Should Senator Lindsey Graham call Jeff Bauman for help?

Enemy combatants   Senator Lindsey Graham
     When did Senator Lindsey Graham, proud assault weapon owner and staunch facilitator/accomplice for felons and the mentally ill to continue their ability to acquire weapons to kill men, women and American children, decide there is an enemy combatant bogeyman around every corner?
     As chagrinned as I always am to discover bad cops, prosecutorial misconduct, judicial bribes, and the clear need for the Innocence Project; I maintain the bedrock difference notching America above other nations, is the arrest of a common criminal, followed by our double quick back flip, to provide that individual *competent counsel.   We do not hide our principles behind the fear based “enemy combatant” nonsense.
     Also, riddle me this.  Am I not supposed to notice Senator Graham, who is currently all over the airwaves in his ongoing attempt to portray himself as the protector of Americans against bogeymen, is the same Senator who voted against background checks AND the Violence Against Women Act?
     If so, check please.  Reality check that is.
     Consider the actions of Jeff Bauman, whose legs were blown off the in the blast.  Jeff awoke in a medication haze, grabbed a notepad, a pencil and wrote,
     “Bag, saw the guy, looked right at me” which helped police break the case.
     Senator Graham, that’s the epitome of “Boston Strong.”
    My guess is Bauman wants Tsarnaev tried for what he is; a common thug – not elevated with “enemy combatant.”
   (Maybe it’s South Carolina.  After all, as Graham most certainly knows:  it’s easy to fool the good people of South Carolina.  Which explains why former Gov. Mark “Appalachian Trail” Sanford continues running for office in the midst of answering in court for prowling around his ex-wife’s home in violation of a restraining order.)
     The bottom line Senator Graham, is:  No sale.   Americans are not wimps.  Unlike you, the majority of Americans don’t need an assault weapon to feel comfortable. I’m sorry you feel so afraid.  Why not give Jeff Bauman a call for a little help?  But please stop projecting your fears on people who believe in the criminal justice system.
* Texas not included.

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