Two guys stop an “in progress” campus rape!

Nooooo – of course it wasn’t two, Vanderbilt guys.

Lawn rape

It was two guys riding bikes on the Stanford University campus, who first noticed a rape in progress on a lawn near the Kappa Alpha fraternity.  The victim was a presumably drunk, unconscious woman.

The two men promptly stoppCourage is a decisioned riding, stopped the attack, gave chase after the attacker fled; then stopped him.

Of note? These two guys managed to do all this while calling the police.

Compare the reaction of two Good Samaritan’s to Vanderbilt’s, Mack Priolean.

Priolean testified during the in-progress rape in his room, that he looked to see what was happening, rolled over to face the wall, then pretended to sleep through a thirty minute gang attack less than two feet away.

The best worst part?

And when all was said and done, a year and a half later, Prioleau testified he still isn’t sure whether he would do anything differently.

(I feel compelled to add, “I am not making this up.”)

Vandenburg - Mack Prioleau - pretended to be asleep

Mack Prioleau – sober, but feigned sleep during gang attack on unconscious woman

Mercifully, the guys on bikes didn’t feel the need to ponder what to do for a half-hour.

They acted immediately.

When the dust settled, the attacker turned out to be Brock Turner, the heavily recruited star swimmer who swam in the 2012 Olympics.

Once caught, Brock Turner was sunk.

Brook Turner - charged with rape

Brock Turner – charged with multiple felonies

Turner was released from county jail after posting $150,000 bail.

An arraignment hearing for Turner is scheduled for Monday in Palo Alto.

What happens next is, negotiations;

and likely, silence from Stanford.

More on that later.



The district attorney’s office said Five felony charges will be filed against Turner

  1. One count of raping an unconscious person
  2. One count of raping an intoxicated person,
  3. Two counts of sexual penetration with a foreign object, and
  4. One count of assault while attempting to commit rape.

If convicted, Turner faces up to 10 years in prison.

After posting bail, Turner, the former Olympic trial swimmer, promptly withdrew from Stanford University. University officials said is he no longer allowed on campus.

The problem is:  If you think these crimes are new – you are part of the problem

If men randomly raping women is news, the question is; why?  One need only check out our history of of sexual assaults of women in the military.

Here, I’ll help.  Every picture tells a story.  Demonstrating their ongoing legacy – Congress will continue to clearly telegraph their utter disdain for women.  I suspect they are annoyed women continue demanding action.  But in response?  Well, members of Congress cannot be bothered to show up to listen to what women in the military who risked all in service to their country, endure.

This includes backlash in the form of losing benefits and rank for reporting rapes by superiors. Interestingly, if military women develop PTSD from a rape, coverage for that is generally denied.Congress - Women in the military risk all

Any doubts Congress supports misogyny?

In some ways the Stanford case is not remarkably different from the Vanderbilt case.  As first mentioned in the NY Times, concerning the Brandon Vandenburg verdict:

“At a lot of institutions, there’s an intense effort to protect the reputation of the place,” said John D. Foubert, a professor of higher education at Oklahoma State University. “What’s different at really elite institutions is that the students will also do most anything to protect the reputation of the institution, because they think it reflects on them.”

Professor Foubert provided the academic response.

More commonly known as a circle jerk.

But Stanford’s record in this area is equally lousy.  Last year Stanford students protested Stanford’s handling of a (never charged by police) case that found one student responsible for an attack – but nothing happened. He was not expelled.  He was allowed to finish his senior year and graduate. 

Ladies:  Skipping school officials is your best move

Between 1997 and 2009, four of 175 reported sexual assaults were formally adjudicated at Stanford. Two were found guilty.

This is why for the past ten years my recommendation has been to skip school reporting…and go, with a tape recorder and a friends, (witnesses) directly to the police.

But what about Vanderbilt

To those who believe Vanderbilt University is an oddity, consider this Tennessee case.

Not to be outdone, how about the Mississippi case involving a professor named, “Teacher of the Year

Will the Sanford victim have an easier time in the Bay Area

The victim might have a harder time.  Consider the chances for justice if male employees from these SF tech companies are on the jury.

1.  Does the name Chahal ring a bell?

2  Consider how one female co-founder of Tinder was treated when she resisted a boyfriend’s advances.

3.  What about Snapchat, co-founder Evan Speigel.

4.  Or what Zillow thinks about women over forty.

5.  The Palo Alto case is somewhat of a surprise given the Bay Area is fraught with calls for police services not resulting in police action.

Now what

In the Vanderbilt case, the latest defense move was to file a motion to have the Verdict tossed.

However, that motion is just another in a line of Hail Mary’s that likely will not fly.  See earlier column, “Vanderburn Verdict: Is it too soon to mention malpractice?

Ending on a high note, a new Stanford student stepped forward as a witness in the Turner case.


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16 Responses to Two guys stop an “in progress” campus rape!

  1. Great article, thanks for posting. What a pathetic, disgusting topic, this guy appalls me. Recently the victim published a letter to the criminal that raped her, and it’s a hard read. She made it abundantly clear that the two people that stopped the attack were Swedes, and it’s worth pointing out that Swedes live in a strong welfare state where the people look out for each other. I’m in the country right now and see the benefits of this type of society that looks out for one another (healthcare, education, human rights, and beyond), so our country is in desperate need of reassessing our values to prevent horrors like this from happening in the first place.


  2. jimjax4 says:

    congrats; great job enlightening people!


  3. Chris says:

    What has happened to the Brock Turner case? There’s been news blackout – nothing since early February. He was in court on March 30, but not one whisper of what happened. Is it possible this case is being swept under the carpet?


    • This is where the real lawyering happens. Negotiations are generally, behind-the-scenes.
      Media is involved (leaks) when one side is unhappy.


      • Chris says:

        Thanks! Is there a possibility that he will get off? Or take some sort of deal rather than go to trial and face all those witnesses? It’s so rare that rapists get caught that I think this is an important case. I hope it doesn’t go the way of the Ellen Pao case.


  4. Moms Hugs says:

    Back to Stanford, CA & Brock Turner…. have you seen his astounding FB page?


  5. It was from Nashville Scene.


  6. Moms Hugs says:

    Bonnie ~ In case you missed this – apparently Channel-5 Beres interviewed the juror’s rapist. This is a reaction to that interview in the Nashville Scene…


    • Thanks. I watched the interview on line a few days ago. I think I mentioned it all gets back to what was asked at Voire Dire. That’s the bedrock foundation of everything juror related. (and Facebook and Twitter.) 🙂


      • Sharon says:

        What are the odds this will cause a mistrial? Is there a chance Vandenburg and Batey will go free? I saw where the juror said they didn’t feel like a victim, during Voire Dire.
        What a mess.


    • Moms Hugs says:

      Bonnie ~ This comment was to that blog. I’ve seen it before, but can’t remember where.

      “I have long commented on this blog, and there has never been any secret of my identity. I am John Herbison, and I have previously identified myself on comment threads as one of the defense lawyers who has represented Brandon Vandenburg (although I am not presently speaking in that capacity). I have been associated in practice with Fletcher Long for some time now, and we have a much longer history of trying cases together.”


  7. sharon says:

    My friend Dan grabbed the drinks away from two young women at a *concert : You ain’t drinking that he informed them, at the same time grabbing them away. The girls were being handed them by a skinny 20 something male. They freaked out, until he told them he’d observed their “friend” pouring something into one of them at the bar. “No man, no way, I didn’t do that” said the guy. .
    Dan “Get the **** away.from me” The two girls were upset, and all of them (except the would be rapist) grabbed security and went back to the bar. The bartender decanted the drinks, and sure enough, one of them had been poisoned. The two young ladies were thankful. I’m sure what’s his name would have declined to get involved. Dan is a large, long haired biker type, so I’m sure he scared them, until he explained why.

    *Westcott Theater, Syracuse, NY
    Lacuna Coil last year


    • msvgreene says:

      wow; poisoning a drink is attempted homicide, I think – should that dangerous man not be charged with a felony? Hope so. Huge kudos to the good friend who grabbed those drinks away from the young women. ty Sir.


  8. Moms Hugs says:

    Another rape of an unconscious young woman with solid evidence – good witnesses, immediate rape kit & blood test results.
    Just in case you want to edit this post to correct some minor errors….
    This perp’s name is Brock Turner, not Brook. He is to be arraigned tomorrow morning according to the Palo Alto Online news. []
    Your links to Stanford U. are incorrect links to Samford U. in Birmingham, AL.
    The link to Kappa Alpha should also be corrected to the KA chapter at Stanford.
    Here are the correct links:
    Stanford —
    Kappa Alpha —
    KA has already removed Brock Turner from their roster.


    • Barbara Gordon says:

      Turner apparently wasn’t a member of the fraternity, according to this report Freshman can’t join until spring.


    • Thanks. Corrections made; and if I had a badge to give, you would get one!

      Also, quick mention. I choose to not link to Palo Alto Online which seems to operate politically, a little too in-line with whatever position the DA’s office or Stanford has.

      This is problematic for justice as the DA’s office had to deal with a long-standing problem of DAs withholding evidence from the defense. It reached such a level the DA created an Integrity Unit. Which begs the question: Why does a DA’s office need an “integrity unit?”

      Please also know Tracy Kaplan, who wrote the piece, is not a journalist I would trust. Kaplan’s article was written from a PR angle, rather than a demonstrated need. In fact, I discussed one of Kaplan’s moves with member of the board of the Society of Professional Journalists. The feed-back was immediate. Report her.

      I chose to keep the link to the founding chapter.

      But I appreciate your input. Badges all around!


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