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Chuck Lorre’s solution to the Angus, Two and a Half Men, problem.

Oh no Chuck! Can you believe the kids are acting up again!  Seems that the only men on Two and a Half Men, are the crew.  However, and unlike the rest of the pundits, I remember your vanity card #356. … Continue reading

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Congress and Brazilian blowouts – sounds like a sex scandal

Great news!  Since Congress was obsessed with regulating women and life in general in 2012, here’s a little something about (mostly) women, Congress can regulate for the new year.  Yes, I’m talking about the Brazilian Blowout.   While it’s a given … Continue reading

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Lindsey Stone, dead soldiers and Wal-Mart

Lindsey Stone screams at dead soldiers, then goes back to work…taking care of disabled people at LIFE, a non-profit dedicated to helping people. NBC reported, “To Lindsey’s surprise the picture went viral.” To Lindsey’s surprise?   Wait. Apparently Lindsey really isn’t smarter … Continue reading

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Crystal Harris

First attacked by her husband, then her divorce judge, Gregory Pollack.

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