Welcome.  This is where I mostly write about what I want, although my official job is helping people in media…and sometimes, prosecutions.  (Right now would like to help educate voters so they can have a decent representative in the 50th Congressional District.  That excludes Duncan Hunter.  Could be a divorce.  Could be elder abuse, or business or public policy issue.  But always – first comes the story.  You’ve got a story that needs telling and you’re just not sure how, or where to begin, and oh dear….there’s so many stories and…

not to worry. I can help.


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  1. Been away. Trying to update site. Sorry.


  2. Serena Fraser says:

    Silence for 6 months! Where did you go? How else am I supposed to read real information from a real insider?


  3. Sandy ORourke says:

    Bonnie, been waiting on your take on the Riley Gaul verdict and his defense at trial. And did you notice how much weight he has gained in less than two years? Manboobs too. My guess is he was in the early stages of schitzophrenia which comes on for males in late teens, early 20s….was paranoid people were following him, totally ruminating calling Emma 52 times in an hour. He had actually been hospitalized not too long before. Where were his parents while he was falling apart? And the weight gain is possibly from an antipsychotic he’s on now. Waiting for your take!

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  4. Princess Donna says:

    Bonnie, Todd Kincannon is still around on the internet. He is on a Free Speech platform. He is still spewing hate! I’m a Republican and he makes me sick. Saw that you wrote a few articles on him and though you would like to know that he is still a nut job.

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  5. Is Doug Finley bv’s friend’s dad? Judging by his twitter acct, clearly they have learned nothing from brandon’s 17yr sentence for rape.


  6. Juan Yapor says:

    Good day Mrs. Bonnie,

    Can I please have your email? I would like to talk to you regarding Patti Chavez-Fallon. I noticed she was Director of Family Court Services back in 2007 back when the article regarding you (When Real Solutions is no solution) came out. Also noticed she retired the next year after everything in the article exposed Susan Griffin and Patti Chavez-Fallon. Patti has now a private practice and I believe that woman is not right…I would like to talk to you regarding her and if you have some more info on what happened with her back then. Please email me back. Thanks. Juan


  7. sandybuller says:

    Love your article in Duhon, Mathis and Smith in Waller Ciunty’s latest drama if “transparency” which was Duhon’s battle cry during his election process to becoming Ciunty Judge.

    I am a natural resident of Waller County ie born there in 1961 to a family that had been there since 1853 from Prussia … So I have a perspective unlike most and I have liberal arts degree that furthers the distance of similarity to my neighbors who are mostly immigrants from the big city of Houston that are now populating the divided up farms and ranches that once thrived here in Waller County. I live in the house that my dad built after his return from WWII on the family ranch. Parents are no longer here they left to go home 14 yrs ago. I am a resident and elected official “Alderman” if Pattison, Texas. A non-paid elected official which makes me a unique public servant. I do it for 100% service to my community for the public good.

    Should you like to here more unspoken realities of the insanity that is occurring in our county I would be more than happy to share with you what I know. And what is breaking open in Waller County if we can get it exposed enough so people will take notice will have huge effect and benefit for other communities, across our nation.


  8. Albert Fuqua 615 336-1502 says:

    The latest news about Carrie Gasaway and Judge Gasaway is the bankruptcy cases. They have filed Bankruptcy twice reelection last year. First Chapter 13. Dismissed because they did not pay and failure to disclose liabilites to the court. They owe the I.R.S. over 200,000.00 dollars.

    But the lastest news is a new claim that Carrie Gasaway stole 45,000.00 dollars of a client settement moneys. She admitted she spent the money at a bankruptcy hearing and latter started pleding the 5th.


    • Thanks. And good Lord, what about the State? For the sake of public confidence in the judiciary, tenuous as it is, why hasn’t it been “suggested” Gasaway leave the bench, pronto? Their poor children.


  9. L.D. says:

    Dear Bonnie,
    You are doing amazing work for those that have been unfortunate, like me, to get snagged in this ridiculous “(un) justice system”. I would love to talk to you. Have much to share.


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