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Did Aaron Kushner single-handedly plan to kill the Southern California’s newspaper industry

It almost seems planned.  How else could one east coast greeting card millionaire, first plan, then execute a vision of such journalistic mayhem in such a short period of time? The destruction is so immense, one has to wonder if … Continue reading

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LA Register goes bust. UT San Diego looking to become a non-profit.

What’s a reader, hungry for information, but too lazy to look for it, do? First, Aaron Kushner, an east coast greeting card millionaire, decides running a California newspaper can’t be much different.  I mean – it’s paper, right?  But Kushner … Continue reading

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The NFL’s latest con. Courtesy of Roger Goodell, Robert Mueller, and most NFL coaches

Pssst.  The solution to end “Domestic violence” is high-technology that facilitates the ability for women to save their own life ahead of an attack.  However, DV non-profits, law enforcement, media, and now the NFL, don’t want it.  Unfortunately, I can … Continue reading

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