So this is the behavior Hillary supporters can expect from Bernie Sanders delegates

Below seems what Hillary supporters can expect from Bernie supporters.  Including one, San Diego delegate.

Absent reality – 

Bernie -4

Also, Chuck Todd checked in.

Chuck Todd on Most Vitriolic Supporters

Imagine my surprise upon discovering Bernie delegate, Rena Marrocco, fell into that category.  I know her.

Rena Marrocco - Bernie Delegate District 49

– Rena’s a candidate for a local position in the Democratic party; who either doesn’t know basic facts about elections – or wants to spread incorrect information.  She represents a whole other, kind of problem.

Rena's magical thinking

My responsive tweet referenced “magical thinking.” 

Rena's Marrocco - magical thinking

Will admit to being astounded anyone running for a Democratic Party position, would even try to foist such incredible nonsense upon the public.  No one with a lick of common sense would infer  “Pay the fine – and Poof;  The Violations Disappear!”  

It’s a response that is neither remotely plausible – or reality-based. 

Tweets then went back and forth.  (I know her.)  Then sadly, Rena chose to attack me in a passive-agressive way.  Not from her Delegate’s page for Bernie.

From her main, Facebook page.

Rena Marrocco-Garcia

Rena’s attack blamed me for turning her against Hillary.  Not by name – although anyone following her on Twitter could figure it out in a nano-second, as prior to doing so, Rena congratulated me for helping her decide, in a tweet! 🙂

Rena Marrocco accuses me of trolling - she follows me on TwitterThen came Rena’s massively long, online whine.  To save time, am publishing the second part (it was massive.)

Rena Marrcocco2 - Is Rena really a Democrat

I responded….and was immediately attacked.  (Seems to be the Bernie-crazed, norm.)

Amber Boggs-Gaucher So not classy

Don’t know Amber Boggs-Gaucher (and consider myself luckier for it.)

Amber Boggs-Gaucher - a real prize

Reality check:  At any time – anyone can disagree then disengage on Twitter.  It’s called the “Block” button.

But to engage in conversation (again, we know each other) and then be accused of “trolling” makes zero sense; except, it’s useful when attempting to position one’s self as a “victim.”

But wait!  I believe I discovered what’s really going on

Hasn’t Bernie’s shtick always been geared to younger voters?

How many times have Hillary supporters been told Bernie brings the younger voters?  How many times have Hillary supporters been told  the college-age crowd doesn’t like Hillary?  (Never mind that the #NeverTrump crowd loves Hillary.)  We’ll put that aside.

Heck – we’ll even put aside the fact that Bernie’s ad people can’t Spell “Bernie.”

Bernie says Think ONCE

Noooooo!  Think twice!  

Bernie Better think Twice

Think three and four times!

Were that true – why would Delegate Marrocco bother aiming for Hillary supporters?

Why aim for Hillary beginning in  2014, when she could have been targeting all those college students Bernie’s campaign talks about?

Rena Marrocco - what about the young people

 and now…this:

Bernie Take matters into our own hands

The reason Bernie Sanders initials are BS

Although Daily Kos detailed 11 reasons why – (separate from math) why Bernie cannot win as detailed:  11 Reasons Bernie lost this thing fair and square.  The reality is: no one wants to work with him.

Bernie’s arrogance has long been documented.  Bernie’s arrogance is often mentioned.  Check the text in Red.

Bernie supporters are big on polls.  Which reminds me:  The Chicago Tribune – hated by President Truman, blamed their most famous, international mistake, on…polling!  Twice in this one article. : )

Dewey wins bad polling

So forget the “polls.”  Bernie can’t win against Trump.  (Who is already -oddly enough – already calling Bernie “crazy.”) The optics are terrible…Bernie’s old…which Trump will use.   I can see it now.  Trump might worry whether Bernie could survive Trump’s attack. And that’s separate from Benie’s low numbers.  

Why will Hillary defeat Trump?  Because Hillary has better knowledge, better skills, better relations with Congress, and European leaders.  In short, because Hillary has the better background and resources.  Bernie’s good for Vermont…a state with more cows than people…but he’s not prime time…an never has been.  He’s long on slogans. He’s got no plans.  

The glitch is: Bernie’s fans may not care they’re risking the U.S. Supreme Court.

U.S. Supreme Court

But it appears Bernie’s delegates might not care.  That’s not progressive.  It’s many things but the one thing it is not, is Progressive.

Bernie 5

Alarm bells should be clanging              ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑

Rena Marrocco - claims to be a Democrat - not sure why

Hillary Stop Trump

At this point Bernie’s ego rivals Trumps.  But it remains to be seen whether Bernie’s delegates will get a grip.  



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  2. How do I share your post on FB? Ive hade too much Pinot Grigio


  3. Trump will not be President


  4. Hillary knows how to ” manhandle” congress!!!!


  5. The most angry, judgemental people I know are hippies.


  6. I enjoy a smart, feerless woman and you Bonnie are a Gem.


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