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How just one dress revealed our electoral prejudices: A political primer

On Feburary 26, 2015, two dresses took over the internet. The first was Lupita’s Nuyong’o’s sea of pearls, wonder. But sadly, after the Oscars, Lupita’s pearly prance disappeared from her Hollywood hotel room, likely to some back-alley sweat-shop where it … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg, Corey Batey, sentencing postponed

Sentencing for the multiple rape count convictions of Brandon Vandenburg and Corey Batey, has been postponed to April 24, 2015, so attorneys for both can begin new trials for a new round of clients.  (Vandenburg was also convicted for unlawful … Continue reading

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Can we stop pretending racism isn’t a learned, mental illness?

Are we evolved enough to agree America would be a much healthier nation if we gave ourselves a long over-due reality check around racism?  I mean a couple hundred years of mostly ignoring the obvious, isn’t working. As KKK members … Continue reading

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California Court of Appeal says Judge Lisa Schall is “arbitrary and capricious” YOLO!

The more I read about Judge Lisa Schall, the more it seems she’s screeching through life yelling, YOLO! But that’s only because she should.  After all, she has the San Diego Law Enforcement endorsement, and this is San Diego is … Continue reading

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The Oscars: Why voting for “Best Picture” isn’t remotely straightforward

Bad news kids.  Ripping the “Comedy” and “Tragedy” masks off the film industry is quite an education.  Turns out, voting for Oscar winners isn’t as simple as whoever gets the most votes, wins.  Or to quote the title of a … Continue reading

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“Shamed” – Will Jon Ronson’s latest book inappropriately shame Adria Richards

Just a friendly heads up, Penguin.  Might want to ask your attorneys to consult with your fact-checkers before releasing “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed” when it comes to Jon Ronson’s account of what happened to Adria Richards.  Especially if Ronson … Continue reading

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Dear Readers; Thanks so much – and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Readers! Sending you and also, dear readers including Twitter peeps,  a joke so good – I saved it for almost a year! Enjoy your day dear readers here, and Twitter peeps. @AllAroundMBrown, @AliasHere @wowindc @JSavite @Kris_SacreBleu  @dannysullivan @dunnamlaw @gracels … Continue reading

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What Facebook isn’t saying about our post-death “Legacy” account

Oh my God, is Facebook creative or what!?! I can’t help it.  Whenever Facebook rolls out of anything new, my go-to thought, is: “Facebook’s MO is “There’s a sucker born every minute” now what?” Some businesses are experiencing big problems … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg and the Fairness Doctrine

Quick post peeps. The problem with justice in America is…people are unaware the news has been jacked.   People who work too hard, come home, attend to family needs, then relax. They relax by watching a game on TV,  or … Continue reading

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Can Katie Jacobs Stanton can save Twitter?

[Update:  Two weeks later.   I was wrong.  Katie not interested.] I think she can!  Let me say it again. I think it’s possible for Katie Stanton Jacobs to save Twitter.  Because she’s that nice. Although we don’t know each other, … Continue reading

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