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Vanderbilt gang rape – Brandon Vandenberg sentencing hearing blew up – 17 years

Brandon Vandenberg’s friend Miles Finley – bailed. Finally!  Long-time Brandon Vandenberg bro, Miles Finley, finally came clean. As Finley finally began describing what really happened, the camera panned to Brandon, who looked like he’d been hit between the eyes by a … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg Vanderbilt Retrial – The victim testifies

Update:  Totally Guilty Also, the Reading of the Verdict.  (Personally, I think the jury was disgusted Brandon painted himself as a victim.) The Victim testifies.  The Victim soon learns her protector – is post-crime, conducting himself as a victim.  The … Continue reading

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Did Vandenburg retrial produce a witness who testified an attorney suborned perjury

Quick Vanderbilt Sport-bro gang rape, update. First covered the Vanderbilt Sports-bros, gang rape trial here. Brandon’s friends went nuts the next day, here.  That post scored 10,000 hits. We also focused on Albert Perez, earlier. Today’s big surprise Once again, … Continue reading

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Miles Finley finally admits guilt in Vandenburg multiple rape case.

Miles Finley, finally pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in the Brandon Vandenburg facilitated, sports-bro, rape case of his unconscious date, so Vandendburg could further bond with his Vanderbilt football teammates. Finley was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenberg fires two attorneys, keeps Perez for his appeal

I totally called it. Seconds after the “Guilty” verdict of Vanderbilt University’s wannabe football star and team rapist facilitator, Brandon Vandenburg, came in, I posted my take: “Guilty – is it too soon to mention Malpractice?“ Late today comes word … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg’s friends react to the Vanderbilt rape case verdict

Update:  January 31, 2015:   Since writing this piece was contacted by Evan Andrew Ross. Turns out while the California crew all shun Brandon now, they remain friends with Brandon’s California Co-defendants.  Meaning, they’ve learned zip. Also learned Evan has … Continue reading

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Football team rapes – Vanderbilt’s Brandon Vanderburg rape trial features team sex crimes for sport

The devil is in the details. In the Vanderbilt University rape case, it’s important to be alert for simple, yet crucial details, some listed below.  However, any reporting; written, audio, or televised; involving one of the worst sports-gang rapes in American … Continue reading

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