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Trump in San Diego – Media coverage chokes – and Bryan Pease

Well, at least this time, it was media and not San Diego Police – doing the choking. Although opposite all reporting – there were injuries. It was a busy day for attorney Bryan Pease The morning following Trump’s “visit,” I spoke … Continue reading

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So this is the behavior Hillary supporters can expect from Bernie Sanders delegates

Below seems what Hillary supporters can expect from Bernie supporters.  Including one, San Diego delegate. Absent reality –  Also, Chuck Todd checked in. Imagine my surprise upon discovering Bernie delegate, Rena Marrocco, fell into that category.  I know her. – … Continue reading

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How Americans got fat. A story told (mostly) in pictures.

  Americans.  We love our cars.  It’s partly why we’re fat.  Remember when we dressed up to go to dinner?  That began to change in the 20’s with Drive-In restaurants. In 1921, America’s first drive-in restaurant, Kirby’s Pig Stand, opened in Dallas, Texas. … Continue reading

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