Who are the most dangerous women in San Diego County

By way of introduction, for fun I do stand-up. For serious, I do oppositional research for litigants, and attorneys. When it’s funny, it goes viral. You know it’s funny when CNBC rips off your logo and ABC national news calls.

But this is serious. For context, please google and watch the short clip, “NBC San Diego County Finds Issues With GPS Company Monitoring Criminals.” I’ll wait. You’ll love it.

Back? For horribly bad, wasn’t it great?!! Why did I tip NBC to this? Because it’s fantastic! For junk GPS this bad, we really should rename it, “101 Ash!

I can’t be sure, but I really can’t think of another device in existence that puts the public at greater risk, than the County’s choice for GPS. Thank you County of San Diego! Also, San Diego men are not interested in the safety of women — but truer still, neither are San Diego women. Especially Democrats.

My Cher, “Snap Out Of It” moment occurred in 2015 after years of attempting to get our Democrat elected officials to save lives. Lives that the nation loses to the tune of 1,500 – 2,000 per year. More if you count the kids as family annihilation is on the rise..

I mean, Bob Filner? They knew who he was but San Diego women backed him. Doug Applegate, twice? Bob Filner? Ladies. Stop selling out women. I also called every candidate running. Not a single one made women getting murdered their issue. I’d hoped Francine Busby was gone especially as Orange County And then Mike Levin hired Francine Busby. I get that “Climate” is Mike’s thing. But Orange County had its worst multiple murder — from a family law restraining order violation. (Scott and the OC DA and OC Sheriff’s Deputies were so crooked, the Judge banned them from the case.

It was 2009, when I first discovered San Diego County was truly committed to using Junk GPS, instead of equipment that costs less, and actually, works splendidly. Wait. GPS that works best? That’s where GPS Monitors first contact the would-be crime victim, a head of time, and before some co-worker/ex-boyfriend/husband violates the court-ordered stay-away distance. This gives her time to escape. After informing her, the monitor then contacts the police with his location. Should the guy jump into say, dumpster, the monitor can activate a little siren to give the police a heads up. I met with two SDPD police chiefs about it. First thing they said?

“I’m not replacing any officers for this.” But we already knew the police aren’t interested in protecting women. San Diego has 20 years of police scandals. This makes them routine. Take a bow, Bonnie Dumanis, Summer Stephan, and Marla Elliot – who prefers to hire psychologists, rather to “grade” evidence, instead of equipment that helps the public to be safe. Same for the other Dems I contacted. Which is everyone running. For years.

However, and much like the Stepford wives, San Diego women Democrats continue to prove they are at the table for everyone but women. Which means after this election, I’m largely dumping Democrat Party oldsters. Having retired from tolerating misogyny, I’m sure as heck not going to vote for anyone ambivalent on the subject.

“Neither Police Chief got it. How scary is that that? But in fairness, it could be they didn’t want to lose control. A monitor notifies a would be victim in time for the victim to get away. Then call the police. Police hate giving up first position. Also met with County Probation personnel They loved it. Perhaps for its report-writing feature. I was turned away by Gore, Bonnie Dumanis, and now Summer Stpehens.. City Attorney Mara Elliot knows about it. But she hires psychological experts to grade crimes instead of insuring the safety of women and kids. Because as it turns out, when you concentrate on post-crime services, instead of murder prevention GPS, the profit motive behind non-profits, has to be re-engineered. That’s what makes DV non-profits, profitable.

I spent four years trying to get an appointment with Toni Atkins, when she was on the City Council. No dice. When Toni ran for state office, I attended a “get to know Toni” (and bring your check book) party. Asked if she’d at least address the lack of oversight for the completely dysfunctional Supervised Visitation industry. Nope. Toni said she was concentrating on ending homelessness. Toni didn’t say, her wife was in the Non-profit business to do that very same thing. So, life remains scary when it comes to protecting women. Especially after Toni Atkins and Todd Gloria both co-sponsored a bill lobbied by sex workers to San Diego Female Democrats are getting more women killed than any Covid coughing trumpster.

Since 2009 I’ve been telling our so-called leaders, beginning with Toni Atkins from when she was on the City council, about a cost-effective GPS firm that notifies women a head of time, her stalker, co-worker/ex-boyfriend, or husband, is getting close to violating the stay away distance ordered in a Restraining Order. It’s a less expensive way for women to save their own life after the GPS monitor calls her, first, and then notifies the police. It was demonstrated for people doing the probation work, and they loved it, because it also has a report-writing feature, but, San Diego refuses to use it.

State Parole and Probation officials don’t care about saving lives, either. It’s why Carlsbad resident Kendra Beebe, left California. Her ex got life in prison, and and seven years later, made parole, after having yet another inappropriate relationship with a woman in prison. He stabbed Kendra 26 times…and then tried to smother her with a patio seat cushion. If Kendra’s brothers hadn’t taught her to surf, Kendra never would have had the control to control her breathing.

I learned the effective GPS back when Nathan Fletcher held a Committee meeting after Amber Dubois and Chelsey King were kidnapped, raped and murdered. Nathan was a Republican then. I’ve spoken with him about it since becoming a flash Democrat, but he’s done with safety. But at least he spoke to me. Toni Atkins was my rep, and in the four years Toni was on the City Council, I never got so much as a meeting.

A couple years after John Gardner went to prison I had a meeting with San Diego Union Tribune polisher, Jeff Light, Ricky Young, Tom Malloy, and Jeff McDonald. I very politely told them if they didn’t stop covering murders that begin in family court, differently, they were going to be responsible for more. They didn’t and, they are.

I finally realized the worst was Francine Busby. I told Francine about the GPS solution in 2009 or 2010. She did nothing. By doing nothing Francine gave new meaning to “Run Women Run.” Only one station covered the type that works, (then dropped it).

The County and State Parole and Probation heads. In other words, unions. Unions are great for rank and file, but at the top. Sex scandals. Woman have to address this with Gavin Newsom. Appropriate GPS saves lives. And it’s cheaper. What’s not to love?

However, in 2016 I gave up misogyny by degrees. Which means I will be de-activating my registration as a Democrat and return to “Independent.” This is because of the two most dangerous women in politics — are doing more to get women killed by not bucking the State Board of Parole and Probation, than a coughing Covid-is-a-hoax, trump supporter (Not a typo. I stopped capitalizing his name in 2019), than a in a all accounts, my friends of many years After this election I’m changing my Democrat registration to, Independent. Because the so-called past and present leaders of the Democrat Party Francine Busby and Toni Atkins, have done more to get women killed, in San Diego, and beyond, all because they are California mean girls of the Democrat Party of San Diego are likely responsible for more female deaths than a Covid coughing trump (not a typo. I stopped capitalizing trump’s name in 2019).

Alert her prior to her stalker about to break a court ordered distance to remain away, attached with a restraining order. Next the monitor would call the police…but would-be victims would have an ample time head start to hide or leave ahead of time and save their own life, while the monitor tracked him and informed the police as to his location.

No drama. No need for a “Police Negotiator” to be brought in…and best of all, no long-faced, reporter standing in front of a home draped in crime scene tape.

All clubs are like cliques. The cliques in San Diego Democrat Clubs remain, lethal. So after much thought, but given the performances of Toni-Atkins, Francine Busby, this registered Democrat will not back these women. Women “leaders” who continue demonstrating the lives and the quality of the lives of San Diego women are, expendable. Now that Summer Stephans is an independent – added to the list.

I don’t just mean Bob Filner, a serial sexual harasser they put in office. But twice Women Democrats initially supported Douglas Applegate who has explosive anger issues I’ve seen myself. They knew the State Bar forced Applegate to comply to certain conditions after investigating and finding “Applegate ‘s conduct and clouded he did not comply with his ethical duties.” They also knew his former wife and her new husband had a problem with him.

Local Democrat Clubs aren’t merely broken, they are actively getting women killed by refusing to address the fact that before we can fight about a woman’s right to choose, said woman must be alive to make any further decisions.

In A couple of years after Diana Gonzalez was kidnapped, and released without charges, by Bonnie Dumanis, Diana was then stalked, and stabbed to death inside the bathroom of City College. (The City held a meeting for students in shock. I attended, with the solution. The rep for Community Solutions told me they weren’t interested. The Family Justice Center wasn’t interested either. Don’t get me started on Gael Strack.

A couple years after kidnap and release of Diana Gonzalez, followed by the release of her estranged husband by Bonnie Dumanis, (only to be stalked, and stabbed to death so savagely in the San Diego City College Mens Room, Diana was identified by a fingerprint, I was the sole guest of San Diego Union Tribune publisher, Jeff Light, Ricky Young, Tom Mallory, and Jeff McDonald. I very politely told them if they didn’t stop covering family murders appropriately, they would be at at least partly responsible for their murders. They didn’t and, they are.

It’s hard to follow Rachel Maddow’s — “Watch what they do, not what they say,” advice, when media is one of the most misogynistic businesses on the planet. But that’s life. And death. Death by murder of roughly 1,500 times a year — not counting the kids. Yes, family annihilation crimes are up, too. And no one we’ve marched for is marching for us…when all we need is better GPS and civilians running the DV end of police departments.


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