It’s Womens History Month – So of Course the Murdaugh Murder Trial

Judge Clifton Newton failed only once, via sexism’s passive voice. Commenting, “Paul was savagely murdered.” Judge Newton then added Maggie was “murdered.” Paul, the son, shot twice…received top billing. Maggie, who was not the easy prey Alex likely expected, was shot five times. Judge Newton (perhaps thinking of of his own pain), mentioned during sentencing that Alex probably loved his son very much. There was no reference of love regarding Maggie.

My guess was Maggie was trying to put some machinery between herself and Alex. However, the counting of women as less valuable than children is part of America’s everyday sexism. It’s also explains why at no time in American history have women lost more rights since 2020.

Women have to be their own heroes. There are no men advocating for women as leaders, period. Full stop. Men want our “support.” They do not want us to lead, unless it’s in an area dovetailing with their career and/or wants. Children should learn this early so as adults they can decide if that works for them, and if so, to what degree. Presently, women are a long way from equality seeping into America’s DNA…and that goes double for our multi-hued sisters. So, dear American women, if you want equality faster, save time. Back a Black woman.

UK photo

Alex’s sister posted the Appeals process will be lengthy. So perhaps there exists a heavy load of Denial DNA not opioid related in the Murdaugh family. Two words about that. Mallory Beach.

The word consistently used by every man throughout trial to describe Mallory? “Beautiful.” Not one paragraph was devoted to Mallory Beach’s natural charm. Mallory’s high spirits. Mallory’s wit and loyalty as a true friend. Mallory Beach was a young women who made her parents proud. Imagine not word about Mallory’s goals in life. Not a single word about Malloy’s character.

I have South Carolina experience. Attacked online by Todd Kincannon, I wasted spent about three years talking with polite legislators, polite but uninterested State Bar officials, and polite officials from the Administrative Office of the Courts, before realizing The State of South Carolina had no effective way to deal with mentally ill attorneys. Until they did. All it took was Todd threatening judges during a hearing and just like that Todd left court by ambulance to a mental health facility. I dashed off a column on a Sunday and was astonished when WORDPRESS informed me the column was their top hit for their platform. This surprised the heck out of me —there were football games being played.

But I guess the same applies to attorneys with addiction issues. It’s really a shame. California has a way of getting their attention. Happy to send names if anyone is interested.

But it was a relief to finally figure out why I had so much trouble pronouncing “Alex” (correct pronunciation: “Alec”).

As in, “Smart Alec.” However, soon enough I realized my stumbling over both names was primarily due to the family’s last name, not the double killer’s first. Turns out, Smart “Alec” Murdaugh lies every bit as much as that billionaire publisher of daily lies in print, and televised broadcasts; Rupert Murdoch. (Although for the better part of a month Smart Alec Murdaugh and his never-ending supply of ready tears gave Fox Entertainment (still billed as news) and Rupert Murdoch a real run for the dirty, oligarch’s money.

But when it comes to lying for profit, Rupert Murdoch and the smart “Alec” ran for the money in an absolute, dead heat. Rupert had the advantage being smarter, minus a drug habit, and employing plenty of toads willing to lie to all of America. Alex had only himself after his grandfather’s law firm found out what was going on. Up until then, the law firm was the smart Alec’s biggest con. All credit for taking Alex down, goes to Alex’s then paralegal, Annette Griswold.

Still, it’s not as if people haven’t been fooled, or made to look foolish, before.

Think of William F. Buckley and the book, “Scoundrel.”
Buckley was pretty smart. Not Blanca Turrubiate-Simpson, smart, mind you. But smart all the same.

How was Blanca smart? Unlike Buckley, Blanca never lead overtly with her intelligence, which included her criminal profiling experience. Something Alex likely forgot. Blanca always led with her inborn compassion. If a movie is ever made about this modern American tragedy, it’s the role of Blanca that will make someone a star. If Blanca happens to read this — please get an agent smart enough to get you 200k upfront, and points from a world-wide distribution, (not just a U.S. release).

Returning to our theme, killing older wives and kids is a problem everywhere.

Australian police took their appalling lack of curiosity to the next level. Several women were killed before police um, noticed. After they noticed, everything police did was a disaster— including trailing the suspect to a female friend’s home. Police waited outside in various hiding places to nab him. Meanwhile, he killed his “friend” and left by the back door. The documentary, “No More Granny’s” began on Amazon Prime, but is now available on a variety of platforms. Check it out.

The family might want to meet and consider a name change. This might seem hard to swallow at first. But ultimately, it beats facing a lifetime of under-the-breath, “Murdering Murdaughs” cat-calls. Think of the children…and Buster. No one should be branded forever by rumors.

Just sayin’.

Given it is Women’s History Month — let’s consider the truly appalling, unfathomable — can’t even call it “work” of SLED to — well, actual forensic science. I recommend “When The Dogs Don’t Bark” discovered while watching UK crime shows during the pandemic. I got curious after watching the credits roll. The series was in conjunction with her work. The key to Professor Gallop’s success has always been she believes in science — just coupled with A very large dose of imagination.

The Bible of Forensic Science by — Professor Angela Gallop
Note the platforms. To not disturb the crime scene.
Note the wooden platforms the team is Standing on, careful not to contaminate the crime scene.

One of the things that struck me was Maggie Murdaugh’s sister, Marian Proctor’s statement…almost an aside to herself. Marian quoted Alex who had offered his opinion that whoever did this, had spent a lot of time thinking about it. Alex, who had been busying himself talking to his attorney and scribbling notes, was largely ignoring Marian’s testimony. But when Marian repeated Alex’s earlier words, Alex stopped and did the fastest head swivel I’d ever seen. Then I watched as Alex sat there, openly taking Marian’s measure. — It gave me pause.

Also not mentioned? I mention this as Judge Newton mentioned SLED had taken a lot of heat they shouldn’t have.

As a reminder, not a single member of SLED ever once called Mallory’s parents. Not once throughout the night of the accident, or the next day. That was due to the Murdaugh influence, including the non-lawyer Murdaugh brother. Imagine being Mallory’s mother standing by the water. Imagine being told by law enforcement days later, she could not walk down and look at the wrecked boat. Then imagine while standing there, Alex and Maggie drive up, and being allowed to go to the boat. Next? Imagine the sound of Mrs. Beach’s heart breaking as she stood alone on the embankment. Excluded by law enforcement from knowing anything about her daughter.


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