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The problem with police body cams: Ex Ohio Trooper, Bryan Lee

Ex Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper Bryan Lee, the married father of three children under the age of six, is Exhibit A for mandatory wearing of body cameras and mics. Bryan Lee is also Exhibit A for making sure any … Continue reading

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Police Body cameras signal the problem; better hiring standards is the solution

Breaking:  Charleston Police Officer Sgt. George Hildebidle committed suicide. So far, nothing has been reported about his family, but it was reported Hildebidle killed himself after a “domestic dispute.” Understand body camera companies are overjoyed at the opportunity to sell … Continue reading

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Two guys stop an “in progress” campus rape!

Nooooo – of course it wasn’t two, Vanderbilt guys. Lawn rape It was two guys riding bikes on the Stanford University campus, who first noticed a rape in progress on a lawn near the Kappa Alpha fraternity.  The victim was … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg’s friends react to the Vanderbilt rape case verdict

Update:  January 31, 2015:   Since writing this piece was contacted by Evan Andrew Ross. Turns out while the California crew all shun Brandon now, they remain friends with Brandon’s California Co-defendants.  Meaning, they’ve learned zip. Also learned Evan has … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg sports-rape trial: Questions not asked

Talk about brave.  The victim in the Vanderbilt football-gang rape case came back to face her accusers.  Only Cory Batey, who had not known the victim before attacking her within two minutes of her unconscious body being dumped on the … Continue reading

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Bradley Stone, Nicole Stone and how reporters are getting women killed.

Bradley Stone, Nicole Stone and how reporters are getting women killed. As horrible as the butchering of a family is, Philly news reporters DAVID GAMBACORTA, JASON NARK, WENDY RUDERMAN, DANA DiFILIPPO & BARBARA LAKER, still found the time to report … Continue reading

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Should Senator Lindsey Graham call Jeff Bauman for help?

Enemy combatants        When did Senator Lindsey Graham, proud assault weapon owner and staunch facilitator/accomplice for felons and the mentally ill to continue their ability to acquire weapons to kill men, women and American children, decide there is an enemy … Continue reading

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