Miles Finley finally admits guilt in Vandenburg multiple rape case.

Miles Finley in Orange

Miles Finley – dressed in orange on a consistent basis.

Miles Finley, finally pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in the Brandon Vandenburg facilitated, sports-bro, rape case of his unconscious date, so Vandendburg could further bond with his Vanderbilt football teammates. Finley was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days unsupervised probation.

When the peaked-in-high-school, Finely, was contacted by Vandenburg shortly after the crimes, Finley’s immediate response was to call the victim a degrading name, then suggest additional rapes.

Miles Finley - lake

Miles Finley’s text was famous for suggesting more rapes. (Finley peaked in high school.)

Also, Finely fancies himself an all-American kind of guy.  —–>

Finley’s defense stall ended with him finally testifying Brandon Vandenburg, sensing doom, had quickly returned to California and tried to destroy everyone’s phone before throwing them in the lake. Brandon then bought Miles and Joey Quinzio new ones.

Finely also testified Vandenburg attempted to install erasure software designed to eliminate messaging programs from his computer – a futile effort as the police had no problem locating the videos and messages which had remained backed-up on Quinzio’s computer.

The recovered videos and messages were then used as evidence by prosecutors in what had to be the most abundantly documented rape case, ever.

(Of particular note:  These multiple-rapes might have been avoided had the only sober person present, teammate Mack Prioleau, stepped up.  Prioleau was the 6’3″ 220 lb Vanderbilt teammate recruited from All Saints Episcopal in Forth Worth, and whom during a prior interview stated the most important thing about football, “was the people.

However, Prioleau’s two acts included feigning sleep, then rolling over literally turning his back on and to the unconscious, drugged, victim.  During the half hour attack, Prioleau did nothing beyond listening to the laughter.  It’s also important to note that during Mack Prioleau’s testimony, a year and a half later, Mack Prioleau, a Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity member, stated he was unsure whether he’d do anything differently.  Prioleau is a business major.  Perhaps he’ll join his father’s business, after graduation.)

Marc Prioleau

Mack Prioleau – listened to multiple rapes being committed while feigning sleep for approximately 30 minutes.

Both Finley and Joey Quinzio were originally charged with a felony count of tampering with evidence in the case and were offered plea agreements and about one year of probation in exchange for their testimony. The charge was later reduced to attempted accessory after the fact, which signaled prosecutors caving to trial costs, rather than justice.

Quinzio pleaded guilty to the same charge earlier.  For a short history of Brandon Vandenburg friends, See Here.

It should be noted Finley appeared from Palm Desert, California.  Also, after Finley’s 11 month 29 day sentence from the single misdemeanor charge, he will be eligible to have the conviction expunged from his record should he complete his unsupervised probation term without incident.

It should also be noted if the probation terms include staying away from alcohol, Miles Finley chances of success, will significantly lessen.

Vandenburg - Miles Finley hates waiting on womenMeanwhile, the problem the Finley males (can’t call them “men”) have with women, continues.

Below April 7, 2015 tweet from Doug Finley a week prior to Miles Finley finally admitting guilt.

Doug Finley - on women

Sentencing for Vandenburg is currently scheduled for June 15, 2015.


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10 Responses to Miles Finley finally admits guilt in Vandenburg multiple rape case.

  1. caslee2000 says:

    Leaving a comment much later than everyone else here. Our local news (in the Coachella Valley) has been following the Vandenburg case closely. When the mistrial was declared, a commenter (who later deleted her comments) stated that this “was a good family” and that Brandon is a “good” kid and not a rapist. The rebuttal comment was made by Miles Finley. Despite his earlier behavior in this case, he laid it all on the line in a public forum – not defending Vandenburg at all. It was impressive. I guess I felt happy that one of the parties involved (even through technology) could admit culpability and responsibility and speak out. I wish I had taken a screenshot, but the original commenter removed their post so quickly once Finley responded. Anyway, that’s our strange update from the desert. Now if only we could get our local paper to stop painting Vandenburg as a hero because of his football career. 😦


  2. Sure did! Was hugely disappointed media never bothered to identify the rapist friendly judge.


    • Moms Hugs says:

      I figured the locals in that knitting circle will ID the judge where & when it counts come election time. I certainly hope the media will cover the other 2 rapes, but it will probably take Anonymous to get that done… as was done in Steubenville.


  3. Moms Hugs says:

    Perhaps ‘The Narcissist Next Door’ by Jeffrey Kluger, science editor of Time magazine, might be informative & helpful in understanding how ALL those young men failed to do the right thing when they had ample opportunity to help a victim rather than help the perpetrators of a violent crime. We boomers went overboard raising self-centered children all in the name of self-esteem, and now can see the results in our culture… growing like bacteria in the petri dish of society.


    • Have you read the story if the Stanford experiment? It’s about a love of control, peer pressure (real and imagined) and no spine.


      • Moms Hugs says:

        Sorry to be so late responding, Bonnie. Have been busy with a project.

        Yes, if you’re referring to the Stanford prison experiment that was done in the 70’s? I was in college & taking psych courses then. The professor who conducted it was called out for his participation in it, which obviously cast doubt on his objectivity. Funny that no one has tried to replicate it, yet the prison scandal in Iraq (Abu Graib?) has been compared to it in many aspects. Also funny that professor was hired as a defense expert & then wrote a book about it. Thinking Zimbardo was his name. Anyway, if not that Stanford study, is there another one about control & peer pressure?

        Btw… have you by any chance followed the rape story in Norman, OK since last fall? It took a knitting circle to go to Jezebel to investigate & expose the administrators at Norman H.S. for their shitty behavior toward the 3 victims. They formed Yes All Daughters & used Facebook to stage a silent walk-out protest outside the school & 600+ students joined them, which got that b—–d arrested/charged for the Sept. rape. Finally, this past week, Tristen Killman-Hardin entered a ‘No Contest’ plea deal & has to serve the rest of the 2 yrs in jail (sentence: 10 yrs with 8 yrs suspended). They have yet to charge him for the other 2 rapes.


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