Brandon Vandenburg declared “indigent” – Parents throw a Hail Mary

Vandenburg - Verdict - Rod Vandenburg

Rod Vandenburg and daughter of his now former, attorney.

Recognizing Indio’s former football star and Christian school (Xavier Prep) graduate Brandon Vandenburg’s future is more likely to be spent in a prison ministry in tight quarters, than national fame as a tight end; Brandon’s religiously right, conservative parents, Rod and Shawna Vandenburg, recently cut ties to Brandon’s previous counsel and hired Tennessee attorneys Troy Bowlin (licensed in 2007) and Randy Reagan.

The new attorneys requested the court declare Brandon indigent, and the judge agreed.  No biggie.  It’s reasonable to assume without parental help most college kids could legally be described as “indigent.”

We understand the dollar reasoning behind this decision.  Also, the Vandenburgs are likely ready to return to Palm Desert feeling their depraved son is in better hands.

Entering Palm Desert.

Windmill - Entering Palm Desert

Palm Desert’s Windmill farms

It’s also reasonable to question if the new duo is being being paid at a lower rate than the norm for their religious platitudes spouting, deviant, client.

Vandenburg - Twitter original

Thus with this nove, years too late, the “family first” Palm Desert Republican family finally and belatedly, recognized a need to throw their first and only, Hail Mary.

(Before making their Facebook posts private, both Rod and Shawna’s newest squeeze used to make fun of President Obama.)

Windmill - prop on ground

Leaving Palm Desert

Sentencing in early June.

It is our sincere hope that post-sentencing, the Tennessean and other media, does not quote anyone from the Nashville Sexual Assault Center.

Given the circumstances and nationwide attention of this particular sex crime, any group purporting to address sexual assaults that “partners” with a Bar for a march against Sex crimes is Exhibit A for not getting it.  Choose wisely when making donations.

That said, it’s not just the bar bandwagon the Nashville Sexual Assault Center foolishly climbed aboard.  What about television sports analysts?

The larger problem of serial rapists sports figures who travel

Darren_Sharper circa 2011

Darren Sharper – famous football player and television “analyst”

Football “analysts” travel.  Think:  Warren Sapp.   In this video, Warren showed he didn’t want the women he hired,  well; talking.   But is Warren the tip of the iceberg? Consider Darren Sharper.

Darren Sharper in jail

Darrent Sharper – Serial rapist

Turns out not only is Darren Sharper a serial rapist, but in his three-state crime spree, (that we know of) the so-called “tough on crime” District Attorneys” cut favorable deals supposedly in the “interests of justice” all of which work to save the County, expense.

Wait.  What about the victims?

Consider what Sharper admitted.

Sharper signed a “factual basis” statement, specifically admitting to committing crimes in New Orleans involving three women, (and implicated two cohorts, includig former St. Bernard Parish sheriff’s deputy Brandon Licciardi) in what was described as a “rape scheme.”  (Describing rape as a “scheme” is itself deplorable.)

For those keeping count, Sharper’s plea was the fourth of five such admissions the DA would like all to believe “resolved” allegations that he drugged and raped — or tried to rape — nine women across four states beginning in 2013 and early 2014, before his arrest and jailing in Los Angeles in January 2014.

Really?  That’s a “resolution?  Were all nine women on board with that?  To what degree was their involvement?

Back to the note pad

In March, Sharper pleaded guilty or no contest in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Up next, under a “global” plea deal hammered out among his attorneys and prosecutors around the country, is an expected guilty plea to three rape charges, currently scheduled for June 15.

Where’s the “justice” for the victims who were drugged?  Do they have any input into the decision making process?

Fortunately, Brandon Vandenburg’s victim had the benefit of local, dogged police detectives, and an equally determined District Attorney.

(In fairness, Brandon’s victim also had the incompetence of the defense, as previously noted in “The Verdict:  Is it too soon to mention Malpractice?“)

But this kind of deal cutting is something mainstream media might want to think about questioning.  Also, defining rape as a “scheme” is sofa king creepy repulsive.

Note to reporters:  Question language use from authorities.


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6 Responses to Brandon Vandenburg declared “indigent” – Parents throw a Hail Mary

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    In that first photo of Rob, you ID’d the woman as the daughter of BV’s former lawyer. I never connected her with Fletcher, I guess because she walked into court with Rod so I assumed she was either Rod’s girlfriend or related to Perez (wife, daughter, girlfriend or paralegal).


  2. newprude says:

    Please keep us updated as soon as BVs sentence is announced. I’m curious to what he ultimately receives and I want to see if the media picks up on it.


  3. newprude says:

    The rumor in my neck of the woods is that Darren Sharper had his lawyers work out that sweet deal to avoid being tried for the rapes committed in New Orleans. Apparently LA has life imprisonment for those found guilty of rape. This case was extremely vile in that he raped 4 women in two days. And he could have been caught earlier if the police hadn’t given him special celebrity treatment.


  4. Frankly, I’ve been pretty amazed that no other women have yet come forward with additional cases against Vandenberg. From everything I’ve read he’s clearly not someone who had a one-time lapse in judgement after a night of drinking. I hope I’m wrong.


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