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The Carnival Cruise disaster response Carnival attorneys didn’t consider

Of all the disaster situations attorneys representing Carnival Cruises thought they had covered in Carnival’s fine print – following yet another of Carnival’s  self-created disasters, it’s likely neither attorneys, nor Micky Arison, Carnival’s Israeli born American CEO, ever considered the … Continue reading

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Why Google+ Matters to business and journalism

In response to a recent article about authorship and Google+ here, “This is both the good, and the bad news. Good, as those with information can educate a broader audience quickly; such as in Family Law.  Bad as everyone becomes … Continue reading

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Delaware courthouse killings, dead lawyers and media failures.

The wonderful, unicyle riding, journalist turned attorney, Mark Hummels is dead. Killed by a client’s adversary.  Former classmate Jenna Greene, wrote about Hummels for the National Law Journal.  Greene got the basics, correct. She missed most everything else. Background As a … Continue reading

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