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Two guys stop an “in progress” campus rape!

Nooooo – of course it wasn’t two, Vanderbilt guys. Lawn rape It was two guys riding bikes on the Stanford University campus, who first noticed a rape in progress on a lawn near the Kappa Alpha fraternity.  The victim was … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg’s friends react to the Vanderbilt rape case verdict

Update:  January 31, 2015:   Since writing this piece was contacted by Evan Andrew Ross. Turns out while the California crew all shun Brandon now, they remain friends with Brandon’s California Co-defendants.  Meaning, they’ve learned zip. Also learned Evan has … Continue reading

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Vandenburg verdict: Is it too soon to mention legal malpractice?

Is it too soon to talk about legal malpractice? Am referring to defense debacle in the Nashville rape case.  The case starred Vanderbilt football player and sex crime facilitator, Brandon Vandenburg; who coached his teammates, including the also convicted, Cory … Continue reading

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Vandenburg verdict: Guilty

Splashdown:  The Verdict is in: Guilty on all counts.     Pent up emotions can now be freed.         Vandenburg looked entirely perplexed.  Then disbelief settled in.    Mom Shawna and the twins boys weren’t present.  Likely wanting … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg sports-rape trial: Questions not asked

Talk about brave.  The victim in the Vanderbilt football-gang rape case came back to face her accusers.  Only Cory Batey, who had not known the victim before attacking her within two minutes of her unconscious body being dumped on the … Continue reading

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Football team rapes – Vanderbilt’s Brandon Vanderburg rape trial features team sex crimes for sport

The devil is in the details. In the Vanderbilt University rape case, it’s important to be alert for simple, yet crucial details, some listed below.  However, any reporting; written, audio, or televised; involving one of the worst sports-gang rapes in American … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg NFL wannabe – Vanderbilt football gang rape trial #Vandytrial

For a long time people wondered how an honor student, from a “Christian” college could behave as has been reported.  The answer is ego.  Make that, massive ego.  (If you’ve been in a coma, am referring to the Vanderbilt football … Continue reading

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South Carolina attorney Todd Kincannon: The mouth is closed.

Bad news for Todd Kincannon supporters; (and joy for everyone who appreciates American values.) In a surprisingly quiet move, Columbia attorney Todd Kincannon, the self-appointed, almost 24/7 spewer of racist, misogynistic, and homophobic rants – stopped spewing online. For those … Continue reading

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Updates from San Francisco Airport – Asiana crash

ASISANA CRASH AT SFO?  DEJA VU TO PRIOR KOREAN AIRLINE ACCIDENT  – By Gerald Sterns – guest author An Initial summary and analysis of the legal issues and options currently open to victims “As the NTSB continues releasing more data … Continue reading

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