, when Adrienne made the mistake of driving to the same intersection as Michael, three years after their divorce.  Graham blew Adrienne away at the light with a handy shot-gun and a blast to her head.

But Michael Graham, got lucky.  He worked as a Trustee in the Governor’s mansion, and Haley took a shine to him.  As a result, killer Michael Graham is now a free-walking man.

Feel free to avail yourself to Michael’s long-planned, cold-blooded murder. Which Adrienne knew would happen. Because Michael Graham promised Adrienne he would kill her.

And Sean Parker is putting his considerable assets and Brigade Media, behind Cindy Hyde-Smith.

We can’t be surprised.  Parker’s a friend of Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook removes posts when women like Pamela Geller post this child-selling, Facebook feature.

Of course we know Cindy is a racist. I suspect the comatose know this. So we can’t let people forget most of the victims of the NRA, are women.  Or, women on the way, like Sandra Parker. No, I haven’t forgotten the boys.  We don’t forget kids, ever.  It’s just that women must address this too.

Best for last.  There is a type of GPS that people with restraining orders, can’t cut off.  That those watching the monitors would notify the intended target ahead of time, the person with the restraining order is about to violate the court ordered stay away distance…a head of time, and provides the ability to leave the vicinity and save their own life.  It as a two-way radio on it, and a siren, in case the guy wants to hide in a closet.  It costs the same as the terrible GPS California uses, might want to check your state  Here’s the NBC, GPS report.

Why isn’t effective GPS used?  Because largely legislators don’t care. Why hasn’t Mom’s Demand addressed this?  Dunno.  Ask them.  I wrote ’em about it.


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Yes, Vote Duncan Hunter for Prison – but nothing else.

Dear District 50 readers!

Well okay. District 50 men.  I know you guys.  Before redistricting, District 50 was my district.

So am asking, for the sake of America, please buck up and tell your wives it’s okay to vote, just this once, for a Democrat.  Three reasons.

First Reason

Because what Fox News isn’t telling you, is right now, the Trump mob, led by Mitch McConnell is in court…fighting hard to undo Pre-existing Conditions.

Duncan Hunter voted Fifty-eight times to do so.

So I ask given Republicans have a long history of voting against their own best interests.  Example:  Mississippi and other Southern stated voted to not accept expanded medicare benefits.  What happened after that was: Entire hospitals closed.  Thus, enjoying ones racism does come with a built-in, cost factor.

It’s not necessary to repeat mistakes

Hey, we all make mistakes.  Example:  Democrats ran with Doug Applegate.  Twice!  A guy so flawed, even the normally lackluster, California State Bar went after him.  And not because of Applegate’s DUI or restraining orders, for terrifying his wife, either.  It was a moral – money issue.

Second Reason

But I ask being hopeful Santee is finally getting tired of being known as “Klantee” since (and finally) the former KKK Imperial Wizard, Tom Metzger finally moved to San Jacinto.  So although in District 50, the Klan is generally Riverside’s problem.  But I ask District 50 men to step up, because as a recent issue of the Economist pointed out, the hardest thing for people to overcome is their religion. And Bible toting women tend to do what men ask.  So men, if you do this, I promise not to talk about women not being represented in the Bible in their own words, because back in the day women weren’t deemed important enough to be taught how to read and write…so whatever they said or felt, wound up getting mansplained, away, anyway.

Also, District 50 needs better pr.

A back story

The three things I remember best about attending the sentencing of former congressman, Randy “Duke” Cunningham were:

  1. No criminals were being sentenced in San Diego’s downtown in State Court that day as seemingly half the seats were filled with judges.
  2. Cunningham seemed to think he might get probation if he showed enough remorse while pleading for probation….including he wanted to go visit his 91 year old mother; and
  3. Duncan Hunter looked spooked as hell.  Whenever anyone tapped him on the shoulder, he jumped and turned around looking like a startled cat.  I couldn’t help but surmise Senior was half-expecting the FBI to tap him on the shoulder and whisper, “Follow me.  Now.”  Also, after it was over, Hunter senior broke a land speed record leaving the courthouse.

Third Reason

Sadly, Judge Burns gave a nod for Cunningham’s flying skills before sentencing Cunningham for the full-time crook he became.  (I happened to be standing right next to the prosecutor as CNN filmed his take, post-sentencing.  Anyone looking through the archives will see a blonde woman rolling her eyes and walking out of the shot as soon as the Prosecutor mentioned Cunningham received credit for his long-ago flying skills.)

Duncan Hunter is no war hero.  War heroes who turn into common crooks degrade the uniform.  So for me it’s personal. I mention this as my Dad, Lee Russell, served and wound up with three DFC’s.  Two in WWII,  (nothing for escaping POW camp)  – and one in Vietnam during one of his 108 combat support missions.  You can hear Ron Cronk speak about Dad, as Ron recollected his time in Corsica learning to fly B25s with Dad.

But, I digress.

So District 50 earned its long reputation of electing crooks…simply because they are starry-eyed with military types.  Who turn out to be crooks, or of low moral fiber. Or, as it seems in the case of Duncan Hunter; both.

The Economist had an interesting graph about changing the mind of the voter.  Mostly, it’s based on one’s religion.  Ergo, tall order.

However, when San Diego Union Tribune’s endorsement was “Anyone but Duncan Hunter” it does seem like a good time to rethink.

As one man said, “Don’t tell me what your religion is:  Show me how you treat people.”

I keep waiting for District 50 to want to treat people right.  At least until I remember neither Duncan Hunter or his father ever bothered to treat Duncan’s wife, right.  So men of the 50th — on behalf of the family, and women who have been true to their marriage vows, please choose the Democrat.  Just this once.  Also, Think about grand-children.

Think of how the grand-children of Ammar Campa-Najjar will brag about their American heritage.

We are one race.  The human race.  America wouldn’t be America if we didn’t have immigrants.  But more so, ego.  I am bone tired of hearing people mimic Trump’s long list of false claims.  From,  “The caravans all have M16 tattoos on their arms” to the funniest, “They’re all funded by George Soros.”  Sure George is rich.  But who really believes that stuff?  Also, reality check.  The military leaked documents to Newsweek stating they didn’t have the need or the manpower. Also, this. 

Thank you.

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Todd Kincannon Was The Outlier For Everything Craven and Wrong with America.

I jumped on Twitter about five years ago and immediately, uneasily, recognized Todd Kincannon was an outlier.  I just didn’t realize Kincannon was the outlier for everything craven, and crazy wrong about America.

Unfortunately, as the former head of South Carolina GOP, and a local staple of FOX News, what I didn’t recognize, was Kincannon was the outlier for the misogynist, racist, politics and policies Donald Trump would echo.  Given Kincannon’s popularity, obviously I should have guessed something was coming.  Too bad no one is seriously considering Trump’s mental state.

Because Todd Kincannon made the news again, yesterday.  For proclaiming himself Jesus Christ, and slaughtering his dog, in the home of his (now terrified) parents.  Parents who allowed Kincannon to live with them, in spite of Kincannon’s past threats to do them harm. (Stay tuned for body cam coverage.)

Could someone please speak to the elder Kincannons about that?  For those who followed the earlier saga, it was Todd’s, Mother’s dog.  Not “Noodle” the dog belonging to his former wife, Ashely, who jumped from the car after Todd threatened her.  The Simpsonville Police didn’t bother to return her dog, although the Family Court judge ordered Todd do so.

Todd’s mother called 9-1-1 from behind a locked, bathroom door.  It was Todd’s second, outbound trip.  Todd’s first trip to the loony bin, was for threatening attorneys and possibly judges during a hearing where Todd was suing the State of South Carolina.

Using hate as a political tool

But with 55k rapid dog followers on Twitter five years ago, I recognized with Todd Kincannon, something was in the air.  I just wasn’t sure what.  Todd’s book project — supposedly real, Free Speech in America, gave me pause.

Typical of Kincannon, he blamed me for his book project being put on hold.  (I’d reported Kincannon to the State Bar of South Carolina, adding my impression was the State Bar was not equipped to handle attorneys with significant mental health issues.)

Kincannon threatened to sue me.  Constantly.  Ultimately, the Court stepped in, and put Kincannon on Incapacity status.  Not because anyone was worried about me.  The Courts typically don’t care about threatened women. (No less than 2,000 women were killed in the U.S. in 2015.  Media remained mute.  There were no headlines.)

Trump feasts on misogyny.  Trump is a product of television, which also profits from misogyny.  48 Hours, Dateline, profit from ads for their weekly, “Who killed [insert female name.]”  For Entertainment, consider the number of Housewives who voted for Trump on Bravo TV. [Full Disclosure:  I once had a client who was affiliated with the show.]

Suspended attorney Todd Kincannon had big dreams for his hate speech.

But prior to getting his license yanked, Kincannon directed his 55k followers to attack me on Twitter, they hastily, rabidly, complied. (Twitter didn’t mind.)

Meanwhile, I suppose people figured out, while sane people often recognize crazy,  we wrongly assume crazy will not succeed.  Trump keeps proving we should have known better. Because Kincannon was wildly popular in 2014, long before Trump made the U.S. the scene of a disaster, with a little help from Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

So.  Now we know an American, core truth.

Crazy people will use misogyny and racism for their political and financial advantage.

At least Todd sort of admitted an awareness he was not mentally fit.  Trump and his minions, remain in denial.

Because like attracts like.  To wit:  Chuck Johnson.  Johnson got kicked off Twitter, but he did work with the Trump minions. Johnson was on outskirts…yet, involved.

The solution ain’t hard.

We must get back to the basics.  Misogyny and racism are learned, mental illnesses.  Apparently we haven’t evolved to understanding that to be a healthier nation, we must take a long look in the mirror concerning America’s embedded-in-Congress, issues.

As KKK members demonstrate, teaching their young to hate, racism is a learned, mental illness. Like a cancer of the soul.

Babies taught to hate practice hate with nary a second thought.  This is how racism metastasizes from one generation to the next.  And if you’re beating your wife both are demonstrating how to role model misogyny.

I don’t think Propane Jane agrees with me concerning mental illness being learned/taught, but I love her, anyway.  And she’s way smarter than me in this area.  (Also, Propane is licensed to opine.)   🙂

Still, sane people have been very slow to realize media very much favors utilizing misogyny and racism, for profit.

My favorite example is CBS.  Actually, it’s a twofer.

  1.  CBS women participating in misogyny.  Their complicity was detailed in a piece titled,CBS – The Ick Factor.”  Talking to you, Nora O’Donnell. Dove-tailing with that,
  2. Was Les Moonves, a well-protected misogynist?

Good news!  The solution works both in business and politics.

Tom Peters is also a fan of the book titled, “The No Assholes Rule”

Crazy people are all about themselves

Remember that; then vote accordingly!

Will end with a quick note to all my fake-Christian, non-fans.  The “R” that used to stand for Republican, now stands for “Russia.”  Be brave.  Man up, or Ovary Up, as the case may be.

And in the language of evangelicals; Repent!  There’s still time!

Lastly,  a quick reality check. 🙂

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Summer Stephan, Mike Levin, and a swirl of truth, lies, and endorsements

How weird. No one is writing about Levin’s commitment to end relationship related murders.

Some facts to consider when voting on Tuesday.  Lost in all Summer Stephan ads screaming “prosecute” is the actual goal of the Office of the DA. It’s not thunderous claims to prosecute.  The job of the District Attorney is simple:  To search for the truth.  Often the DA will not do this.  Often the DA will depend on crime victims to make their case.  What?!

Kendra Beebe – Still no Justice

Kendra Beebe is Exhibit A, District Attorneys don’t trust juries, and are very reluctant to take a chance on one.  District attorneys often won’t prosecute unless they feel they have a slam dunk.  Also, some are lazy.  To wit:  Kendra Beebe’s attempted murder.

The District Attorney actually admitted Kendra’s ex-husband had a role in her 20+ knife wounds…but the San Diego District Attorney also, gave Kendra’s ex a complete pass.

So one must ask, how serious about searching for the truth, is the office Summer Stephan leads?  How interested in justice are they?

And why are so many, so called investigators, so darn lazy that they actually end up not running down leads provided to them, but working for the bad guys by letting the Statute of Limitations, run while they do, nothing?

Kendra’s case has way too many examples of the DA promising one thing, and some Supervisor, (talking to you, Jeff Dort) overriding a decision, but never looking at the file?

Past Behavior is Future Behavior

Now the King family returns each year for their marathon, and God bless them. Media is all over it, which is nice, although it would also be nice if media reminded the public the original goal of the King family non-profit changed from going after criminals with great GPS, to the much more positive, scholarships for students.  (Which I believe is better for the Kings, hearts).

Unfortunately, the Kings no longer live in San Diego and so they remain very much unaware of the reality of how often women are at risk of being murdered here…and up and down California.

As for San Diego. Whew. Folks. We got problems.  Dear King family.  We have big problems!

San Diego Police Department and, why didn’t the reporter ask the followup, “Why no arrest?”

Now and somewhat weirdly, missed by all media, is this fact.

Out of every candidate running for every office, Mike Levin is the only candidate to actively press for the kind of GPS that can’t be cut off, and provides would-be victims, real-time tracking information….at a lower cost than what San Diego uses.  (Harvey Weinstein is wearing the type of GPS that Mike supports.)

I made Mike aware of it after tipping NBC to the type of horridly, laughable GPS that doesn’t work, the current administration favors.  Please also know, the current administration, simply won’t change.

Click — to be mortified, while keeping in mind the NBC report was done in 2015.  If the DA was seriously interested protecting crime victims, then would someone please ask why San Diego County is still using junk GPS, when cheaper, more effective GPS Mike Levin supports is not used?

So if you thought Mike Levin was only interested in clean energy and the environment, guess again!  From Levin’s website on women getting attacked and effective GPS.

“Among other things, this would help prohibit stalkers and violent dating partners from having access to firearms. I will also advocate for active GPS tracking of violent offenders, which provides real‐time location information.”

This bears repeating

Out of every candidate running for every office, Mike Levin is the only candidate to actively press for the kind of GPS that can’t be cut off, and provides would-be victims, real-time tracking information.

And now a word about Doug Applegate.  No.

Applegate’s character issues surpass his misogyny.  Also, he lies.  Applegate said he didn’t block me on Twitter, after I asked about his settlement with the State Bar on character issues.

Applegage isn’t even a smart liar.

Finally, some women are checking in on Doug.  See, 

Kudos to them.  But let me just add this to the women supporting Applegate.  Was Filner not enough for you?  Stop supporting men who abuse women.

And now a word about Sara Jacobs.  Sara seems nice and smart.  Plus, Sara hires people who make good commercials.  Personally I like Sara.  Being smart, were I Sara, I would be calling Mike and start talking shop.


I don’t know that Dave Myers would be any different than Bill Gore, (Dave also blocked me for asking him tough questions – although I do have a nice voicemail about GPS saying he was excited to learn about it.  But, Dave is also a product of the current administration.  Meaning, my call was routed to a gatekeeper. Dave himself, never followed through.)

Still, jeez people.  How many retirement packages is the public going to give Gore and Dumanis? By the way, Gore opted to take the 5th Amendment while testifying in Congress after the Ruby Ridge killing of the woman holding a baby, many times.

Think about this

In 2015, over 2,000 women were murdered in the U.S.  Anyone aware of this knows why. Media.  Media is focused elsewhere.  Enough is enough.  Lets put people in office who will address this.  The #MeToo movement talks about the economic ruin of women who complain. Seldom addressed is the murderous end of too many women in America, often over money after a relationship ends.

Lets vote like it matters.  Seriously folks.

Lets vote like women really matter!

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Eskaton: OMG — What were you thinking?! (Part Two)

Between the “lies of omission” and false statements made by Eskaton personnel, deliberate or otherwise, it’s taken a bit of time getting the truth out. Yet, the initial problem remains.  The Board of Directors of Altavita remains in place instead of being sent packing.

When the problem arrives dressed as the Solution.

Be very careful when the problem arrives dressed as the Solution

The second problem? Appearance wise, it seems the Board is no longer in charge. But lets have a look-see at reality.

Eskaton employee Julie “I will always tell you exactly what is going on” Michaels, filed a Declaration against a certain Receiver…albeit without mentioning anything to the residents.

I mentioned this during one of Michaels “sales updates” in which she often characterizes herself as the sole source of accurate information.

So Not So

Example.  Julie Michaels completely mischaracterized my statement, and for her purposes, turned it into a question, in which she answered.

Deliberate false statements by Eskaton personnel, are not helpful to getting the truth out.

What actually happened, was I asked Juie Michaels why she didn’t let residents know she filed a declaration…what with her “open and transparent” and sole provider of accurate information and all. See below.

Apparently my question angered Michaels.   The very next day it was reported to Sherry a couple of minutes after Michaels was overheard in the cafe saying in reference to me,  “Well, we can’t ask her to leave…that would be a bigger problem.”  (Because truth is a problem?)

Sherry Ikezawa immediately sent Michaels this email.

Julie Michaels response was…silence.  Surprise!  Kidding.  Silence is not a new behavior from Michaels.  Nor is it confined to Sherry or myself.  Silence and stalling is, a pattern.

There was also no response to a letter I wrote to Eskaton founder, Todd Murch, with copies to Betsy Donovan, and, Mary Carruthers, after receiving no return calls from Michaels about a board member situation.   The year was 2016.  Perhaps it’s an Eskaton thing.

Appearances and Reality.

It could also be a Bellann J. Raile, of Cordes & Company thing.  Heard Bellann Raile was recommended by Mary Carruthers.  Do know Raile has less experience with CCRCs than the individual the banks recommended, which Michaels objected.  Either way, it’s a signal the Board that should have been sent packing after Rescon first voted they should resign, is still calling the shots.

I also know Raile has sold one Non-profit,years ago.  But she sold it to a For-Profit.

Also, Raile doesn’t seem keen to speak with me.  No return call, and when she’s at the Village, Raile also begs off speaking with me during “Social hours.”

But that’s not the reason I am completely over Eskaton and Railes sales pitch about caring about the safety of residents.  As a pragmatic reminder to anyone who may have forgotten: When the words and the actions don’t match, the truth is in the action.

In that regard, Raile has been the Official Receiver since February, and has not marketed the Village at all.  Including the five seconds it would take to list it on her website.

As the kids would say, “What’s up with that?”

Unfortunately it seems Raile has no apparent knowledge or interest in how much better non-profits are over For-Profits, when the time comes for an increase in medical care.

Studies show the reason is simple.  The goal of the non-profit is keeping the residents well and well cared for.  The goal of the for-profits, is geared to keeping the investors well padded, and cared for.  Typically this occurs by cutting staff. So it’s not even a “Do the Math” kind of statement.   It’s a basic, plain old arithmetic.

From the get, Raile and Eskaton have spoken soothingly to residents. However it’s been made it clear by their actions, they will deal with terrible For-Profits, in order to make the bondholders whole.  Which brings us to Pacifica.  Again.

Pacifica is Exhibit A why Eskaton cannnot be trusted. With a straight face, Eskaton personnel repeatedly stated residents would be happy with Pacifica as a Buyer.  Pacifica’s horrible record — including a killing, was, (Not a death…a killing. . . with one resident killing another ) was either unknown, or ignored by the Board.

In short, that the Board and Eskaton considered Pacifica as a Buyer should have been the alarm that sounded for every resident.  Yet somehow, it wasn’t.  More on that later.

What was Eskaton thinking?

After Eskaton was hired they immediately launched a campaign to find an experienced, CEO with CCRC experience.


Eskaton continued to follow directives from a Board bent on spending money like a drunken sailor.  To the surprise of no one, losses soared.

Money aside; how completely inept is the Board that refuses to resign?  Consider this example.

Per the Board directive (from the Bondholders) and the marketing firm recommended by the bondholders, Air Force Village West was renamed and rebranded as part of an effort to widen its appeal.  Apparently, no one thought to do a marketing survey.

Unfortunately, the “Brand” is now confused with Altavista, a Riverside Rehab center with scathingly bad Yelp reviews.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

But it’s important to keep one’s eye on the ball.  With Mary Carruthers as Chairman of the Board, Bellann Raile as the Receiver, and Eskaton trilling how wonderful things will be, and don’t worry, the Bondholders have a three-of-a-kind, advantage.

 Any good news?  Yes!  So glad you asked.  Lets talk failed campaigns!

Failed Campaign #1.

The whispering campaign against Sherry Ikewza began soon after Sherry Ikezawa filed suit.  (Ikezawa was warned this would happen.) When that didn’t work, (no one believed Sherry Ikezawa was in Assisted Living attempting to collect funds for her lawsuit), the Board did a double-back flip and announced their next goal to shut Sherry up.



Failed Campaign #2

Julie Michaels chirped she now had time to update the policy and procedures manual.  She announced she consulted with the best of the best, attorney for CCRCs, and now, there would be no talking about the lawsuit filed by Sherry.  (Michaels didn’t mention the suit filed by the banks.)

Julie went on to state there would a “No Talking” rule about the lawsuit in public areas, such as the dining room, the cafe, and other hot spots.  (Again;  I am not making this up.)  But if residents wanted to talk about litigation, Julie Michaels said they should go to her (I am not making this up) and she would….reserve a room for them to chat.

Wait.  No Free Speech in a retirement community loaded with Veterans? Exactly!I called the attorney the Board paid thousands for that piece of brilliant advice. Having done stand-up, I mentioned this would be catnip to any comedian — from Open Mic at the local comedy club, or sitting alongside Stephen Colbert.

He was not amused.  Mumbled something about believing it was a good rule.  A group of us met with Senator Roth.  To Senator Roth’s eternal credit, he laughed  and said, “Good luck with that.”


The Board attorneys, Eskaton and Michaels began making soothing sounds about the Department of Social Services coming in.  Wags sniffed, “Really?  Where was DSS 10 years ago when the Board first began spending the residents reserves?

To that let me just add, DSS doesn’t have a good record.  Google, “Sacramento Bee, FBI raids Riverside Nursing home.”

Or, click here for the Series on DSS thinking they had a great find with Sholmo Rechnitz.  (Fun fact.  Sholmo Rechnitz’s spokesperson is Sallie Hofmeister.  Sallie’s with Sitrick, and also speaks for Harvey Weinstein.)

Bellann Raile – Cordes & Company

By the way, the first declaration made by Cordes & Company Receiver, Bellann J. Raile, was full of gossip and innuendo.

It was also promptly kicked by Judge Craig Reimer.  Raile’s second declaration was also filled with “I was told”…

But in that Raile clearly demonstrated the lengths she is willing to sink to accomplish her goal clearly reveals she is working closely with the bondholders, through the Board and Eskaton.

Which means the initial problem, the Board that should have resinged, remains in place and harmful.

Best for last!

One concern is Raile expressed was Judge Riemer might not be “up” on Non-profits.

The reality is, Raile isn’t…but this lack of knowledge doesn’t seem to concern her… because although Raile claims she works for the Courts, the reality is judicial foreclosure was chosen by the Bondholders, precisely because a Receiver is used, to cue up the judge for how to rule.  For the Bondholders.

The residents?  They’re chopped liver.  Ask Bellann if she will recommend as part of the sale, returning the actuarial reserves the board spent.

What the hey.  If the Bondholders get their money back, why shouldn’t the residents also be made whole?

When people question why some of Altavita residents casually went along with a sale…I mentioned the learned helplessness that comes from common sense solutions constantly being rebuffed.  It’s a psychological aspect.  Reminds some of the Stockholm Syndrome.

Eskaton actions should match their words

But who the Board and Eskaton is beholding to explains why Eskaton, with a straight face, repeatedly stated residents would be happy with Pacifica as a Buyer.

Now what?

Part of me wants to shout, “Pay attention” folks.  But I needn’t bother. as the list of residents who are with Sherry continues to grow.

Still, with all this, some residents will continue to believe Eskaton personnel are looking out for their best interests.  Some will continue to believe Eskaton is “Open and Transparent.”  Some can’t or won’t, adjust to reality.

The earlier mentioned, “learned helplessness” may be why.  Learned helplessness is an active and destructive, dynamic.  Only Sherry Ikezawa is looking out for all the residents.  Including the less than charitable Diane Sweeney, who stood up at a meeting and said the older residents, should “Get over it.”  About Pacifica.

Dad’s 95.  When he needs it, I want great care for him.  Dad was a WWII pilot, POW, then escaped POW…and he also flew 108 missions in Vietnam as combat support…where he was awarded his third DFC.  I want the greatest of care for my Dad and all other residents.  Including Diane Sweeney.  Bless her heart.

Dad and other veterans deserve it.

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Altavita: Will the residents be able to save our veterans when so many don’t seem to care

Fellow resident Sherry Ikezawa stepped up for all veterans and filed a lawsuit after the Board of Directors ignored her questions

Sherry Ikezewa had had enough.  The still-active commercial property broker knew her retirement community, Altavita, the former Air Force Village West, was in financial trouble.

Worse, she knew after the board spent the actuarial reserves intended for residents, instead of filing for  reorganization, when the place was in peril.

Or put another way, from that old Bobby Darin song…

“Splish-Splash I Was Taking A Bath”

Sherry realized the residents were taking a bath.  And some joined in.

It wasn’t just blowing through the reserves.

Ikezawa, a resident since 2005, also knew Altavita’s Board of Directors, led by Mary Carruthers, a financial advisor with Stifel, was like all other prior, board members —  listening solely to and taking directions solely from, the bondholders.

Residents pleas to adopt prudent fiscal action?  Common sense actions such as canceling expensive remodeling, when the reserves were dwindling?  Ignored.  As a commercial broker, Sherry recognized what was going on, as did the Senior Housing Forum, an industry-related blog that puts the blame squarely on the board and management, in an article here.

Curiously, Steve Moran, the blog founder, never bothered contacting Sherry, before he published.  Had he done so, Moran would likely not have written:

  1. “There was a board of directors that was made up of a few residents, community members and some retired military folks who were not residents. They were good people, successful people. But they assumed management knew what they were doing and trusted that things would all work out.” –   [Had Moran contacted Ikezawa,  he would have learned many disagreed with the Board.  One recommended a DOJ investigation.  Others who complained were either forced out or left of their own accord.  Perhaps in disgust.]
  2. “Eskaton has done a masterful job of improving things” – [Again, Moran’s blog is for an industry-supported publication.  Plenty of residents acknowledge Eskaton eliminated some bloat, but, and crucially, opted not to search for a competent CEO.]
  3.  “The residents were too trusting.”  [Some residents were and are, proficient inLearned Helplessness.”  But quite a few were not, and complained mightily.]

As an aside,  Mary Carruthers is described by Ikezawa as “warm and personable” in her personal dealings.  A former boardmember described Carruthers’ personality in board meetings as “business neutral.”  I’ve spoken with Carruthers and came away believing she was good at making people believe what she wanted.

However, when two sides collide, I harbor no illusions where people who earn their livelihood in financial institutions, come down.  So, although, Steifel’s website proudly claims,

“Our founding partners’ defining principle – to “safeguard the money of others as if it were your own” – is as important today as it was in 1890.”

it seems overdue for a realistic, update.

Mary Carruthers – sued as Chairman of the Board of Altavita

In the case of Altavita, the allegiance owed by Mary Carruthers,  Chairman of the Board of Directors, by all actions, clearly are to the Corporation.  The residents?

Go fish.

So, as the Board seemed likely to continue stiff-arming residents questions, as well as common sense solutions Sherry and others before her suggested via Finance and Marketing committees; and since appeals to Senator Richard Roth and and Congressman Takano were met with – silence, (More on them, later,)

Sherry sued for herself, and the residents.

Uh-oh, Riverside.

On the other hand, it’s not as if seniors haven’t had a hard time hanging onto their homes in Riverside.  No, not when Riverside County had judges like Bill Sullivan.

When Judge Sullivan liked a house, he bought it.  By hook or by crook.   After about ten years, (!) someone within the County spilled the beans, and the investigation made news around the state.  Just not so much in Riverside.

Judge Sullivan “retired” as soon as the Commission of Judicial Performance began their investigation.  The Commissions findings read in part:

Judge Sullivan has stipulated, and the commission concludes, that Judge Sullivan
engaged in a pattern of improper financial dealings and fiduciary activities from the time he became a judge in 1987 until he decided to retire in 1999, after learning of the commission’s investigation. Furthermore, Judge Sullivan, on a number of occasions, used his judicial position to further his unethical schemes, all of which had the effect, if not the design, of benefiting him financially.”

The full findings and report on Judge Sullivan, is here.

Astonishingly, Judge Bill Sullivan was not prosecuted.

Next up?

Details of the other players.  Or, “OMG – Eskaton?! – What were you thinking!”

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San Diego Style Misogyny – Will Judge Hayes mirror Judge John Meyer and Police Chief Zimmerman

Two words spring to mind when considering San Diego Judge John S. Meyer. “Peremptory Challenge.” See the Robing Room for reviews.

This story ends with a twist.

Will Judge Judith F. Hayes, follow the lead of Judge John S. Meyer in his disdain for women?

Short answer?  She did not.

Why not?

After all, San Diego is notorious for its disdain for women.

It’s not as if San Diego judges value women any more than say, San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman.

Zimmerman’s mindset would stun the senses in any other city.

Zimmerman is currently complaining about being asked to test rape kits for God’s sake. She says “No.”  Claims it’s not cost-effective.  This is utter bull.

The backstory on San Diego official disdain for San Diego women

I know this having discovered the high-tech, cost effective, life-saving solution that features would-be, victim notification ahead of time, should the person wearing such a device, begin to go violate the distance ordered to stay-away.  These immediate warnings would virtually end murders from restraining order violations. 

Murder investigations are very expensive, police-wise.  So why not use the type of GPS that can’t be cut off? A device that costs a lot less, and warns would-be victims ahead of time, in time to slip away, and save their own life?  I’d had meetings with both Chief Lansdowne and Zimmerman about this.

Why does San Diego resist life saving, cost-effective technology?

Dunno. Seems someone ought to investigate why San Diego continues using devices that not only don’t work, but which have cost people their lives, and sparked numerous lawsuits.

In 2015, I tipped NBC San Diego to the GPS horror show Police Chief Zimmerman prefers. Here’s their story “Problems with GPS in California Counties – sex offenders not monitored.”

However, way back in 2010, I requested the San Diego City Council buy effective GPS.  (Made the same request before the County.) 

I was in the City College auditorium the day after City College held a gathering to help process the murder of Diana Gonzalez.  Diana was slaughtered in a City College bathroom by her estranged husband, shortly after Bonnie Dumanis “declined to prosecute” in Diana’s earlier, kidnap rape by Diana’s estranged husband.

Attending the City College gathering, I spoke with officials from the Center for Community Solutions.  They said, “Thanks, we’re not interested.”  Yep. The day after Diana Gonzalez’s  murder, the Center for Community Solutions told me they weren’t interested in a GPS device that had real monitoring in real time, with human eye-balls watching the screen, who would immediate call would-be victims to notify them when the person with the restraining order was close to violating a court-ordered distance to stay away. 

(The second call would be to the police to notify them the location of the person violating the order, as the victim, armed with a head start, could slip out of the area.)

Also tried the many, so-called, “Domestic Violence” non-profits.  No dice with the Family Justice Center, either.  No dice for any of them.  (Told Mara Elliot about devices that work, when she was running.)

Too late I learned, it’s all a con…for which every official, participates.

What I learned was: I’m a slow learner!

Six years in, eventually I learned no one in San Diego, including elected officials Toni Atkins, Todd Gloria, Barbara Bry, and police chiefs William Lansdowne, and Chief Zimmerman. (Zimmerman couldn’t get me out of her office fast enough during our meeting) would ever be remotely interested.

Women should know just like Judge John Meyer, these people devalue women.  But then, so does the press. Here’s one, horrible example of reporting.

UT reporter wrote: “Juan Carlos Fernandez stalked his wife for months before showing up Nov. 13 her City Heights apartment, taking her hostage and killing her parents.” Reporter didn’t ask, “Why wasn’t he prosecuted.?”

End of the Backstory – now to the present.

Michael MacNeil – who *really* devalues women.  (Google the video, “Funny or Die, San Diego County DDA Michael MacNeil gets naughty on the taxpayers dime.”)

Misogyny takes work.  Disdain takes no effort at all.

Perhaps this is why disdain for women is so readily applied to San Diego women.

Judge Meyer negated the hard work of San Diego Police, who were on the case when I dialed 9-1-1, after MacNeil showed up at my home to talk about a post I’d written back when he was a Deputy DA and busily demeaning women, right and left.

ABC reported MacNeil’s behavior in a segment teased as “Deputy DA accused of texting naked selfies on the job.”  ABC refused to ID MacNeil.  So I did.

MacNeil didn’t like it.  After stewing about it for a while, he began calling, and leaving chirpy, “Hi this is Michael! I’m an attorney in San Diego! Will you please give me a call?” messages.

Having seen some of MacNeil’s text messages, I declined to return his calls.

Then MacNeil showed up at my place and wouldn’t go away.  He returned three times, (and lied about it, later.)

He also knocked incessantly on my door each time he returned.

But San Diego Police were on the job. When I dialed 9-1-1, I told the operator I’d suspected MacNeil brought a gun with him.  When officers rolled up, MacNeil hopped out of his car, and they immediately confiscated MacNeil’s fully loaded Glock as well as his Concealed Carry Permit.

San Diego family law attorney, Michael MacNeil – curb side.

San Diego Police deemed MacNeil a “credible threat” to me and requested an Emergency Protective Order.  It was granted and they served him on the spot.  Then they accompanied MacNeil to his parents home in Rancho Santa Fe, and took seven more weapons, including two, long guns.

Officers told me to get a real restraining order as the Emergency Protective Order was only good for a week.  I applied for one, and had a little trouble getting MacNeil served.  As one Deputy said with a bit of humor,

“I drove up and MacNeil jumped in his car and drove right past my black and white.”

But officers were pretty surprised when a week later, I told them Judge John Meyer denied my request.  And this was after learning MacNeil was on three different mood stabilizers.

The “it’s all HER fault, excuse.”

Judge Meyer’s take?

I will never forget Judge Meyer’s take.  He said,

“Oh no.  An attorney with a restraining order is a career killer.” 

This was quickly followed by “He has a right to bring a gun to a conversation.”  Apparently this beats my Constitutional right to live in safety, without fear.

So I sued MacNeil for simple harassment.  Surprise.  He ducked service again.  Well, actually that part wasn’t surprising.  I expect to lose, but not because it’s San Diego and that would be normal.

I expect to lose for another reason.  Stay tuned for my next post.

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Attorney Mark Sableman: Truth wins out!

Mark Sableman, media attorney and expert mediator, was an early (2013) recipient of the now too common, “Fake News.”   I know this is true because I was the source.

What!?! Well, I was an unintended source. I recounted the first report, which was from a mid-western based, legal publication. However, Facebook ad buys aside, facts are important.

So just to be clear, in the beginning, Stableman was named as the Defendant in an auto-pedestrian accident with Sherry Claggertt listed as the pedestrian, Plaintiff.

Claggert’s counsel made what turned out to be some pretty wild accusations against Sableman – which were soon proved completely false.  Phone logs, people.  Phone logs proved Sableman’s account was the correct one. 

Mark Sableman - expert mediator

Neither myself and the first legal publication reporting, had the correct information.  However, as Sableman did not return my call, the incorrect stuck around.

Enter Bennet Kelley – aka: The Redeemer 

Bennet Kelley

Fast forward to September, 2017, and Bennet G. Kelley, founder of the Internet Law CenterMr. Kelley dropped me a nice letter to inform me my report was inaccurate.

A portion of his letter is below, in blue. Mark Sableman was right

Exhibit A

Defendant agrees with Mark Sableman

Everyone Agrees with Mark Sableman

When I called and asked Bennet Kelley and Mark Sableman why Plaintiff’s counsel would make such an outrageous claim, neither could explain.  (I hesitate to offer my take.) But given I usually spend my time writing about creepy attorneys, or those practicing law, sans license; speaking with them both was a nice change for me.

Also, neither man seemed too upset.  They just wanted the story updated. This is that.

Last, if someone calls to check something out, may I suggest the call be returned?  

After all, facts matter. 😂

The old journalism adage is true:  If your Mother says she loves you — check it out!

Internet high-five

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Kendra Beebe: Exhibit A for how the San Diego District Attorney’s office caters to criminals

Kendra Beebe -failed by the District Attorney’s office three times.

Once again, the San Diego District Attorney’s office continues their practice of re-victimizing, crime victims.

However, this time, it’s the District Attorney administering the latest stab wound for Kendra Beebe.

Kendra’s original stabbing made international news because, Hollywood. The actor Shelley Malil stabbed Kendra 23 times, shortly, after Kendra ended their relationship. 

What the DA’s office ignored at the time, was Malil tried to kill Kendra shortly after being befriended by Kendra’s ex, Johnny Archer.  (“Johnny” is Archer’s alias,) But Archer’s criminal history is under Chetwyn Archer.

Detailed for the DA, at the time, was Kendra’s timeline of multiple instances of Johnny Archer violating restraining orders and chilling time line of Malil’s conversations with Archer, in line with her stabbing.

The DA did…nothing.  (This is, after all, San Diego.)  The Deputy DA stated:

“Kendra’s ex-husband is a part of this storyline. We just don’t know what role he played,” said Deputy District Attorney Keith Watanabe.

Prosecutors said on the night before the attack, phone records showed Malil called Archer twice — a 45-minute and 25-minute conversation.

The next day, there was a 5-minute call that occurred hours before Malil attacked Beebe, according to prosecutors.”  – Channel 10 – Sept. 17, 2010.

Lazy or Incompetent?

Kendra Beebe learned about Johnny Archer’s immigration hearing before Judge Harry Elias, afterward.  She was aware Judge Elias demonstrates an admitted soft-spot for poor immigrants who may not know their rights.  (Archer’s claim.)  Kendra provided court transcripts which indicated otherwise.  Peter Estes said they might appeal…given, Archer initially plead guilty a couple of restraining order violations, if the DA would drop all the rest.  That’s right, multiple restraining order violations…including some on camera.  Those other violations were suddenly, in play.

But then, magically, the DA began to stall.  Kendra flew to San Diego, with buckets more of evidence.

The DA had, “meetings.”  Eventually, Kendra realized, well, this is San Diego. So Kendra asked Estes to give her the name of the Attorney who heads up the Appellate Division.

Estes responded with silence.

Kendra Beebe also informed the DA Johnny Archer filed for and collected approximately $8,000.00 in change for Unemployment benefits.  (With photos of Archer working.)  She believes since Archer is part-owner of Cycology Fitness, he can’t collect these benefits.  When Kendra asked the DA if they planned to do anything, the response was a shrug…and a “That’s not our Department.”

Catering to criminals

Kendra threw in the towel when the DA told Kendrea Archer could agree to violating one count of “Disturbing the peace.”  Which wouldn’t impact Archer’s “Removal” status.

Kendra asked “Will you at least make him plead guilty to “Disturbing the peace of Kendra Beebe?”

Nope.  Not that either.  So the below, taken from a DV defense attorney kinda spells it all out.

Last week, the UT reported on immigration.  The article featured a few quotes from Osman Abiyow, President of the Somali Bantu Association of America.  Abiyow wants to bring his sister over.  Poor guy.  He really doesn’t know how hard the DA is on women crime victims.


The best kept secret at the DA’s office

But it turns out, the best, well-kept secret in San Diego is – the DA’s office doesn’t want anyone to know is their lack of work product, and “declining to prosecute” is a long-time pattern.  It happened with Diana Gonzalez, who was stabbed to death in the bathroom at San Diego City College.  It happened to Kendra, and in the case of Joyce Murphy, the DA’s office failed in every way possible, by charging Joyce with “parental kidnap.” 

In this regard, the San Diego District Attorney’s office put kids at risk by facilitating Joyce’s ex, a pedophile, for years.  Charges were only filed after two little girls whose parents weren’t divorced, reported the crimes.  In San Diego, children of divorce remain at risk because of the DA.

Not reported at the time?  I witnessed Joyce Murphy attempt to read a Victim Impact Statement; but the Defense objected.  I also witnessed Deputy DA Kelly Mok, refuse to haul her skinny ass out of a chair, to advocate for Joyce – who endured nightly phone calls from her ex, laughing at her, saying no one would believe her.

But after the San Diego DA miserably failed Joyce and her daughter, for four, solid years…and the public, five years after that.  Mok, (now a judge), sat in the chair and squirmed…saying nothing.  The request was denied by Judge Robert Kearny.   Judge Kearny could have shown Joyce some compassion, but, nope.  Thus, after years of Joyce enduring the nightly phone calls of her ex calling to laugh and tell her the DA would never believe her, Judge Kearny made sure to let Joyce know he still didn’t want to hear from her, either. For women and children who live here, this is pretty much, San Diego in a nutshell. 

(Mok did something similar in Kendra Beebe’s case.  Mok was awful then, and remains so, now.)

Best for last

A PR rep from the DA’s office reportedly told one news outlet, Kendra Beebe was very happy with how the case ended.  Kedra’s response?

That was the biggest lie yet!”

Interestingly, after Kendra realized the DA was screwing her again, she began receiving touchy feely texts from Deputy DA Marnie Layon.

Marnie was wrong.  The District Attorney’s office owes Kendra a lot more.

The takeaway:  When it comes to men violating restraining orders, and colluding with others to embarrass, harass, or worse, Kendra Beebe can attest, if it happens in San Diego:

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Vanderbilt’s Brandon Vandenburg Gang Rape Trial: Year Four: Brandon Banks

The moment the verdict sunk in.

Update:  June 23:  GUILTY.  Brandon Banks squeeze bottle put the squeeze on him. Jurors did not hold him responsible for, Batey-like charges.  One count each for aggravated rape, and aggravated sexual battery.

But lets begin with Mack Prioleau:  The one guy who could have stopped this horrible crime.

Mack Prioleau  – The most chilling part in the fourth Vanderbilt University football gang-rape trial, this one featuring defendant, Brandon Banks; was testimony from Mack Prioleau.  Teammate and Christian, All Saints High School graduate, Mack Prioleau, didn’t comment on the laughter.  So much laughter.

Mack Prioleau – the fourth time wasn’t the charm.

So much muffled guffaws and squeals of delight of Prioleau’s teammates.  This was something Mack Prioleau pretended to sleep through.  So it was the continued loud squeals of sheer glee throughout the ongoing attack, and Mark Prioleau doing nothing, for thirty odd minutes, that got me. Mainly because the laughter began within three minutes of the rapists entering the room.

Mack Prioleau had four years to clean up his testimony.  But, exactly how does one “clean up” one’s lack of character?  If there is a way, Mack Prioleau certainly didn’t find in time to testify as to why he never acted after initially lifting his head, while listening to the gleeful sounds of a gang rape.  A gang-rape that included the sound of urinating on the victim, the sound of bottle squeezes on the victim’s body, the sound of the victim being physically slapped during the gang’s prolonged gang rape.  All happening inches from Mack Prioleau. Who did nothing.

Per the UK Daily Mail, four years ago Mack Prioleau told the court that he awoke to sounds of porn, laughing and the men discussing sex and saw the woman face down in the dorm.

Four years ago Mack Prioleau said the victim didn’t make a sound.

Four years ago Mack Prioleau said he didn’t leave to get help or check on her well-being.

‘I was trying to sleep, trying to do whatever I could to block it out of my mind,’ Prioleau said. ‘After it quieted down, I looked down and saw the female on the bed below me.

Eventually, Prioleau said he left the room to stay with a friend and when he returned the next morning, he cleaned up vomit found in the dorm. He only told one friend about what he had witnessed.

‘At the time I was scared and uncomfortable,’ he said. ‘I didn’t know what to do.’

But that was then.  This is now.

Fast forward to the fourth trial: Mack’s grown.

But life goes on!  Four years later, Mack Prioleau’s become a world traveler.  Now, Mack Prioleau has all kinds of advice and tips for a plethora of situations!  Check him out.  From 10 Vital Tips for international traveling, to shopping to tips for beginner surfers. It seems Mack Prioleau can’t shut up! See all Mack’s tips at Mack Prioleau’s Presentations!

Mack’s living the high life.  See his personal, fun life at

My guess was with four years worth of hindsight from world travels, Mack’s testimony might include something a bit more…apologetically reflective.  Boy was I wrong.

Prioleau said he didn’t feel pressure.  Then offered the same nothing burger as four years earlier. Based on his testimony, Mack Prioleau confirmed he’s as empty on the inside as ever.

Back to the post rape action

Shortly after the gang-rape, Coach Franklin called a meeting.  Told the players to “Anchor down.”  Shortly afterward, Franklin bolted from Vanderbilt University for a job back at the collegiate national hallmark for child sexual abuse. Penn State.  Irony?

Now, three trials and two convictions later, we’re baaaaaaack with the defense in the fourth trial.  Brandon Banks said he felt pressure.  Because he was little.  I am not making this up.

The Fourth trial and the fourth time the victim’s character puts them all to shame

The defense tried to make the case for I don’t know, a bullied, rapist?  Much was made of the size of everyone else.

Brandon Banks “He made me do it” defense.

Ladarius Banks, Brian Kimbrow, all testified Brandon Banks, (who was his high school football team’s captain) felt threatened by Brandon Vandenburg.  Banks was called “gay” for not wanting to participate in a gang-rape. Gay people were appalled by that.

Brandon Banks – might have a sense it’s not working.

Also, Banks was not drunk at the time, and had a girlfriend.

Prosecutor Jan Norman. Kicking ass through out.

Banks laughed.  Banks took pictures.  Banks, the preacher’s son and high school football captain, squeezed the bottle. Repeatedly.

Referring to the victim, unconscious and vomiting, Banks says he’d never seen anyone that sick before. Or that out-of-it. The inference was alcohol…(although most believed she was drugged.)

The “he made me do it” defense

While Banks mentioned his daddy was a preacher, he appeared not to have made the connection a lifetime of football discipline, including as team Captain, along with his father’s preaching – didn’t matter one little bit, Two minutes after Brandon Vandenburg told Banks to take the bottle and squeeze.  Nor did Banks refuse to take pictures of the unconscious woman he physically, sexually assaulted with an empty bottle.  Nor did he leave the room.  As Prosecutor Jan Norman noted, neither did Brandon Banks text anyone he felt “pressure.”

After testifying, Banks looked a little worse for the wear. He went to his chair.  He cried.

Boo hoo.

Detective Gish testified he found no texts citing a of fear of bullying.  Detective Gish did find more videos….and other incriminating evidence that in no way indicated Brandon Banks was worried about being bullied. 

Can you say something nice about Banks’ Defense attorney

Sure.  Given I once titled a column about the first trial, “Guilty – is it too soon to say “Malpractice” and

The Malpractice Continues!”

Mark Scruggs, unlike prior counsel for the defendants; Brandon Banks’ attorney and former football player, was not criminally charged for financially exploiting a client during trial.  Also, unlike prior defense counsel, Scruggs did not lose his bar license.

Mark Scruggs – in fairness – he didn’t have much to work with

But Mark Scruggs was also corrected during his close for telling the jurors factually incorrect information.  Also, he recovered nicely.  But it was when Scruggs began with a background of the law, then mentioned the Magna Carta minutes in, that my thoughts went to Scruggs might have first bored the jurors, but a reference to the Magna Carta might have annoyed the heck out of them.

Update:  Scruggs called the verdict “inconsistent.”  Expected some guilty counts.  But Scruggs said Banks is still ready to fight on a motion for new trial, or appeal.  My initial thought was incorrect.  But likewise guess a Motion for a new trial will be shot down.  An appeal won’t fly.  Maybe Preacher Maurice Banks can visit Brandon more often.  The victim was in court.  Four down, one to go.

Brandon Banks with the single, remaining Defendant. It’s telling they remained good friends.

The judge commented the jurors looked tired.  Maybe they are tired of carrying the burden of four years of delay.  Imagine how the victim feels.

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Mike Levin or Doug Applegate: The choice is seriously, easy

Levin or Applegate – San Diego Democrats, smart Independents, and more than a few fed-up Republicans, are rapidly choosing Mike Levin.  In record numbers.

Levin is the smart, effective, environmental attorney, whose 10 year history of volunteering for the Democratic Party from local, to national levels, caught fire.  Levin’s winning endorsements are from sitting members of Congress who would like to see Mike working alongside them.

Also, as past behaviors portend future conduct, the choice between Mike Levin and Doug Applegate is hands-down easy.

We all know voting is a deeply, personal act.  In that I have experience with all three candidates, below is that experience as a former Independent, now registered Democrat, who has yet to join any local affiliate.

First, Levin actually returned my phone calls. By putting himself in a position to learn,  I was able to explain how a cheaper, effective, (the strap can’t be cut-off) GPS monitoring system could save California lives, and millions in tax dollars.  I’d tipped NBC media to California’s huge (and largely unreported) GPS problems, here.

As a congressman, Levin would be in a position to help state legislators get it right, while saving California lives, and of course, millions in our State budget.

However, was 0 for 6 with my efforts to educate Applegate.  Including last year. Turns out, when it comes to being available, Applegate mirrors Issa.

This is not counting the prior election cycle where the count was 0-5 after Applegate’s post-divorce, stalking, scandal, broke.  Applegate, apparently, is an Issa-like,  “duck and take cover” kind of guy.

But new year.  New campaign.  So tried again, this year.  This time Applegate called a friend of mine asking, “What’s she want” rather than simply return the call.  Apparently Applegate acts as his own gatekeeper, too!  But that wasn’t what got my serious, attention.

Legal skills

Also, Levin seems to be a smarter attorney than Applegate; but unlike Applegate, Levin hasn’t run afoul of of the California State Bar.  (Note to readers of Court of Appeal decisions.  Important nuggets often lie in the footnotes. Applegate is in this footnote.)

Rick Miller vs. Applegate: Case Number: D0386816

So yes, ethics has been problematic for Applegate.

Still, while trying to verify information on Applegate’s now, number of marriages, as reported in the LA Times, from the last election.

“He also served as a military lawyer for about three decades. After he retired from the Marines in 2006, he worked as a general practice trial attorney  throughout Southern California. Applegate, who is twice divorced and has two children, lives in San Clemente with his girlfriend and his 17-year-old daughter.”

I tried calling Applegate again this past Friday.  I can report my phone still not ringing!  That must be Applegate, still not calling!

Turns out, when it comes to returning calls, Applegate favors the Darrell Issa model.

(Issa hasn’t returned any of my calls this year but, hey;  in 2008, I was apparently on Issa’s speed dial!  Yes, Team Issa wanted loads of information on Angelo Mozilo…and I had tons to share.)

Issa’s staff called me repeatedly, eagerly soaking up all the negative information I had to offer on Countrywide; and more particularly, on Angelo Mozilo, from the information I’d received from the website I’d set up about Countrywide.

I  was happy to share.  Hey, if my Congressman needs my help, it’s my duty as a good citizen to help. However, when I watched the hearings, live, instead of answering any sharp questions from Issa from the information I provided,  I watched in horror as Darrell Issa slobbered all over Mozilio —in thanks. 

That’s right.  Issa thanked Angelo Mozilo for helping facilitate the American dream to own a home, right as the market was crashing, and costing people their hopes and dreams right along with their homes, financed by Mozilo’s, Countrywide Mortgage.  Issa ended his cheer fest by declaring Mozilo a great American.  Folks.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

Back to Applegate

Second, and unlike Applegate, Levin has a long history of volunteer work, by being effective in politics for others.  So no one wonders why members of Congress and other officeholders are endorsing Levin.

Perhaps it was combination of Levin’s 10 years of volunteer work, coupled with — well, Trump, but the immediate effect of a toxic Trump wound up producing a more determined to get involved, Mike Levin.  On the plane home, and as a direct result of the 2016 election, Mike Levin began mapping out a strategy for the 49th District.  (Only later did we learn Trump was right.  The national election was  rigged.  Shout-out to  Mike Farb1; who helped us discover the many ways to rig an election.)

Meanwhile, past portends future.

Applegate remains true to himself.  The man who repeatedly demonstrated an exceptional amount of disdain towards women, first towards his wife, expanded that disdain to include women in the military.  Specifically, the women marines cyber-attacked by the Marines United scandal, which puts America, at risk as a matter of foreign policy.  Check this out this article in Foreign Policy.

After news of the initial Marines United scandal broke, Marines United took down their private Facebook page.  I waited to Applegate to comment. 

I tweeted a question to Applegate about commenting on the scandal.  No response.  (Hey if I want a member of Congress to remain silent, I’d just call Issa!)

Turns out, Applegate hasn’t exactly mastered Twitter.  He s’plains on Facebook.  😂

Then CSPAN inteviewed General Neller.

More silence from Applegate.  So I tweeted another request for Applegate to comment. Continued silence from Applegate on Twitter.

Then, and amazingly, Marines United, regrouped!  Complete with a new Facebook page!

An in your face, “How Dare you try to shut us down”

I again tweeted to Applegate for a comment on the newly reorganized, Marines United.  Again, although cyber-attacking female marines impacts national security…Applegate remained Twitter mute. Why wouldn’t a guy running for Congress take a stand for cyber-attacked women Marines?

So the bottom line is:  If I can’t depend on my Congressman for national security, along basic fairness, why on earth would I vote for someone like that?  Also, folks:  This is a pattern.

Applegate’s stony silence on “Marines United” is not merely shameful, it’s unsurprising.

Because as Applegate has demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt, past behavior is future behavior.

Thomas James Brennan, the reporter who exposed Marines United, is a former Marine.  A bounty was put out on Brennan, and his daughter for exposing them.  But Applegate, who claims to have served proudly, continually refuses to address the issue, or the bounty put on the Brennan’s daughter.  Since March.

Applegate’s refusal to step up on behalf of cyber-attacked female Marines, and the young daughters of a former Marine, demonstrates Doug Applegate, is simply not, leadership material. Voter wise, sirens are not sounding; they’re wailing.

I’m sure no real Democrat could possibly be in favor of sending another sexist to Congress.  Thanks all the same.

Last:  Why is Applegate still in the race?

To address the obvious by highlighting the oblivious — some Democrats had no idea of Applegate’s in-depth history.  Some are just poor sports.  This includes a few who talk progressive, but act otherwise.

Others, who can’t win a local Democratic office position themselves, imply future donations may be made to the those the Democrats are committed to defeating.  They also identify as “Progressive.”  Why, I’m not sure.  But the below, happened.

A veiled threat to donate to Republicans.

On the sexism side, it took five sex scandals before San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne decided to suddenly “retire.”  Chief Zimmerman is addressing the newer ones, but they are slowing down.  Sadly, replacing them, is:  military scandals.

Nine more indicted in Fat Leonard scandal, the Feds are on the case.

Good News

The good news is San Diego does appear to be growing out of its weird, parochial wrinkle.

Being reared in the military I’ve lived all over. My Dad’s a happily retired, WWII pilot, and POW escapee, who also flew 108 Command missions in Vietnam.  But having lived in the South, my biggest surprise was discovering the number of San Diego women who didn’t seem to mind San Diego’s openly casual, sexist bent.  There’s definitely a Stepford Wife vibe here when it comes to women supporting men who don’t care about them. But more good news, it’s ebbing!

I am happy Levin is getting more support both inside the community and nationally. We need Mike Levin to knock out the embarrassment of Darrell Issa, Duncan and Hunter and Doug Applegate’s, failure to respond. 

So am particularly glad the, “Doug ran first so no one else should run,” mentality (which sounds as hollow as it was), is also going away.

Last, although San Diego Democrats have in the past, allowed candidates at least three tries before giving up; that’s gone too.

And that folks, is real progress!

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Magnolia Realty: Chip Gaines is great at public relations, but shouldn’t facts prevail

Chip Gaines – Negotiates with a hammer?

So is Mr. “Aw shucks,” Chipper Gaines really, Mr. “I want all the chips to fall in my direction,” Chip Gaines?

Turns out, goofy behavior aside, it’s beginning to feel Chipper Gaines is a much better thespian than anyone could have ever imagined.  And one thing is for sure:  Chip Gaines is no slouch at self-promotion.

Am referring to the lawsuit filed against Square MB, LLC d/b/a Magnolia Realty, Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc, Scripps Networks LLC, and High Noon Productions, LLC by the founding partners of Magnolia Realty. That’s right.  Chip, who had a third interest in the business, began talking to his friend, since 1997, about the business of Magnolia Reality in 2006.

But before we determine what is; notice what is not.

As is commonly known — when attorneys file a lawsuit, everyone and the kitchen sink is named in the Complaint.  Everyone.  Don’t take it personally, that’s called: Lawyering 101.

Is Joanna Gaines not a founding partner of Magnolia Realty?

But what’s interesting is neither Magnolia Realty founding partners, attorneys, John L. Lewis and Rick L. Clark, cared to name Joanna Gaines in their suit….and didn’t.

This is almost unheard of, not to mention very classy.  It also makes me wonder if attorneys Lewis and Clark suspected Chip Gaines kept some information from  Joanna.  Or worse.

Was Joanna not named as a founding partner because she wasn’t?  If so, how does that square with Chip Gaines “we share it all” image?

Darn.  Why didn’t reporters ask about that?  Also, why wasn’t it mentioned that the saga began in 2012?  Chip likely mentioned there had been contact…but if you look at the earlier shows, there was not an abundance of filming all over town and out in the public, as there are now.

Also, everyone has a camera.  There is production company in my town that pitches as a birthday feature for parents, a “Paparazzi package” – where five guys with a camera follow 21 year olds around town on their birthday, shouting their names in pretend stardom and clicking away as the newly minted 21 year olds, step into imaginary stardom…if only for a night.

John L. Lewis – founding member of Magnolia Realty.

It was clear to me as negotiations with Chip and Joanna Gaines continued, that Gaines realized the Fixer Upper show was going to be a go.

However, this information was not relayed by Chip to his partners and long-time, good friends, John Lewis and Rick Clark. Although friends since 1997…

who, busy with their law practice, likely trusted Gaines to keep them abreast of everything.

(Again, discussions for what Magnolia Realty would become, began in 2006.)

Fast foward – Fixer Upper became the big hit HGTV thought it would become; and all is not as folksy as it appears.

The first negative publicity came when the public learned the houses were selected before-hand.  That was dealt with.  (Will cover the gay issue later.)

Waco does cater to the show that put Waco on the map in a good light.  That’s a given.

So not much coverage on the woman who fell and suffered a head injury in the store, a bit ago.  Or the guy suing them about the gate access.  A little, but not much. No Magnoliagate.  Even though it was about, a gate!

Good coverage didn’t end with this lawsuit…but as coverage begged questions, I called.

David Tekell – finally – an attorney talks to me!

On Friday, April 28, 2017, I spoke with attorney David Tekell.  Mr. Clark suggested (through his secretary) I call David Tekell.  ( I didn’t get beyond capable staff of both founding member attorneys of Magnolia Realty when I telephoned.)  I’m against attorneys not speaking to reporters.  This is based on simple logic.  If the story is going to be written, best to speak and make your points. 

But hey, that’s just my opinion. John Lewis and Rick Clark perhaps thought all issues would be addressed by media from the Complaint they filed. 

That didn’t happen.  However, when I called David Tekell my very first question concerned the timing of the lawsuit…and whether there were meetings before good friends John Lewis and Rick Clark, filed.

Tekell indicated there were discussions prior to the lawsuit, and I later learned a copy of the draft of the lawsuit was sent to the email ole Chip has had for years.  I surmised the discussions were not especially productive. But also sensed Tekell didn’t want to talk about it much either, so didn’t press my luck, for particulars.

Enter: Logic

However, Logic demands when meetings are not productive, litigation is filed before the time limit by law, to address concerns, runs out.  The last thing attorneys want to do is sue their friends of many years; so meetings prior to filing suit, makes sense.  However, there comes a time when waiting makes no sense so lawsuits are filed; and the courts sort out the evidence.

Chip Gaines is winning the public relations side

Chip Gaines is wining the pr side, but readers looking at the evidence in the Compliant but not covered, initially, by media, might want to rethink their oh-so-quick, condemnations.

Oh yeah.  Evidence

Here’s a little something Chip hasn’t mentioned so fair.  I mean, far.

Evidence – Does this look like fraud to anyone?

The threats made by Chip have been well reported, and are listed in the Complaint on Page 12.  #38:

“You better tell Rick to be careful.  I don’t come from the nerdy prep school he’s from.  And when people talk to me that way they get their asses kicked.  And if hes not ready to do that he better shut his mouth.  I’m not the toughest guy there is, but I can assure you that would not end well for [R]ick.”

Also not mentioned in past coverage?  According to the Complaint, Gaines told his partners if they didn’t agree, he would start a competing agency against them.

As a writer, I found Doug Eastland interesting.  Who is Doug Eastland?  Seems to me Doug Eastland could be a key witness.  He knows all individuals involved, and worked with Magnolia Realty.  Someone should have called him for background.

Doug Eastland – once worked with Magnolia – friends with all involved.

But as no reporter called Doug, I did.  Doug’s a smart man, and very personable.  However, before I could ask a thing, Doug began with, “No comment.”  Not exactly a conversation starter for sure.

Eventually, after we chatted a bit…and because I am all about background, Doug did answer one question.

BR:  “Well, the story is all over the news, but as you were mentioned in the Complaint, didn’t anyone, from any publication, call you?”

DE:   “No.”

More interesting?  Doug mentioned he’s friends with all three.  That’s right.  Present tense.

Given the initial reporting was quick and dirty, seems a shame the reporting was also missing key facts. Because facts matter…and a bonanza for Waco, aside:  Facts are key to fairness.

Full DisclosureI once lived in Waco.  Since moving to California, have participated in one documentary (Divorce Corp*) and one reality show* (in which I was ecstatic when the series was cancelled in its fifth season.) This is important only when I mention to readers that reality show participants do get a sense of a network’s commitment to a project the longer it continues.  You can feel the groundswell.

I once called Magnolia Realty and High Noon Productions in an attempt to end negative coverage they were receiving for refusing to work with gay people.  My friend, Mark Ebenhouch had purchased a home in New Orleans and was attempting to remodel it in the summer.  (Mark was the real marine, director Oliver Stone hired to train a bunch of actors, how to look like real marines for the movie, Platoon.) Mark is an excellent human being and very active in the community and director of the Sacred Cloth Project.

So I thought working with Mark Ebenhoch would be a win-win as it was hard for me to believe there were so many people who seem to have forgotten, God did not appoint them his personal messenger.  (Also, I worried the New Orleans summer heat would kill Mark.)

The folks at High Noon said the Gaines had made a commitment to their children not to leave the Waco area.  I suggested a working vacation…and included family friendly activities.  No dice.  I did however, notice Chip never once committed on the negative publicity, shrewdly noting it would die out.  But these days Chip’s tweeting selected Bible verses to his own benefit.

I suspect if after discovery and depositions, if this goes to trial, Chip’s reputation will suffer. Because, facts. Facts are really so bothersome sometimes.  They really can screw up a good PR campaign.  But if it does, please know there is no better trial reporter than Tommy Witherspoon.  Especially on Twitter, which is harder.  Tommy tweets as TspoonFeed.

  •  1.  I agreed to participate in the film Divorce Corp with the stipulation the high-tech real-time, GPS device that alert would-be victims in real-time, beforehand, (in time for her to vacate the area, thus ending restraining order violations), would be featured in the film.  It was filmed but subsequently, edited out. 1,631 women were murdered in the U.S. in 2015.  This device would have prevented some of these murders.
  • 2.  The show was “Family Plots” and in one episode I was the blind-date for the main character. Originally was unaware it was a reality show.  Had noticed a blind item on a film board that read, “Three daughters are looking for a date for their father” and answered, “Does your father know what you’re up to?”  They called me and things progressed from there. My interest in participating was to see how production companies actually worked on the job.  Neither of us were interested in each other.
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New journalism program to expose Trump and end our failing media

journalismThe press continues to fail in the most basic element of keeping  “an informed public” informed; and must adjust reporting standards for covering the presidency. Currently Trump treats Americans and the press, exactly as he did the small business contractors who unfortunately, signed contracts with him.

The first failure is ignoring Trump’s unfit, mental state.

The second area is press can ill-afford to mince words.  NRP deciding to not call Trump out for lying when he lies, identifies another, key issue in our current, media, fail.

Once media decides to speak the truth without mincing words, the next goal is figuring out how to combat Trump’s history of serving up a blitz of forcefully spoken statements, including lies, but never, apologizing when caught in a  lie. Including bald-faced lies. (In fact, when caught in a bald-faced lie, Trump doubles-down.)

Meanwhile, Sean Spicer, in an effort to deflect from the giant chunks of the White House website, disappearing, now claims individual heads of various departments, ordered the non-tweeting policy.  (Still waiting to see if media lets that go.)










Naturally, the first step is recognizing the massive, media failure we’ve found ourselves in.  Suggest beginning with the realization even the most Basic questions are not being asked. Consider one that’s been bothering me.

“Although Kellyanne Conway is now a federal employee, did Trump require Kellyanne sign an additional Non-Disclosure Agreement for her federal position; or, was this eventuality covered in Conway’s original Non-Disclosure Agreement, under a catch-phrase, “in the event I am successful, this Agreement supercedes any other employment?”

hacking-computers-russian-spies-and-trumpWhy this hasn’t been asked underscores why media must flip the script when dealing with an illegitimate president.  Foremost being:  Media cannot afford to cultivate a deliberate, blind-eye, to ignore the claim of 17 federal agencies stating, Trump was working with Russian agents before running for office, while running for office, and after winning a rigged election…which Trump specifically invited to be rigged.

Likewise, media cannot afford to not change how they report.  Such as missing the obvious when it’s happening.  My tweet during Sean Spicer’s first news conference…having earlier watched Trump’s presser.


Compared to  this highly respected MSNBC anchor, Joy Reid, whom I like, two days after the fact.


Now for the solution:

Good news for the public!  It includes potential media profits!  Yes, higher ad revenues while keeping the public informed as to reality of a Trump Presidency. Here’s the basics!

  1. “Trump Lies Told Daily!”  A new program with a new style and focus.  Profits would soar once NBC, MSNBC, CNN, ABC and CBS scheduled their own variation.  But essentially,

“Trump Lies Told Daily” – A Daily Rundown of Lies told by Trump, or the Trump Administration.”


Journalism – it’s back to the basics.

Subtitled – An ongoing investigation by Russian/Saudia/Chinese leaders (or lobbyists or/including, Senators So-and-So). Trump Time could air nightly for a half-hour, with expanded coverage on the weekends.congress-lobbyists

The first half will be split among staff, with a specific focus on lies in certain areas.  One staffer for Trump’s bankruptcies, one for his refusal to divest, and most importantly, a key staffer to expose Trump’s continued ties to Russian/Saudi/Chinese mobsters.  Each panelist should have 5 minutes to state what they’e learned.  Suggest contacting, Adam Khan, here.    (Wish he would get a website.)

Domestic areas addressed include Domestic Violence, (because – Trump’s background.  Also, duh.  The Womens March for half the population), Environment, Medicare, Veterans Benefits, Military needs, Social Security, Federal Regulations, National Security, etc.


The Twist:  In the first part, the staff present their findings, But the second half of the program, host and staffers  (and perhaps, invited guests) debate which area has the biggest, negative effect on the American public.


Graphics needed:  A counting logo in the top right corner during each segment:  For instance, “400 Days since Trump said he would release his taxes.”  Or regarding Trump’s ties to Russia, the logo “Trump signed 24 new contracts to his existing 118 contracts.  A graph would also be nice.

Why this is necessary.

Currently, media fails with nearly every question.   There is no banding together as a tactic, to force any issue.  Especially in the area of Trump taxes as this example demonstrates.

Kellyanne Conway’s defense of Trump’s refusal continues to be, “The people elected him, so they don’t care.”

Reporters and anchors haven’t yet appropriately responded with:

“Trump lost in the popular vote by three million, because those people didn’t believe him.  The people who voted for Trump in the Electoral College – voted, believing he would.  They are the public who still wants to see his taxes.  They said so.  Visit  The GOP APOCALYPSE.

which astounds me.

Also, Trump’s still complaining about his high numbers? Really.  Consider the parade route. Katy Tur showed us.

As for high TV views Trump’s administration claims.  Why haven’t reporters volleyed back with the obvious?  

“The movie “Carrie” had high numbers. The Shining had high numbers.  People do tune in to be scared.”

Personally, my answer would be, “I liken Trump’s Parade, (or, drive…since hardly anyone was there), to watching Alfred Hitchcock’s, “Psycho.”  

That might stop the subject from ever being brought up again.

Why the “Carrie” or “The Shining” answer hasn’t been directed to Trump, or Pence, or Kellyanne puzzles me.  But it saddens me, underscoring as it does, the failure of media to get to tactics to seriously inform the public about America’s first, Russian-installed president. 

I love the press – I just want to them to regroup so they can be effective.

Does media really want to mess around with women like this?  Women who marched in the snow, during the Womens March?  Does media think they’ll retain viewers who watch, pablum?


And an uninformed public makes me question why the FCC allows continued licensing for non-performance.  (Except Trump’s pick to head the FCC was Ajit Pai, whose main goal is killing net neutrality, so expect higher prices for much less.)

Back to Trump Lies Told Daily!

  1. Invited Guests for “Trump Lies Told Daily.”

The mantra is simple.  Producers must impress upon bookers, “We’re here to inform:  Guests must be worth watching.”  The public knows it’s being shabbily treated when guests who lie constantly, are just as contstantly, booked. (Hint:  They’re all friends…most of this is just for show.)

Media fixation on Alternative facts

Former attorney, Kellyanne Conway, flattened Chuck Todd on his own program, twice. Todd, exasperated, managed to get off the one great line. “Alternative facts are not facts.  They’re falsehoods.”

Did anyone else notice media closed ranks, protecting Todd by focusing on that rather than admitting Kellyanne steamrolled Chuck twice, rattling off lie-after-lie, in rapid-fire, Gatlin gun style…in two separate areas, without once answering a single question.

Folks, we’re all given a certain number of heartbeats in this life. People sometimes watch fluff.  But trust this:  American’s don’t want fluff in politics. They want substantive discourse.  Yet in that same appearance, Conway, (a former lawyer) began with,

“A falsehood is told about removing the bust of Martin Luther King Junior from the Oval Office. No, that’s just flat out false. And the pool writer…”

and was not challenged.

Tim Russert would have laughed, as he interrupted Conway, to accurately point out the reporter did not commit a “falsehood.”  Tim Russet would say it was  a simple “mistake” and one that was quickly addressed by the reporter himself.  Tim’s unfailing realism in the face of spin – stopping people  in their tracks, is why people across the country, upon learning Tim died suddenly, got in their cars and drove through many states to pay tribute to Tim and his family at the funeral.)

Chuck Todd was struck hapless by Kellyanne.  Confounded, he laughed…and Kellyanne jumped at the chance to tell Chuck she was offended he laughed.  But that’s part just of the shtick.  That girl can recognize and seize an opportunity.  But still, it’s a better way to present the tsunami of lies Trump is trying to get the media to forget about himself.

jonathan-swiftSo given by now the comatose knows Trump et al, demonstrate a keen proficiency at getting away with lies…largely because it’s how Trump operates in business.

The public’s heads up was yesterday… and Trump is beside himself by the number of women who shut down his lousy numbers.

So it’s not “Business as usual.”  The press cannot continue operating the same old way.  No more, “we can’t keep up.”

A daily, “Trump Time” is the best way to make sense of rapid-fire lies.. Otherwise, lies left unaddressed are later given credibility, (such as Pami Bondi as an Electoral College member) because that’s Trump’s calculation as a business tactician.

Reporters must change now they cover Trump.  “Trump Time” beats Trump at his own game.  But it also raises journalism standards. That Trump Time would while generating ad revenues is just the icing on the cake

  1. Conditions for appearing on the show.  The producers must caution guests the basic rules are no repeatedly talking-over each other.  In cases of a split-screen, producers will remind guests Trump Time is to inform the public, and anyone who violates the rules will have their mic cut and screen shot dropped. The camera will return to the host, until such time the guest can get themselves together.

Good journalism.  Good ad growth.  Good to be informed.  But most importantly, we can impact change.  Please consider supporting independent journalism.  Past successes, detailed here.

Let’s roll!  

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Great signs from the Womens March – and a little Trump madness


My first inkling the Womens March was going to be BIG came from a short tweet I noticed the night before.

Paraphrasing a DC guy’s tweet,

“I don’t know what it’s like in your neighborhood but it’s around 9:30p.m. where I live and all I can hear is the sound of the wheels on luggage carriers — and it’s deafening.”

Rolling thunder seems the best way to describe that sound.

The Womens March infuriated the predator president for a couple reasons.  The first being:  Women brought it.  The second being…still women!  Women birthing the most massive, global, anti-Trump response. All women – humiliating Trump.  Collectively.

But plummeting popularity aside, tweets captioned like the below have a way of burrowing under Trump’s paper-thin skin.

“Is it fair to call it a parade if no one is watching”


Agent Orange aside, women finally got woke, thanks to Hillary.  We knew Putin was fearful of our strong Hillary, whereas Trump is weak and malleable.  We know the election was stolen, and so we rolled. Collectively.


All those people – and not a single arrest.  Kinda makes one wonder why men are in charge, eh?


What was done to Hillary was what got those little luggage wheels rolling towards DC…as well as all around the world.  While much focus has been children and young women, grandmothers are pissed off too.  So don’t rest Congress.  We’re coming for you, too.


Some of us are coming on behalf of the 1,631 women who were killed by their boyfriends or husbands in 2015.  They would want us to roll some of you out of office.  Guys like Arkansas Tom Cotton, who stalled Cassandra Butts Ambassadorship so long, she died.

The backstory media missed

Media, being itself misogynistic, never quite got it.  On July 28, 2016, I’d written, “This presidential race will boil down to the most qualified candidate in the world; versus: Misogyny.” Misogyny won.  Temporarily. But we’re woke now.

So enjoy the signs, a little commentary, and knowing nothing will ever be the same, again.









Tweet nice – caught by Col Morris Davis






Remember Charlie?  Charlie Brotman, the 89 year old presidential inaugural parade announcer since 1957, that Trump dumped?  Well,  the Womens March organizers invited Charlie to speak and not only did Charlie show up, he was funny, upbeat and awesome!







(Imagine Trump worrying about the march on top of being in a terrible mood from watching one’s own plummeting popularity. Imagine hosting the world’s most important electoral parties and still not being able to give tickets away.  Imagine all that,and  knowing a march was coming the very next day.)







Trolling Trump  –  World-wide

Who would have guessed it would be knitters who knew how to best, represent!







John Lewis said, “I know something about marching.”



















THE MARCH – AUSTIN – Broke the record







That was one day.  Don’t rest Congress. We’re coming for you, too.

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How America and the LA Times can fully recover from Japanese Internment camp, mistakes

Good news! Now that Muslim Registry looms again on the horizon; a teachable moment is at hand.


Nisei heroes – many from the 442 Regiment – 100 Battalion

The teachable moment arrives courtesy of:  Lane Nishikawathe anti-dote for America’s post-factual era; and documentary film maker most able to help the LA Times wiggle free from its latest debacle.  Nishikawa’s film, “Never Forget” is also uniquely positioned to keep America from repeating earlier mistakes.

From incarcerations, military service, and post-service, bigotry, “Never Forget” serves as a guide to coming out of the darkness.

But first and specifically, the film addresses mistakes made by the LA Times, the Times has yet to address.  Our fear of immigrants.

In that regard, Lane Nishikawa provides the necessary fresh air to assist Americans deal our fear-fueled immigrant underbelly, the LA Times seems content to let lie.

As many are aware, the LA Times continues to smart from the entirely regrettable decision made by, Catharine Hamms, Editor of the LA Times, Travel Section, after Hamms published online and print, two letters, around December 7, 2016, referencing Japanese-American internment/prison camps.

Unfortunately, the letters Hamms published were written by revisionist history proponents,  Steve Hawes and Dick Venn.  Both deemed the facilities more than adequate.  Hawes wrote,  “The Japanese assigned the job of staying out of the way and not causing complications.  Millions of Americas were assigned far worse jobs.  Hundreds of thousands were wounded or died.”  (More on that, later.)

For the fact-free Hawes and Venn, Japanese-American Internment housing, (prisons) were essentially portrayed as, comfortable sleep-away camps.

The internet immediately noticed the first problem

Yahoo News published:
LA Times: We regret publishing pro-Japanese Internment camps.”

The Wonkette: “Idiots demand LA Times offer Bigots’ perspective on Japanese Internment Camps.”

and shortly thereafter, Hamms realized her decision to publish Hawes and Venn was an error in judgment, of Trumpian proportions.

However, neither the Internet or the LA Times dealt with the underlying issue.


America cannot afford “Post-Truth”news. Facts have never been more important.

In an era where the Oxford Dictionaries awards “Post-truth” (a version of reporting where the reporter writes to appeal to emotions over facts,  fake news, and, poorly covered news…including the sins of omission); the LA Times opted for the sins of omission, and ignored the fear factor behind President Roosevelt’s Executive Order, 9066.

That being the stellar, American military service provided by brave Nisei men and women for America, during a time these brave men and women were stripped of their rights as citizens and condemned by bigoted Americans, from the Commander-in-Chief, on down.


Although The LA Times was mum on America’s core fear of immigrants; other news outlets should not follow their lead.

Granted ignoring fear of immigrants is pretty weird, considering what newly arrived immigrants and soon to be “Americans’ did to Native Americans.  Or, perhaps, because.

However, reality is this:   Blander looking Americans have long feared immigrant citizens who don’t look like blander looking Americans.

Not often mentioned is:  Blander looking Americans (and the cosmetics industry) knows “looks count.” Religion does too, of course.  But if new immigrants  look different…well, that’s kinda, it.

So, we really haven’t come a long way, baby.

Thus, by not addressing the fears of some Americans,  the LA Times missed an opportunity to bring comfort to the fearful.  This is regrettable as anyone watching “Never Forget”  might find it useful in taking baby-steps towards developing some  coping skills to deal with less-blander looking Americans.

Doing so would have made everyone feel better as the 442 was featured in “Never Forget.”  What’s the 442?  So glad you asked!  The 442 is the most decorated Regiment in the entire, U.S. Army.

I learned this from watching “Never Forget.”  Immediately  afterward I called my 93 year old Dad, Lee Russell, who happened to be part of  the “Bridge busters” B-25 pilots flying out of Corsica during WWII;  and asked if he’d heard of the 442 Regiment.

Dad immediately laughed and yelled,

“Go for broke!”

I took that as a “yes” as  “Go for broke!” was the motto of the 442nd; and, with 18,000 medals, more than any in the history of the U.S., they certainly, did.  

By the way, surprise!  The 442 consisted of all Japanese-Americans.  Lane Nishikawa featured the lives, loves and, service of the MIS and the 442 battles in, “Never Forget” which included the 442’s  most epic contribution —  the rescue the 1st Battalion 141st Infantry, (which consisted of a bunch of Texans), pinned by the Germans in the Vosges Mountains.   The 442 rescued the lost battalion on October 24, 1944, and folks, it was, epic.  It was epic because so many died trying to save so few.

The 100/442, Regiment saved 200 Texans while losing 800 members of their own.  

It also turns out, there was a bit of Hollywood Post-Truth news going on, to diminish the efforts of the 442,  immediately afterward. 

Coverage of the event  included zero mention of the major losses suffered by the men of the 442.  Indeed, news clips like the one below, made it seem as if the primary thing the lost Texans had to do, was to keep up their fighting spirit.

Enter Post-Truth news

So I recommend Nishikawa’s film of the famous Nisei soldiers known as the 442 Regiment...which the LA Times, in creating their debacle, chose not to mention.

I do so as “Never Forget” America needs the antidote to Post-Truth, toxic news.  It’s learning tool for everyone, everywhere….not just newspapers or television programs. 

Also, and not a minor point: During the course of World War II;  some Americans were convicted of spying for Japan.  But none were from Japan.  (Just a mention.)


Lane Nishikawa – film maker, writer-director

Given the Muslim Registry is rearing its head right as 2017 marks the 75th year of American’s shameful act against our brave citizens: I recommend contacting Lane for critical information, partly because these brave Nisei soldiers emerged as the most decorated unit in the history of the U.S. Army…and then returned home to families still locked up in internment camps…and restaurants who refused to serve them.

It bears repeating that this cannot be repeated.

Then, President Truman awarded the 442 medals, he said, “You fought not only the enemy, but you fought prejudice…and you’ve won.” Perhaps he was unaware it wasn’t true.

By a stroke of good luck, I got to meet Nishikawa.  He gave me a copy of both his films, and we agreed the film is as current today as it was in forties. I just finished the first and sat right down to compose this.

(WARNING:  If you can get through “Never Forget” without feeling a lump in your throat…don’t bother taking your pulse. You’re dead.)

In Nishikawa’s interviews with released Americans of Japanese descent, who volunteered to serve while incarcerated; most offered extremely polite, poignant comments.  But the one comment that nailed me occurred just ten minutes in.  It came from a gentleman who simply said,

“This is a perfect example of a Constitution is only as good as the Government that wants to enforce it.”

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Riley Gaul – reporting from Knoxville County Jail

Riley Gaul’s new home.


A couple of jail notes on Riley Gaul, from his location at the Roger D. Wilson facility on Maloneyville Road, in East Knoxville.   I mention this as Riley’s hearing is tomorrow, December 2, 2016, unless it’s been rescheduled. (Update:  Riley waived the hearing.  Will go to the Grand Jury.)  A little about those details, and four, unreturned calls to Knoxville County spokesperson, Martha Dooley, later.  

Meanwhile,  learned the following:

  • Riley Gaul was not on any kind of “Suicide Watch.”
  • No one has beaten him up.  Yet.

Meanwhile, Emma Walker’s friends and teachers responded

One friend of Emma Walker directly responded to Riley Gaul’s Twitter project attempt to distance himself as a suspect in Emma’s murder.


Friends of Emma Walker

Also, one of Emma’s many teachers most eloquently remembered Emma Walker.

Emma Walker's teacher

I mention this, because media coverage on Emma Walker, has not been in keeping with what Emma Walker deserved.

Media on Emma Walker:  the lessening of Emma

Will begin with how the Knoxville News Sentinel emphasized Emma Walker’s murder.  Emma was not mentioned by name. Neither was Riley.  But football, was.  Football was their lede.  Football and basketball was the main feature throughout Knoxville News coverage.


(My complaint to the Knoxville News Sentinel, immediately followed.)


Emma had planned to be a neonatal nurse and participated in a Disaster drill.


It gets worse.  The Knoxville Jail was no help either.  This is our tax dollars, not working.

Days prior to the hearing I attempted to learn more information on Riley Gaul’s hearing. Would he be transported, or would the County want to save time and money and conduct the hearing by video.  The basics.  Telephoned four times. Not a single call was returned.  Folks, this is their job.  Martha Dooley works in Media Relations.  It’s how she earns her living.

But before I took Martha not doing her job, I did a little research.  Bingo.

Martha Dooley sucks – at taxpayer expense

Here’s Martha on camera – not addressing why she was non responsive to repeated requests, from citizens, then mischaracterizing the individual’s intentions.   

Apparently Martha’s job is not to speak to the public about concerning information the public likely has a right to know.  

See Martha’s non-response to coverage of two fired, deputies, below, although the Sheriff said:  

“This investigation found that you conducted yourself in a manner that was notoriously disgraceful and of such a nature morally and ethically that rendered you unsuitable as an employee,”

Pretty strong stuff!

Riley Gaul - Knoxville Jail - Emma Walker

Shouldn’t someone be talking? Did MSM roll over?

Two Knoxville Deputies fired.  Mum’s the word!

Why taxpayers allow Martha Dooley to behave in this manner is beyond me.  But why media allows it, is egregious.

(Second Update:  Martha Dooley telephoned me on December 2, claiming no prior knowledge of any calls.)  Did she not figure on phone records?  I suggested she review the voicemails I left, including with her assistants, and check back.  

My next piece will feature women targeted by men who claim to be heavily involved in becoming better Christians.  

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Riley Gaul arrested in galling murder of Knoxville cheerleader, Emma Walker


Emma Walker – Murdered  Knoxville Cheerleader

It was a cowardly, sneak attack murder like no other.

Emma Walker was shot to death late at night, while she slept.

Meanwhile, boyfriend Riley Gaul, (soon arrested for Emma’s murder) went home and tried to hide or destroy evidence.

But prior to his arrest, Riley Gaul posted a biblical verse on Twitter for Emma Walker.

I am not making this up.


Riley Gaul, football playing boyfriend, and;  cunning individual.

Here’s a Cliff’s Notes version of Riley Gaul’s  1 Corinthians 13-8  

Now – and this is where it gets more than a little creepy.   Count the number of “likes” in Riley’s tweet.  There’s more since I grabbed this screen shot, sadly.


Riley reminds me of Vanderbilt football player and gang-rapist, Brandon Vandenburg.

On Brandon Vandenburg’s, idiotic Twitter account, he wrote, “IAMSECOND” (First) and “GOD FIRST (Second.)  

And Brandon was an Honor student.

Vandenburg - Twitter original

Believe it or not, Eric Smith objected to naming Maryville College, where Riley Gaul played. Yep. Possibly relating a murder to a Maryville College football player was Eric’s concern.  

Fortunately, Hillary Meeks Tune, set Eric Smith straight in one quick hurry.


But how’d we’d get to a horrible murder and some clown talking about football in the Bible belt?

Quick reminder:  The Bible was written long after events transpired, (with time enough for revisionist history to match one’s personal bias); and, as most women were considered of little value, weren’t taught to read.

That explains why zero chapters of the Bible were from the point of view of half the population; although Jesus hung around with lots of women on his own, and expanded to the “proper” women who accompanied their husbands to events.  

Thus, considering for much of time, women have been muzzled, for bogus, religious reasons…it’s hardly a surprise the states with the highest murder rates involving women, come from the South.

In short; there’s not a shortage of this, as men continue to prove women are disposable.

Bible truck

The arrest and trial of Riley Gaul will likely show Emma wanted to end the relationship, and Gaul had trouble accepting that.  It’s a fairly common version of,

 “If I can’t have you, then by God, no one can.”

However,  today only, will demonstrate not only was Emma’s future stolen; but her family’s future was too.  Something as simple as family get-togethers.   And photos.  Riley ended it all.




Emma liked to tease her brother

Two cuter kids would be hard to find.


Emma and Evan Walker

Only men can end the culture of misogyny in America.  Last year 1,631 women were murdered by those who “loved” them.   They become “anonymous” women, while others talk about equal rights for those of differing religions and sexual orientations.

Worse? Have seen some posts (by men) saying to take the name of the college out, as their allegiance remains with…football!  That’s hideous: But that’s misogyny folks.

For some,  football will always be more important than a murder victim, killed in her sleep.  Football is their religion.

Speaking of religion

So now what? Pray for the family, but please, proof of prayer is action, There is no “Rest in peace” for murder victims.

Also, people who are murdered while they sleep, are not resting. They’re dead.

Last, please know this is not God’s will. God gave us the gift of free-will. So no cop outs with “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

(Using that logic, there’s no need for the police or the courts.)

Sometimes think it just might be that God views humans as a well-meant experiment. That failed. I get the feeling when it comes to cold-blooded murders such as this one, that God decamped to another Galaxy to concentrate on making a smarter, more humane, species.

So will leave you with happy photos of a shattered family because another idiot was outraged a young woman he wanted to stay with him, wasn’t interested.


Last photographs of Emma and Evan.


Two cuter, nicer kids weren’t to be found

For the living, be a friend of murder victims.  Emma wanted to be a neo-natal, nurse.  She was a helper.  Pray for the energy to help make sure justice is served.

Blessings to the family.

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Vanderbilt gang rape – Brandon Vandenberg sentencing hearing blew up – 17 years

Brandon Vandenberg’s friend Miles Finley – bailed.

Finally!  Long-time Brandon Vandenberg bro, Miles Finley, finally came clean. As Finley finally began describing what really happened, the camera panned to Brandon, who looked like he’d been hit between the eyes by a baseball…bat.

Vandenburg - Miles Finley hates waiting on women

Miles Finley – from a happier, pre-defendant, time.

But, on the morning of November 4, 2016, the public heard for the first time, Miles Finley manning up, from an earlier investigation.  I thought he  took the stand, and explained how he and Brandon’s Mom – destroyed evidence under the direction of, Surprise: long time family friend and father of Brandon’s high school sweetheart, attorney Albert Perez!

But I was wrong.  It was from an earlier recorded hearing with the police.  My readers are good!

Perez, predictably, with every twist and turn of Miles’ story bounced up out of his chair like a Jack-in-the-box, objecting.  To no avail.

(During the live testimony, tweeted to the California State Bar during the proceedings, they might want to listen live.  Had this feeling about Perez from the get.  So much so had ordered transcripts from earlier testimony.)

But Brandon’s (former) friend, Finely, testified Brandon kept changing his story the night of the gang rape. There was talk about Miles violating his earlier plea, and this time around, none of Finley’s past arrogance was on display as he burbbled forth with date rape drug information. Also, (it surprised me) Finley wouldn’t let his girlfriend see the videos Brandon sent. Yes, videos. Finley said Brandon was up on date rape drugs as Rod, Brandon’s father, gave Brandon him the date rape drug saying it “loosens women up.”  (I’d reported this earlier.)

Miles Finley said Shawna Alexander repeatedly I Do Solemnly Swearsaid, “Brandon is the victim here.”  So Mom’s denial seems to remain entrenched.

Miles Finley’s explosive testimony was followed by long-time Vandenberg family friend, Pernilla Linner; who testified Brandon was the most polite and kind young man she has ever met — both in Sweden and in the United States.  She went on to say  she didn’t think her daughter would ever be unsafe around Brandon.  She would let her daughter be around Brandon – now.  She believes had Brandon left the victim at her place, “it” would never have happened.  Linner envisioned Brandon speaking to colleges around the United States.  She ended asking for the least amount of time in prison possible. Next came a pastor, and Ms. Fix, a high school English teacher.  Fix said she didn’t think Vandenberg “Needed rehabilitation.  She said, “I think he needs mercy.”  (Fashion note:  When trying to appear credible jettison white socks with sandals.)

On cross-examination, Fix said she thought Brandon “Might have been” calling for help.

She was hopeless.  

Brandon testifies

vandenburgsentencingBrandon claims he was an inexperienced drinker. Laughably untrue.  See prior column.  Brandon’s mentions “football mentors” twice.  Brandon’s mentioned 40 drinks.  He refers to the gang rape as “the incident.”

So we end where we began….happy for the conviction….horrified by the crime, horrified by the quality of defense counsel, heartened by Nashville Metro Police, the DA and the victim all determined to “make it right.”

Originally, was delighted the victim wasn’t there.  My not-so-secret hope, was the woman had a, work-or-vacation scheduling conflict, hoping her life had drastically improved since departing Nashville. The rapee (whom I always believed was drugged – not drunk) having been through the wringer and I’d hoped  she’d opted, literally, to not give Brandon Vandenberg the time of day.

But it turns out, the victim was not there as she continues to suffer. Judge Watkins easy sentencing on Cory Batey being the straw that broke the victim’s back.

However, the date rape drug FINALLY came into play.  And as Miles Finley finally came came clean, and Albert Perez morphed into an objecting, bobbing little jack-in-the-box; it all fell into place.

DA Jan Norman finished strong


Jan Norman killed it at the close. She described Brandon’s actions as the facilitator, who also, in a position of trust post-rape;  acted in a way to both cover his crimes while blaming the victim.  In short, she described Brandon Vandenberg for what he is.

Every parents nightmare.

Defense maintained Brandon had never been away from home for any length of time.  (So I guess Xaxier Prep didn’t count?) Defense said each of the acts were performed by someone else.  Said Mr. Vandenberg should not be sentenced to more than Cory Batey who urinated on her, and sat on her face.  Defense mentioned there was a little bruising, is all. Defense said Brandon Vandenberg was a good guy.  Said “You can’t fool 40 people you’ve known all your life.”  Except of course, you can.  Defense also tried to use the “Devil Alcohol” defense to mitigate a longer sentence.  Defense said “he was not a drinker.” 

Finally, Judge Monte Watkins spoke.

The Court agreed with the Prosecution.  Abused the position of private trust and was the Leader and the rape would not have happened “were it not for him.”  And he did nothing to stop it.  As for mitigating factors – no priors, defendant has community support.  Seems remorseful – but that the Enhancement factors Vandenburg got 17 years.  Sure glad the victim didn’t bother to show up.


Brandon Vandenberg – Violent Sex Offender

Vandenburg - violent sex offender.png

Am now tying to determine how much time Brandon Vandenberg will spend in the care, custody and control of the State of Tennessee.

The legal line up

The legal line up has always been pristine for all involved on the side Prosecution; and considerably less than stellar, on defense.

First: CA attorney Perez.

Vandenburg - Defense attorney Albert Perez

A pricey, routinely inept (in our by now, jaded opinion) presence.  

Second: Fletcher Long – convicted of extortion of his own client – Long was thrown out of the legal profession, and

Vandenburg - Defense attorney Fletcher Long

currently, flaps his gums on some radio program.

Third: Troy Bowlin – Appellate attorney – in for a half-second, and now out, due to a conflict of interest – after the Court of Appeal threw out his motion.

The Bench:  Judge Monte Watkins

Judge Monte Watkins

Judge Monte Watkins – presiding over Vanderbilt’s top football draft pick, Brandon Vandenberg’s gang-rape trial – 2 defendants down, 2 to go.                                               (Coach Franklin skedaddled pdq.)

Judge Watkins – with whom we had the utmost confidence — until he fell out of favor; well, leaped out of favor —after the Cory Batey sentencing, influenced by letters of supportive family members willing to over-look Batey’s alcohol and anger problem.

But thankfully the prosecutor discovered the letters sent to the court were not provided the Prosecution. How this happened, no one knows; and worse fewer still are asking.

The national favorite flavor of rape continues


College wise – Police and Baylor University buried reports of Baylor’s sex crimes.

Then there’s Jersey.  

judgerobertbemierNJ Judge Robert Bellmeier (father of two sons)

Judge Bellmeier opts for sentencing-light for a rapist who attacked a 15 year old, because of Family Letters of support.


Oakland cops in underage teen sex case  Child began having sex as a minor.  It’s called child exploitation.  And she was then exploited by police officers in five, Bay Area Counties.  Whew! A short run-down list is available at the Bad Cop page at

Who says there’s not a war on women

In all cases, but the most stupid women – 


who marry really jerky men,


rape is not an entitlement, sport.  No…rape is not something for which men are entitled

Wait:  There is a solution!


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Brandon Vandenberg sentencing on November 4th; Jailhouse phone calls provoke a question

In light of the November 4, 2016, sentencing date for convicted Vanderbilt rapist Brandon Vandenburg, the only question is;  Head injury?  

Head injury because Nothing changes!  Brandon Vandenburg, the once nationally hailed football playing, “honor student,” three years later, remains unable to process his decision to facilitate the gang-rape of the woman he was dating.  A woman who trusted him. The best Vandenberg can offer is, “it doesn’t make sense.”



So what has Brandon been worrying about?


Vandenburg’s chief worry, as expressed from his phone calls, is being in his prime years for making a fortune playing football.  That Brandon processed.  That he understands.  Consider Brandon’s jailhouse conversation with Brandon’s equally dimwitted father, Rod.


Brandon Vandenburg whining to father Rod Vandenburg

Links for each of Vandenburg’s jailhouse with his parents and a female friend, are here.

Gotta wonder why at least one of Brandon’s four clueless attorneys didn’t float a possible “head injury” defense during the initial trials.  (On appeal, it’s too late.)

But it appears although Vandenberg has new counsel, they’re still keen on the loser, “Devil Alcohol” defense, that failed Twice before.  (As we used to say out West.  “If the horse is dead — get off.”)

Am also baffled that neither the DA or Judge Monte Watkins asked any of the defendants (two remain) whether – while out on bail, whether they enjoyed a cocktail or seven.)

Have maintained from the onset that Vandenberg’s defense team committed malpractice.  (And Fletcher Long committed a felony – so now he’s a radio host and not an attorney.)

However,  the defense continues.  As quoted in the Tennessean:

“It is likely that Vandenburg’s alcohol use will be discussed. His defense lawyers, Randall Reagan of East Tennessee and Albert Perez of California, portrayed Vandenburg during trial as a young man overcome by pressure to drink”

So glad neither jury bought in to that.  As demonstrated in the screen-shots I grabbed before Brandon and friends locked down their Twitter and Facebook accounts;  Brandon was never pressured to drink.  Brandon and his crew had been drinking and manhandling drunk women for quite a while.

Vandenburg Friend Miles Finley - drunk women

Vandenberg friend Miles Finley – who suggested a second attack in a text to Vandenberg during the gang-rape

Vandenburg - Miles Finley - drunk bros

Brandon’s friends from high school.

So why any attorneys would even consider citing Pressure to drink – is beyond absurd.  It’s malpractice.

Legal Malpractice is what I first mentioned in January 28, 2015 – at the conclusion of Vandenburg’s first trial.

Vandenburg - Doug Finley Dad - nothing has changed

NOTE: Vandenburg’s friend’s Father texted: “Nothing has changed.”

Brandon’s friend’s father was right

The disgusted father of one of Brandon Vandenberg’s friends was right in 2014, when he texted, “Nothing has changed” to now; 2016.

Everything in Brandon Vandenberg’s mindset remains exactly the same.

So for the record, “Nothing has changed” sums up Brandon Vandenberg, and his family, best.  Vandenberg’s victim will move on. The sentencing is a box to check in her life.  (A life that has already changed for the better.)

But Brandon Vandenberg and his parents seem doomed to remain frozen in denial. 

Because if nothing changes; nothing changes.



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Doug Sain is promoting his Anti-Hillary movie and furiously requesting continuances for his DV arrest.

Hello irony.  Is this perfect, or what!?!

Update:  May 19, 2017:

Although Doug Sain successfully delayed accountability for nearly a year, we suspect Sain has tried the patience of three attorneys, and  perhaps one judge.  Sain has been ordered to appear in Lake Havasu City Court to answer to no less than FIVE charges in connection with the case below, and others, on May 25, 2017, at 1:30p.m. for June trial.


Doug Sain, the former partner of Dinesh De  Souza, is excited his anti-Hillary movie, “Clinton Inc., the Movie” is set for release Friday, September 30, 2016.

Nationwide, Sain’s anti-Hillary movie is set for release in October.

October being: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Apparently Doug’s so excited, he can’t be bothered to appear in court for his Domestic Violence arrest in Lake Havasu City…for which Doug has requested and received two continuances.


Um, here’s what’s wrong with this picture?

















Meanwhile, First grade teacher, and former wife of Doug, Brooke Sain, would love to move on with her life.

But, does it seem to readers, that the Lake Havasu City judge is allowing letting Sain essentially, run the show?

Of course the local Lake Havasu judge could order Sain to appear; but to date, the local judge appears to not to be so inclined.

Although, it’s been months.  But wait, there’s more!

Irony:  Round Two

Brooke Sain Baumkirchner, is a fan of women who support women.  So Hillary is featured on Brooke’s Facebook page.


Meanwhile, it appears as if Doug views himself as King of the Jungle. 


Doug Sain – Too big to answer to a DV violation?


Justice delayed is justice denied…


Oddly enough,  in October of 2015, the Lake Havasu City Attorneys’s office was accepting awards for their efforts.  


What changed?   Have they gone Hollywood?

What might it take to get an actual, hearing on calendar?


Stay tuned.  We sure are!

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Election 2016: Trump, and the time Angelina Jolie starred in a movie about police misogyny

Election 2016 — The perfect time to end paying taxes for police services the police refuse to provide!

Need additional motivation?  Watch the Clint Eastwood directed movie detailing life imitating art, starring Angelina Jolie.  It’s also great for Hillary to keep in mind.

In this instance, it’s Jolie’s star-turn detailing police corruption — and Trump’s total embrace of law enforcement misogyny.  (Misogyny, being a huge part of Trump’s life, dove-tails so nicely with his campaign.)

It also helps that New York’s largest Fraternal Order of Police endorsed, Don-the-Con.  Benefit to Hillary Clinton, in her efforts to change the police during what is the most important election of our lives.

Jolie’s role was on-point and contrary to the current, media narrative:

That being it’s not always all about shooting unarmed black men.

Last year, 1,613 women were killed by the men who professed to love them.  Including, police officers.)brad-and-angelina

However, because we are now paying the price for ignoring the 2006, FBI report detailing how white supremacist groups infiltrated police departments, promoting “ghost skins — now seems as good a time as any to remind people how scary life under a jackboot President supporting jackboot cops, can be; and not just for black men…but all women.

So I recommend watching Angelina Jolie in the true-life story of Christine Collins; a single mother who challenged Los Angeles Police Department in the movie, The Changeling, after her boy, Walter, simply disappeared.


If you didn’t see The Changeling, (you can here, for free).  The story revealed the depths of corruption in LAPD, and what happened to Christine when she protested LA police forcing their mistakes down her throat.  (The actual case was featured multiple killings, known as, The Chicken Coop Murders.)

The Background

LAPD launched a massive search for Christine Collins missing son, Walter.  Later, LAPD’s PR machine kicked in with headlines after detectives found and Walter, and made Christine pay for his return to Christine.

The only problem was, it wasn’t Walter.  As if Christine’s son’s disappearance wasn’t enough, Christine’s troubles piled on, when she insisted the boy wasn’t her son.

LA PD’s Captain J. J. Jones was furious at this turn of events.

So furious, Jones had Christine Collins committed to a mental institution.

Because that’s what thugs with badges, do when their egos come into play.

What’s evergreen about this?  Among Trump’s favorite group of white supremacists, the police, is in the red states in the Mid-West and South; is using the Bible to suppress the rights of women in America. It’s YUGE.Bible truck

Returning to how LAPD tried to destroy Christine’s life after botching the case. . .

From Wikipedia:

“A public reunion was organized by the police, who hoped to negate the bad publicity they had received for their failure to solve this case and others. The police also hoped that the uplifting story would deflect attention from a series of corruption scandals that had sullied the department’s reputation. At the reunion, Christine stated that the boy was not her son, Walter. She was told by the officer in charge of the case, police Captain J.J. Jones, to take the boy home to “try him out for a couple of weeks.” Christine agreed to do this.”

Three weeks later, Christine returned to see Captain Jones and persisted in her claim that the boy was not Walter. Even though she had dental records proving it, Jones had her committed to the psychiatric ward at Los Angeles County Hospital under a “Code 12” — a term used to jail or commit someone who was deemed difficult or inconvenient.

Christine was released ten days after Hutchins admitted that he was not her son.

That’s right. Rather than believe the adult Mother; LAPD Captain Jones chose to believe an 12 year old boy.  

Because white male privilege begins early.

When Christine Collins made it out of the mental institution, she sued LA PD and Captain Jones, personally.  And won.  Captain Jones promptly retired, and stiffed her.  

California legislators were aghast.  Laws were enacted to prevent the police from sending more people to mental institutions for the crime of daring to prove them wrong.  Again, folks; we are paying dearly for choosing to both militarize our police, and allowing them to recruit jackboot misogynist-racists.   But strictly by the numbers;  gender bias/hatred precedes racial -bias/hatred.

Circa 2015:  Consider the less reported, rape of women by police in Tulare County – just east of LA.

I’m happy Angelina Jolie and Clint Eastwood brought Christine Collins harrowing life experience courtesy of LAPD, to light.  I’m sure thoughts have crossed Jolie’s mind in regard to amicably settling upcoming custodial matters.  That said, as a global advisor on behalf of children, Angelina Jolie knows,

Misogyny is a global issue.

I wonder if she knows  Twitter suspended the Accounts of a group trying to help Saudi women gain greater rights.

In the U.S.  often people won’t take reports of women attempting to report family assaults.  Often, these women wind up dead.  In 2014, a total of 1,613 of them did.  

Vote for Hillary and vote out any mayor who won’t fire police chiefs who allow law enforcement to abuse women under color of authority.

Our freedom, our lives, depend on it.

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Cops and Robbers: When Bad Cops and Don-the-Con team up, America loses

voteVoting gets down to the basics because as Tip O’Neill maintained:  All politics is local.  

But as America is engaged in a Civil War;  yes, in part this election boils down to: Misogyny and bigotry demonstrated by Trump and the police, vs. One Strong Woman.

But first; consider a brief look at the money — which explains in part, why Don-the-Con, will never disclose his tax records…which reporters should continue demanding them…given they let Trump slide for decades.

(The short version being: Trump is in debt beyond his hair weave, and is nowhere near as rich as he works so hard to have us believe.)

Does Trump really have money?

Trump has other people’s money – and his own 870 million dollar debt, that he uses to pay down with;  other people’s money!  In private Trump has a name for his suckers.  Oops.  I spoiled it.  Anyway,

as American Journalism is on the wane – the world is only now learning of the staggering amount of debt Don-the-Con, owes China and other countries not friendly to U.S. concerns exceeds  870 million.

This means China and other countries who do not like America, own Trump. Let that settle in with you.

Like Congress and eschewing the needs of the public; Trump panders to corporate interests.  Naturally this is the opposite of best interests of the public.  It’s just that in Trump’s case, Trump lines his own pockets as much as possible. 

cash - penny - many - copper brightWe also have the problem of Trump’s double-dealing in his ongoing failure to pay debts, while his past efforts to settle lawsuits against various real estate projects, are for pennies on the dollar to the people he ripped off.  Check out the nightmare the people who wanted to buy a Trump condo, endured.

But again — given we’re in a civil war, folks.  So lets not get off track.  

Instead, here’s a quick look at the players.

Cops and Robbers – Profiling is a good thing!

Don’t freak out before I can mention a couple other words for “Profiling.”

  2. BOLO  (Be On The Lookout For”)

So, yes. Profiling is good.  Very good.  That’s true.   But the needed changes to profiling that must be made; must include:

3.  Profiling the profilers  – more on that later.

4.  A BOLO that is simply, “Black” or “Immigrant” is illegal, anti-American profiling, and must go.  How to stop it?  Easy.  

5.  Civilian oversight to all U.S. police departments must be implemented, yesterday; not to put too fine a point on it.  

Why is this necessary?  As the FBI mentioned in 2008 – racist organizations have infiltrated police departments for years.  

Another recent example, the very pro-Trump Milwaukee Sheriff Joe Clarke, who let a black man die in his jail cell.  Of thirst.

So.  Returning to our Civil War, keeping in mind both sides have their issues, in simpler terms, on the one side we have Democrats with Social and Criminal Justice Reform, and other programs to benefit society.


On the Republican side, we have Trump’s greed, his anti-American values; and his disdain for laws.  Not coincidentally, that seems to be in line with much of America’s police force. Is that reminding anyone of any other country?  Hmm?  Because if it doesn’t,  perhaps someone spiked your drink.   Consider the facts:

➡️ @GLFOP The largest police association in the nation endorsed Trump for President⬅️

What to Expect?   Jackboots on steroids.✔️

Why?  Separate from Black Lives Matter – consider women rape victims of thugs with badges.  Yes, I know you don’t want to, but do it anyway.  Because media excels at misogyny.  See the CBS, Ick Factor, example.

Simply put; we must get a handle on our Thugs with badges and good pensions. Period.

  1.  Over a thousand Police officers fired for sexual misconduct, – go to other departments.

But that AP investigation didn’t include California.  Not one county.

2.   My vote is for Tulare County and their on-duty rapes…and attempts to buy silence.

Tulare County is due East of LA.  Anyone wonder why American media didn’t cover it?  

3.  Consider San Diego County police officer, on-duty sexual assaults.  Or the poor women who live in San Diego who are victimized by police dogs trained to bite and hold.  One such case is going to the full 9th Circuit.

A quick reminder – California, the state with the largest population in the country, was not party of AP’s survey.  But why pick on Southern California.

4.  Consider Oakland Police, and neighboring Bay Area Police Departments.  What began in Oakland, with officers initially passing around the underage daughter of an OPD dispatcher, grew to “sharing” her with with other department.  Oakland named 3 separate police chiefs in nine days…as each one couldn’t pass muster.  But key to Oakland’s scandal is that it only came to light in the suicide note of one officer – whose wife died under odd circumstances the year prior.

Okay – back to basics.  Trying to find a police officer who will prosecute a rape – assuming it’s not theirs.  Baltimore Police Department reflects the problem with rape prosecutions, nationally.

Make no mistake.  This Presidential election represents our civil war coming to head with American society – and the war on women.  Also, make no mistake, (because media continues making every mistake — cuz, misogyny) it’s gonna be a landslide win.  For Hillary.  

Because women are done.

Women are so done with everything Trump and his ilk, represents.  Should you want the black perspective, I recommend reading Texas’ own, Propane Jane.  Jane educates all as to the basics of what’s going on in Texas.  I suspect media cribs her stuff.  The short version is Jane’s a gem.   Also a great way to become educated.  In a real way.  Not a Trump University way.

After the election?  My hope is President Clinton by executive orders, compels civilian oversight of police departments. We must fire mayors who won’t fire police chiefs who allow criminal cops to remain on the force.  We also have to get rid of the therapists who okay these losers for hire in the first place.

Lets get busy.  Cheers!

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The Washington County cover up of Tierne Ewing’s murder.

After Tierne Ewing’s thoroughly preventable murder, the cover up by Washington County court administrators and County Probation officials continues.  This is a national problem.  

Spoiler Alert 1:  There is an effective GPS with Victim Notification – where the intended victim is called by GPS monitors FIRST, before police are called, to give the target a chance to vacate the area.

Spoiler Alert 2:  Washington County prefers its residents, particularly its female residents, remain unaware they are not doing their job, thank you very much.


Tierne Ewing told everyone Kevin Ewing would kill her. No one cared.

The murder of Tierne Ewing murder is notable for the sheer depraved indifference that continues to be demonstrated by Washington County Probation officials and state judges such as Washington County Judge Gary Gilman, who self-identified as a “critical thinker” during his election bid.

Critical thinker Judge Gilman got the ball rolling as an accessary to Tierne Ewing’s murder as upon hearing evidence of Ewing’s actions, in a Motion for Higher Bail, so Ewing’s parents could not spring their son.



It was reported some of the Tierne’s injuries included:

Hammer to the knees.
Branded with a metal stick.
Burned with cigarettes.
Pistol whipped.
Zip tied.
Spit on.
Made to sleep with a chain around her neck.
Tierne Ewing told police over and over if Kevin Ewing got out of jail, he would kill her.

Yes.  Because reporting family crimes to the police, the agency with the highest DV rate in the Country makes so much sense.

Still no one questions that women are forced to report to family assaults to police, instead of directly with the DA, because that would be common sense solution when police as middle-men, continue getting women killed.

Judge Gary Gilman decided on low bail…and eventual release with an Alcohol Monitor as noted in this report.

My brief phone interview, underscores systemic misogyny within the structure of the court system.  Details of this can easily be found at  My job is to educate police, judges and county officials, (who mostly remain disinterested) and work with clients for a better result.  Like getting to keep living.  I remain optimistic somewhere, someone, might actually become interested in doing their job.  I remain optimistic that attorneys will begin demanding real-time, Victim Notification, for their clients going through a nasty divorce, or custody battle.

But I admit the actions of Washington County, tested my faith that I will find someone interested in doing their job.

Generally reporters stand in front crime scene tape, and recount the specifics.  Reports usually end with “the victim had a restraining order.”

What doesn’t happen is how many times it took to get a restraining order, or how reluctant judges are to protect crime victims.  Particularly women.

Very happy Cara Sapida changed that.  

Watch Sapida’s Report featuring Washington County Probation Officials stiff-arming all efforts made by Sapida to get to the bottom of the thoroughly preventable murder of Tierne Ewing.

A little background on media – it’s not pretty

For several months beginning in 2014, I provided various media outlets with numerous GPS company reports and lawsuit information.  Only NBC’s San Diego station seemed mildly interested.  (Women getting killed is kind of a, “meh.”)

Was interviewed, and described the underlying problems, along with one solution….a GPS device with a strap that can’t be cut and which, (and this is Key) where the Victim is notified first, to enable her to leave the area.  Because:  Common sense.

All cool stuff!  All edited out!  Perhaps  someone might ask, why, um, what brilliant NBC editor thought cutting the solution out of the piece was a good move.

The continuing problems with GPS that doesn’t score air time.  

Media is only now learning the problem is No one in PUBLIC SERVICE seems to care Washington State judges and County Probation officials are getting unsuspecting members of the public, killed.  Especially in Family Court.

Wild, eh?  Cara Sapida seems to be the only one.  

See just one solution.  There’s more.  (I am not recommending this  company as they don’t care enough about women to market their wares to family court.)

One wonders why this isn’t in Family Court.  Why Family Court judges aren’t routinely using effective GPS.  Why attorneys for crime victims remain stuck in Family Court when they are crime victims.

In conclusion

The net-net is:  Our tax dollars that are being wasted by individuals claiming to work as public servants.  Instead, these “leaders” exhibit depraved indifference to the fact they are getting members of the public, killed.  Why aren’t they charged?

Making matters worse, it’s these very same public service officials, who, when questioned, refuse to be accountable.

I smell cowardice, stupidity, and hubris. Also, perhaps, kick-backs.  Who knows?

After all, Washington County officials aren’t talking.   

If this article was helpful in educating you as to the reality of the courts, please consider supporting independent news bloggers. 


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Dear WPIX, AP, WTAE, Pittsburgh Press: When judges get women killed, how about Identifying them!

Journalism 101:  Who, what, when, where, why, and, if known, how.

So another woman with a restraining order is dead.  This time, the victim was Tierne Ewing. Still, not one reporter is reporting Ewing’s murder could have been twice, easily prevented.

Worse, not one reporter, (initially) identified the judge by name, who was responsible for getting Tierne Ewing,  killed.  My question is:  Why.

Yesterday it was Tierne Ewing.  Today and tomorrow and for all the days after that; it’ll be someone else.  The “reporting” will all be the same.  Faulty.  Weak.   

Faulty and weak for omitting two, key pieces of information.

  1. The identity of the judge; and

  2. That there exists several kinds of GPS which would have saved her life with early warning – and which can’t be cut off.

For those with not much time, one of many new types of Effective GPS, some that can’t be cut off, can be found at Restraining order solutions.  It’s been around for years.  But media seems to want to keep it a big ole secret.

Great.  But still, what’s up with the weak reporting?

You got me there!  I don’t know what is being taught in journalism schools, (or whether these media hires were, “Marketing and Communications”) majors.   But more importantly, I don’t know why the public accepts bad reporting from corporations identifying themselves as News organizations in the first place.

I do know people watch TV and read the news for better information.  We do not want low level information.  The identity of every judge in these types of crimes is significant. 

Identifying the solution, is key.  Yet almost daily, the public watches a scrum of “reporters” fresh from hair and make-up standing in front of crime scene tape, each offering details of the murder; just carefully not mentioning the identity of the Judge who made the murder, possible…or that there’s a solution.

Demand an end to poor journalism practices

I called both WTAE and WPIX and asked about this.  Both assignment editors seemed bored by my question.  Why is that?  Why are reporters deliberately failing to inform the public of the decisions of elected/appointed judges?  Why aren’t Assignment editors demanding key information when not doing so makes zero sense?  

Except sexism-to-misogyny is deeply embedded in American DNA.

By the way, the name of the killer judge is Judge Gary Gillman.  Also, the public should be aware Judge Gary Gillman lists among his skills “Critical listener.”  No really!  You can see Gary Gillman’s Youtube commercial, here. Or click below.

Omitting pertinent information from the voting public is something media has been doing for a long, long time.

Click here -> for a short history of the name of judges being deliberately withheld from the public.  Maybe that’s something Emily’s List could consider making a priority.  God knows,   media isn’t.  Today it’s The Trib TOTAL Media (Not so much!) and WPIX and WTAE Action News  and Bofta Yimam not identifying the judge.  Tomorrow it it will be another  corporation….not identifying the judge somewhere.   And the below screen shots are what you’ll see.

Killer Judge Not identified by Press

Kinda makes me wonder exactly what AP “contributed” the report.

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 12.00.20 PM

Judge Gary Gillman fancies himself to be a critical listener.

Interestingly, Tierne Ewing’s father, had no problem identifying the problem.

“Something’s wrong with the judging system in our country.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.29.03 PM

I have a six year history of trying to get media to do their job in the area of GPS

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 1.29.12 PM

Sexism.  Misogyny – see another demonstration how women are treated by the police and the Court system.

Consider this clip from Kentucky, featuring a naked, from-the-waist down, woman, and a Public Defender, so shy, that she tip-toed, delicately, around the subject, instead of expressing her outrage by the treatment of her client from the beginning of the hearing.  (Something the Judge Amber Wolf asked the PD herself.)

In closing we need:

Reporters who actually report the basics.

More judges like Judge Amber Wolf

Way, way Better than the above, public defenders.
Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 10.09.57 AM

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Muskogee Fail: Protect the public – Get Muskogee Police Department outta there

When cops become criminals

After viewing the body-cam footage of the gum smacking Muskogee Police Officer who pepper-sprayed an 84 year old, Geneva Smith, while a herd of her lackluster criminal cohorts looked on,  (so far, exactly zero media outlets have identified the officers…which is part of the problem)

I think it’s safe to say Merle Haggard would never sing “I’m proud to be an Okie from Muskogee” again.  See footage, below.  (You might have to click twice.)


Muskogee Mayor Bob Coburn

That this happened after police egos took over when a kid ran from a traffic stop; signifies an utter failure of leadership by the City of Muskogee, under the leadership of Mayor Bob Coburn, who has not yet fired Muskogee Police Chief, Rex Eskridge.

Skipping to the Solution:

First:  Meet with local citizens to form a police oversight committee.  Make sure the group is composed of members of the community who rotate in every two years.

Second:  Have the group Determine which police officers can stay and lead the community, and which need to go.

Third:  Contract with the County for policing services until it is sorted out.

Fourth:  Get rid of Chief Eskridge.  He must go.

Chief Eskridge states the Mission of the Muskogee Police Department, is:

“The men and women of the Muskogee Police Department are committed to enhance the quality of life and lessen the fears of all citizens.

The mission of the Muskogee Police Department is enhancement of the quality of life of residents and visitors through effective crime reduction, preservation of peace, and responsiveness to social changes in the community, accomplished through a police-community partnership focusing on proactive policing and crime prevention.?

I might add that Chief Eskridge is a part of the State of Oklahoma’s Police Education and  Training.  So clearly, it’s a big, fail; and this is not acceptable. This will not do.


Muskogee Police Chief Rex Eskridge

Answers for ending racist police attacking Muskogee residents, include.

1.Better screening for in the hiring process and of major importance, is a focus on conflict resolution and negotiations.

Because Muskogee police officers attacking an 84 year old woman represents a complete and utter failure of policing.  Never mind, “public servant.”

The police also failed their community in their capacity as trusted, “public servants.”

Only the egos of people who never should have been hired in the first place, were fed. Again, this was over a traffic stop.

When so-called, trained officers, chased, kicked in a door, tased, pepper-sprayed, and traumatized two people over a traffic stop….something is not merely wrong.  It is completely, out-of-control.

Not a single officer in the mob scene displayed an ounce of maturity, or worse; a capacity to serve the public. Essentially, the victims suffered from an armed, mob attack, home invasion. At two pepper-spraying, stun-gunning members should likewise be criminally charged, and fired. The rest could be charged as accessories after the fact. 

So the public is best served by getting rid of any mayor who allows a Police Chief – and in the case of Muskogee, Rex Eskridge, who is a member of Oklahoma’s police Training Law Law Enforcement Council.

Keep that in mind. Also,  prior reporting on how the police “warrior training” process winds up mass-producing fools who conduct themselves in opposition to every facet of serving the community.  

One wonders in these training seminars, exactly how many hours are devoted to “conflict resolution”  and “Negotiation Tactics.”   This is Muskogee’s main problem.   Check the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Training page to discover there is barely a mention.  Contact the Chiefs to let them know how you feel about that.

Oklahoma FAIL - Police Training - Chief Rex Eskridge

The population of Muskogee is about 40-50,000. No one really believes military war machines are necessary, but checked this, which was approved by Chief Eskridge on Muskogee’s Police Department’s webpage:

The Muskogee Police Department Special Operations Team is an operational support unit for the Muskogee Police Department and any other requesting law enforcement agency (upon approval of the Chief of Police or his designee) with a mission to tactically respond to critical incidents. Critical incidents are defined as follows:

Hostage Situations: The holding of any person(s) against their will by an armed or potentially armed suspect.
Barricade Situations: The standoff created by an armed or potentially armed suspect in any location, whether fortified or not, who is refusing to comply with police demands for surrender. This includes armed suicidal suspects.
Sniper Situations: The firing upon citizens and/or police by an armed suspect, whether stationary or mobile.
Apprehension: The arrest or apprehension of armed or potentially armed suspect(s) where there is the likelihood of armed resistance.
Warrant Service: The service of search or arrest warrants where there is a likelihood of armed or potentially armed suspect(s) and there is the potential of armed resistance.
Personal Protection: The security of special persons, such as VIPs, witnesses, or suspects, based on threat or potential threat to the well being of those persons.
Special Assignments: Any assignment, approved by the Chief of Police or SOT Commander, based upon the level of threat or the need for a special expertise.

Seriously?  A bearcat to serve a warrant?  What was Eskridge thinking?  Not only is this insane, the inevitable result….is, high-octane cops.

I understand Muskogee has trouble getting good recruits.  But that said, the world sees what Muskogee accepted. Prior reports of staffing issues available from the Muskogee Now indicate the situation was under control.

“Interim City Manager Roy Tucker, who met with Eskridge on Wednesday, said a permanent solution to the police department’s staffing situation is something that could take time. There are, however, some short-term fixes being discussed to ensure public safety needs continue to be met.  [Editor:  “Continue to be met” 😐 What are they thinking?]

“That may mean we have to pull back some officers from special assignments to make sure we have sufficient staffing within the department,” Tucker said, citing details with the U.S. Marshal Service and Hilldale Public Schools as examples. “We also may need to pull people from special assignments within the department to ensure we have enough officers on patrol — those are the ones who are responding to calls and directly affect public safety.”

Tucker said it could take a more than a year to recruit and train enough new officers to fill present vacancies and those expected to be vacated during the coming months. He attributed that to the limited number of training slots available to the city and the rigorous demands of the application process for new officers.

“You want to ensure you have a quality person who is going to be carrying a gun and in charge of public safety out there in the streets while they are dealing with the public,” Tucker said. “They go through a rigorous application and background process — a polygraph and a knock-on-the-door-of-their-neighbors background exam — and so you may have people who want to be police officers, but they can’t get past the background check.”

Ok.  So clearly, Muskogee’s background, hiring and most of all, Training tools have not worked out.  But the Bearcat has found other uses.   School supplies for kids.


Is this cost-effective or are the police lovin’ it too much to send back?

Return the Bearcat – or what ever it is. The City of Muskogee doesn’t need it.

Also, and recently, a federal court ruled two St Louis Police officers had to pay an arrestee about $600,000.00 for the injuries they caused him. Something to think about, City of Muskogee.

In closing – what is with some of Muskogee’s less bright residents?

Consider that some of Muskogee residents, just aren’t that bright. I leave you with:

Dr. Sharon Woolwine, president of the Murrow Board of Trustees, a group composed of Church Lady types who can’t get out of their own way. The Murrow folks purportedly want to help needy Indian children at the Murrow Children’s Home. Well, they say they do. But when the words and the actions don’t fit:  watch the actions.

So far, this so-called Christian group only wants money from the right kind of people.  That would eliminate the Muskogee Atheist Community, led by Matt Wilbourn and his wife Keli; and also; you Atheists can go straight to hell.  To date, Dr. Sharon Woolwine has rejected about 28k from an atheist group trying to foster better relations.  (The number keeps rising.)

My guess?  I think Jesus would smack Dr. Woolwine, not to put too fine a point on it.

After this was reported, Woolwine prissed right up and stated her Christian group is declining the money on “principle.”

“He wants his organization’s name as a donor on our program for our pow wow,” Woolwine said. “That is unacceptable.”

Turns out, Woolwine’s ego, mirrors some members of the Muskogee police, just in a different way.  But the bottom line is this.  Neither about about serving the community.

My hope?  That the good folks of Muskogee stage a Merle Haggard concert, and introduce city leaders to a healthy dose of good, common sense.


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Debuting November 9, 2016: Trump TV! A media network all his own

Hollywood signWondering why all media seems to have their collective heads in…

the sand?  

Thank media, and hang on.  It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

First:  Sexism. As in, sexism is embedded in media.  Ask Roger Ailes.   Sexism remains the toned-down, cocktail party phrase for Misogyny.  

Second:   To-the-bone, misogyny is embedded in American DNA, including the systemic denial of rights for women.  This includes the right to police protection.

Sidebar!  Turns out,  women pay taxes for police services, the police refuse to provide.  (The courts are much the same, as Judge Thomas Estes and Judge Aaron Persky recently demonstrated.)

But guess who realized this could be a business opportunity.

Yep.  Noted misogynist Donald Trump, who recognized a great, post-election loss, business opportunity!  Sooooo,

TRUMP MEDIA!  Debuting soon —!

It’s obvious.  Trump has reason to believe no matter what he says, the worst America has to offer, will support him.

This includes older, tired Republicans. Trump knows he’s free to continue being as nasty as possible while keeping the voting public, remarkably clueless about his personal and business backgrounds.

Including, when Trump calls his ardent fans, dumb.  I guess since few background checked Trump’s real beliefs, they are.

Trump - Republicans are dumb

But, I digress.

Trump TV!  The newest Media Channel

Trump began laying the ground-work, last month

Trump can read polls.  He knows he’s not in the dumpster, but a whole, dumpster on fire.  But Trump also knows there is scant journalism, and better; that media has the attention span of a butterfly; so…perfect!  Time to swoop!

In order to paint himself as a noble American, last month, Trump began raging elections are “rigged.”  Trumps fans took up the cry — and media followed, rather than address Trump as the draft dodging, tax cheat with a sketchy medical background, he is.

(Addressing the reality of Trump involves work.  Unfortunately, Media prefers snazzy sets over actual, investigative journalism.)

Thus, Trump was free to begin laying the ground work for a new Trump TV Media, business model, raining all things Trump, 24/7. 

To be fair, Trump kinda had to, given the Trump business model of licensing his name is failing…to the surprise of no one.  Turns out,  women who can afford to stay in some of Trump’s over-priced hotels, don’t want to!

But as there’s plenty of idiots who watch TV, Trump figured Trump TV Media could save him.

Trump Media

Why wouldn’t Trump create Trump Media?

After all media sat for six months watching Trump say anything he wanted, then (bonus!) these same hire-priced “talent” drones, turned to their colleagues, exclaiming,

“I can’t believe he said that!”

but continued to sit…not vetting him…of course Trump realized if he could create a media circus simply by opening his mouth; and profits for networks, he could do it for himself.   After all, even CBS President, Les Moonves said,

“Trump might not be good for America; but he makes great TV!”

So, why wouldn’t he?

The Fairness Doctrine – a relic from the past

Might our do-nothing Congress insist on a return of the Fairness Doctrine, for the sake of sanity, and the Fourth Estate?  Perhaps President Clinton could add that to her “To Do” list.

As Trump watches TV like a real junkie, he likely realized how to get away with piping hot misogyny, for profit.  Consider the historical background.

Exhibit A

First Example: On March 4, 2015, CBS This Morning, using almost women entirely, slyly revealed the depth of misogyny in media. Am betting Trump saw the piece and realized he could pretty much do and say, anything…and, has.

Second Example:  On August August 26, 2016: CBS This Morning did it again, in their sly interview with Joshua Green.  Not mentioned by Joshua Green in the piece?

Steve Bannon‘s DV charge.  Not mentioned by a single CBS, “anchor” in the piece?  Steve Bannon’s DV charge.  See how it works?

What’s it gonna take CBS This Morning, to get to the meat of the matter and practice real journalism?  How about the Fairness Doctrine!

However, it wasn’t until noted reptilian and Donald Trump suck up, Roger Stone, (Full Disclosure: Stone blocked me on Twitter) had a discussion regarding possible genitalia mutiliaton of Huma Abedin, with none other than, frothing-at-the-mouth, Alex Jones, on August 23, 2016,

Roger Stone - Alex Jones

and the rest of lame duck media, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, MSNC — shrugged, that  Trump new his idea was a winner.  

What the hey.

After all, if nothing happened after the American Nazi Party endorsed Trump, the sky’s the limit!

And lets not forget the Klan supports Trump too.  After all, Trump might be able to get the support of every hate-group and American born, home-grown, terrorist-in-the-making!

KKK wizards on TV

Yes, this KKK endorsement from the Rebel Brigade of the Knights of the Klu Klux Klan.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.16.45 AM

Means Trump TV Media will out-Breitbart, Brietbart.  Trump TV Media will make FOX look like child’s play.  Trump TV Media will out-sludge, Drudge.  Trump TV media will feature pretty, vacuous women, who will bring stupid to a new low.

It’ll be wildly popular.

Duck Dynasty Commander may move from A&E to the Trump TV Media Channel.

This began when, “I’ll release my taxes when the audits are over” became, no release…and no MSM comment, while — Hillary released 28 years of taxes….but MSM remains focused on emails. 

So when Trump recognized journalism is scant, and correctly guessed media is in its present state, is ripe for profitable exploitation:  Folks, he’s all over it.

Trump’s latest, post-election plan is right out of the Rupert Murdoch playbook.

Let’s hope the FCC remembers this all began when the Fairness Doctrine was eliminated

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Why is ElectionJusticeUSA acting so dodgy?

So Bernie Sanders returned to his “Independent” roots after demanding (and receiving) HUGE concessions from the Democrats. Great!  That’s politics – and Bernie is doing his best to kiss and make-up nicely, too.  Good for him!

Bernie bros?  Not so much.  They remain wigged out.  Hence the covert, so-called, non-partisan,  (They aren’t as yet, claiming non-profit status on their website.)

Except for one thing. One important thing. ElectionJusticeUSA is trying very hard, (although failing, completely) to appear Non-partisan.  Another thing.  They are so not, non-partisan.  (Irony Alert:  The first attack on Hillary’s campaign, was from Bernie staffers, hacking into Hillary’s donor base.)

No “whos” for you!

Check out ElectionJusticeUSA’s website.

In the “Who We Are” section, Election Justice USA doesn’t really answer.  Instead of identifying members by names and titles, as is normal; Election Justice USA answers “who” with “Occupations.”  Such as “We are a collection of attorneys, journalists, activists….”  

(Really?  What journalist okayed the basic massacre of “Who, What Where, When, and Why?”)

But make no mistake.  ElectionJusticeUSA is Bernie bro wet dream come true.  They got reports y’all.  Big reports.  They’re waving ’em around.  All fair and detailed and stuff like that.  And what a coincidence; All made by them.

Bless their hearts.

Also, ElectionJusticeUSA  employs all kinds of dodgy moves to prevent the average reader from knowing they are 24/7 Bernie.  See Twitter exchange, below.  

ElectionJusticeUSA - Dodgy behavior

ElectionJusticeUSA – Dodgy behavior

Their social media “engagement” person  got back to me five hours later with a couple of names…and a little name calling.  Perhaps ElectionJusticesUSA had more important things to do.

Oh hey, good guess!

Enter Fundraising!

Wait.  Turns out ElectionJusticesUSA has a couple of, ahem, issues.  From their GoFundME  “Ask a Question” page.


Does this read like “Non-partisan” to you? (Me neither!)

They tried!

I support people trying.  But not so much dodgy behavior in reaching goals.  Rough and tumble behavior in politics – is politics. So adults should learn to deal with it.

Bernie is a pro.  Hillary is a pro.  Both have faults.

No whining!

ElectionJusticeUSA - Blaire Fellows

Looking glum:  Blaire Fellows and Jonathan Clarke – They lost the fight but press on for the masses.

Blaire Fellow, Jonathan Clarke, will go on – but it’s time we recognize the crew at ElectionJusticeUSA is not, non-partisan.  To continue to claim such is just plain, silly.

Also,  poor sports, much?  The dog in their fight has memory problems.  So much Hillary whining when it wasn’t the Russians hacking Hillary’s donor base. It was Bernie bros.   

Y’all forget that part?

Okay, so the lawyers didn’t get their restraining order.  But it’s okay.

ElectionJusticeUSA - RO denied

ElectionJusticeUSA – RO denied

Gonna  ripoff, quote Susan DuQuesnay Bankston’s,  The Good Fight.  If you’re too lazy to click, I took a couple of screen shots.  Because Susan is great, and I’m really nice that way. 🙂

Susan - From the Good Fight2 Susan - From the Good Fight3 Susan - From the Good Fight4

Susan  puts things into place, very nicely.   Politics is rough and tumble. Or as Mitt famously said, “It’s not beanbags.”


There will always be complainers.

There will always be some people who act like spoiled children when they don’t get their way.  Don’t be that girl.  Put on your big girl pants and move on.  Or, flounce on.

(Southern women are great flouncers, so they should definitely, flounce on.)

And there should be none of the below  – three days after the DNC convention by people who claim to be Democrats in their run for local office.  Ever.

ElectionJusticeUSA - Lost in court

Rena Marrocco – wants to burn Hillary but calls herself a Democrat. Don’t be that girl.

We do have important work to do.  Good God, everyone’s listened to Donald Trump, right?  Everyone knows what’s at stake, right?  

And by the way; if Bernie Sanders, (whose ego is considerable), is fighting for Hillary — it might be a good idea for the sore losers to check their mirror.

No whining; and most of all:  No undercutting Democrats while claiming to be one.


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Hillary deserved a worthy opponent – but got Donald Trump, instead.

Hillary as a child

Hillary as a beautiful, innocent child

In the area of “First Things First,”

as a woman who has dreamed of a woman President since I was a child; am conflicted.

I owe Hillary Clinton a huge apology, (along with Chelsea and Bill), for secretly wanting Trump to win the GOP nomination. 

My desire was self-serving.

Hillary in college

Hillary in college


I simply wanted to watch, (knowing Hillary’s 30 plus years of experience began in college), made her the most qualified candidate of either party, to mop the floor with the other side.

GOP, however, delivered unto the world, not a candidate; but an abomination, instead.  

Both men on the GOP ticket, have proven themselves to be anti-American in values; with a bonus for Mike Pence for his votes against veterans and widows of veterans!   Trump?  Heck, I know why Trump’s parents sent him to a military academy (where Donnie scored a medal for “Neatness”), they didn’t like him, either.

But I am not happy Hillary never got a real opponent.  She got a misogynist-racist, carnival barker.  Who doesn’t like veterans any more than his Vice-Presidential, pick; and has no plan.  Or attention span.  As a bonus, Trump knows zip about the military.  See here from Matt Lauer’s softball questions.


Veterans aren’t stupid enough to vote for a failed business man (21 bankruptcies) who would put their life in danger.


You pay your money – you take your chances – (But Trump is a crap-shoot.)

I called it Seven months ago.  

Seven months ago I said:

“This presidential race will boil down to the most qualified candidate in the world; versus:  Misogyny.

Misogyny first:


Business Misogyny

racism second.”

Young Hillary - Civil rights

On the Democratic side we have Hillary:   In the trenches for equal rights for 30 years.

On the GOP side:  We have…the Chief Birther.

GOP - Death Certificate

So in that regard, Trump filling a dual roles as top misogynist-racist; is, Perfect!

Also, Trump chose as his, Second-In-Command; Mike Pence. Who did this.

Pence legislating misogyny

Pence legislating misogyny  Plainly speaking, the dude has a problem with women.

But wait – there’s more.  If you think Pence is Veteran friendly, I cordially invite you to rethink that notion.


Mike Pence is heavily anti-veteran – and against widows of veterans.

Hillary, girlfriend; – you’ve got your work cut out for you.  Especially since neither party will discuss the obvious….and Matt Lauer made the hashtag, #LaueringTheBar trend after his disastrous “interview.”

But some women aren’t helpful. I live in San Diego.  Our Democratic Party leader refuses to make the solution for safety of women a platform.  Her name is Francine Busby.  

But mostly, Hillary.  The problem with criminal cops. The secondary problem is the therapists like Dr. Michael Mantrell, who okay these weirdos as “fit for duty.

Black eyes matter.  Lone wolf attackers often start with attacks on their wives or girlfriends.  Women are the canary in the coal mine. This includes police officers attacking family members.  Or committing on-duty rapes.

Just today  – Retired NY Police Lt. Vincent Curulli – 

Bad Cop Vincent Curulli - multiple DV arrests

Bad Cop Vincent Curulli – multiple DV arrests

Quick aside:  Dear Hillary, I found one solution to Domestic Violence.  I discovered that judge could order, live-saving, Effective Restraining orders. (It’s a high-tech solution).  Sadly, six years later, I found that not one judge cares about women enough, to use it.  If you know of any judges willing to help you help women live, have someone call me.  Thanks!

But still:  I really hadn’t figured on the guy who openly said he’d probably date his daughter, would be quite the total nut job he turned out to be.  (However I am glad people are beginning to comment on Trump’s obvious mental health issues.)  In fairness, at the time, I was unaware the Republican Party had devolved into total anti-American, stupidity. 

Although; there were clues.

GOP-24 billion

But, I digress.

Back to Misogyny!

Hillary will have to contend with vast quantities of misogyny in media.  And I don’t mean “FOX” this time.  Misogyny especially by women. Click —>  CBS demonstrated a prime example of misogyny regarding online harassment to read one very alarming attack, by women on a father attempting to protect his daughter from targeted harassment.

Selfishly, I wanted Hillary to beat a GOP nominee who was strong and fair; who at the very least, knew foreign policy.

But GOP gave us a man who is not only so globally clueless as to qualify as the village idiot, but as a bonus:  who could also be diagnosed as certifiable.  

The strange part was GOP did so, with no apologies. I really wanted a worthy opponent.  One who has done the kind of work Hillary has.  Like this.


(A stranger part is Trump insists he loves Veterans.  Nah.  Trump petitioned to have homeless Veterans removed from an area near Trump Plaza.)

Also, heads up media. Given Trump only answers to the voices in his head – consider,

Will Trump debate?  It’s not a given.

  1. Hillary has released about 30 years of taxes; and  

2.  Trump refuses to release any taxes. (Media remains largely asleep at the wheel.)

3.  although Debates are scheduled – since Trump refuses to prove he’s as rich as he claims, why would Trump debate?  Especially when his habit is to jettison reporters from his “private” rallies.

Another thing: As an aside, The Republican Party is so patently cowardly, not one member called Trump out when he asked Putin to interfere in our election.  Until, Day Two.

Trump-Putin-PenceConsider this:   Trump’s own son is quoted in a Washington Post article:

Donald Trump Jr. — who is also an executive with Trump’s business — makes clear how the company in 2008 sought business from wealthy Russians.In terms of high-end product influx into the U.S., Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets,” he said at a conference that year, according to news reports. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”

The jig is up.

Trump is not a good businessman.  Here’s 21 Chapter 11’s media didn’t find.

Trump 21 Chapter11s


GOP is 24/7 Anti-American Tea Party with seemingly, boundless energy for hate towards women, especially black women, and most immigrant Americans.

But misogynist racists love Trump.  And America has a few of them.  So, Trump has the misogynist-racist vote, down.  For sure.

Thus the job for Democrats, is:  Early voting.  Because you know the Republicans will try to suppress the vote.  Or distributing flyers saying to be sure and vote — the day after the election.  Especially in the South.

Fool ’em.  Vote early!

Best for last

I’m sorry you didn’t have a worthy opponent, Hillary.  But I thank you for all you’ve done.  And I want to help you end the problem of women getting killed after filing for divorce or a change of custody. The issue of violating restraining orders could be over with the cost-effective use of high-technology.  However, the issue of judges not caring enough about women and keeping them at risk, remains.

Helping change this dynamic could be your legacy.  Please let me know if you’re interested.

In conclusion:  a reality check:  If you’re voting for Trump:  See below.

Racist-bigot votes


If you learned anything new, please help support independent journalism.  Details of past, successful efforts to implement change, are here.



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Will the Secret Service get Hillary killed? Veteran Trump “advisor” Al Baldasaro NOT Arrested After Inciting Violence.

SecretServiceBadgeReal Talk:  While Trump promises a “LAW and ORDER” mandate — the reality is, Trump has been promoting violence since the beginning of his crazy, reality-show type, campaign.

For sport.  

Not that the Secret Service seems to mind.  I reported rcdrurysa to Twitter in July, 2016.  Response?


Directed a tweet to my to the Secret Service on, August 11, 2016.

Hillary - Secret Service Request August 11, 2016

Fourth Estate not demanding appropriate governmental response. Media ignores Trump’s refusal to provide tax records.  Media focused remains Hillary’s private emails, because; L-A-Z-Y? Bring back Fairness Doctrine!

Trump is jonesing for a hit on Hillary.  Proving himself the great Pooh-bah of the lunatic fringe, on September 16, Trump invited the Secret Service to disarm themselves around Hillary.  

That Trump doesn’t sound Presidential to anyone, is not the point.  Briefly, he’s insane.

Trump’s earlier attack on Hillary referenced the Supreme Court (for which Republicans refuse to hold hearings.)  Trump assassination talk was in a sly reference of how to stop  Hillary from appointing candidates for the Supreme Court and there being nothing anyone can do about it, adding “although maybe the Second Amendment people before his thought trailed off.  However, the implication was there – as evidenced by the shocked look on the face of the man in the red shirt on the right, demonstrated.  

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.24.04 PM

Similar to a JFK Treason Poster below.  (Complete with how not to spell, “marriage.”)

JFK TreasonFlyer

After Reagan killed the Fairness Doctrine; the FOX based “Lunatic Fringe” went mainstream.

The results could be deadly for Hillary Clinton.  Much like Trump’s insane candidacy, media appeared not to notice until Trump’s dog-whistle assassination, mention.

Therefore, on July 21, 2016, was the first to go on record with my fear of the real possibility that the Secret Service could get Hillary Clinton killed. Their ineptness appears to be building a separate, legend.

Sound far-fetched?

Well, consider the run-up.    

This Tweet from Riverside County GOP

RIverside County GOP Promoted ViolenceStory here. Riverside County GOP Chairman Scott Mann said: “I was made aware of derogatory Tweet this afternoon toward Secretary Clinton when the Press-Enterprise called me for comment. I was horrified and had the Tweet taken down immediately. While some may think it was political satire, it clearly has no place in American political dialogue.
“As Chairman of the Republican Party of Riverside County, I apologize to everyone and anyone who was offended by it. I have taken steps to ensure that the individual who posted the Tweet no longer has access and I can assure you the person responsible will be held accountable.”

The Secret Service?  

The Secret Service said they were aware of it.  Nifty.  The Secret Service response bears a resemblance to police statements made after a terrorist blows up people and buildings. I can’t be the only one who notices police response is generally,

“We were aware of XYZ; and had them on our radar.”

Other threats – Other Secret Service shrugs

Licking County Commissioner Duane Flowers

Ohio’s Licking County Commission Duane Flowers later apologized.

No word the Secret Service is investigating an OHIO case.

That would be Licking County Commissioner Duane Flowers, who said “Hillary Clinton should be hanging from a tree

proving yet again that openly wishing death on a Presidential candidate, is indicative of misogyny in the extreme.

Although Flowers later apologized; the facts are simple.

An elected official who feels entirely comfortable openly wishing death on Hillary Clinton – America’s first female Presidential candidate, signals  how deeply misogyny is embedded in American DNA.

And it’s downright scary. Need a few more police misogyny clues?  No problem!  Happy to help! Click here.

Trump supporters being extremely vocal in their belief executing Hillary is “in the Constitution” – direct from a report in Mother Jones.  Including,

She’s extremely corrupt, she’s extremely dangerous,” said Rhonda Welsch, a 55-year-old food and beverage worker at a Hawaii resort. “I think that’s what she deserves: the death penalty.”

Secret Service response? Crickets.  (Again.)  Clearly there are no more Clint Hill’s.

Next we have an elected New Hampshire official stating Hillary Clinton should be put before a firing squad.  (I am not making this up.)