Brandon Vandenberg fires two attorneys, keeps Perez for his appeal

Vandenburg - Verdict - Vandenburg diisbelief

Brandon Vandenburg listening to the “guilty on all charges” verdict.

I totally called it.

Seconds after the “Guilty” verdict of Vanderbilt University’s wannabe football star and team rapist facilitator, Brandon Vandenburg, came in, I posted my take:

Guilty – is it too soon to mention Malpractice?

Vandenburg - Defense attorney Albert Perez

California attorney Albert Perez

Late today comes word Brandon Vanderburg’s parents fired two of Brandon’s attorneys, Fletcher Long and John  Herbison.  (Herbison was blogging behind the scenes.  More on that later.)  However, in that the Vandenburg family kept California friend and criminal attorney, Albert Perez on hand, it did strike me as rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

Appellate cases are very different from lower court trial.  The rules are different.  The procedures are different, and sometimes peculiar, to be frank.

It takes a special skill set to handle appeals.  So while keeping an out-of-state California attorney on hand seems strange, the Vandenburg’s are loyal to Perez in spite of the fact the trial was a complete bust.  Not that I mind.  In fact, my post asked if the retainer included an appeal.

Vandenburg - Defense attorney Fletcher Long

Fletcher Long, posturing during trial.

Also, perhaps Fletcher Long doesn’t mind being out of a job considering his own hide is in the sling from a couple of charges.

One charge is harassment, and brought by a former employee.  The second charge – which Long picked up months later; involves extortion concerning a retainer agreement with a former client, and Long juggling his finances.

Also, Fletcher Long had his former client arrested.  This is nasty stuff folks, and quite likely, coming back to bite him.

Long’s partner and behind-the-scene, partner-blogger, John Herbison who was absent during the trial because, it turns out he was suspended. So he blogged about the case.

Which got me to thinking.  So much so I had conversations with reporters in Nashville; asking if perhaps they knew who Beth Shepard was as Beth was very pro-Vandenburg and the team; and very much against the victim.   Including, in the Second picture, writing

“When this goes to trial, I can’t wait to see this chick try to testify it’s going to be LOL funny!” below.

All this made me wonder if old blogging John Herbison, was Beth Shepard.  She doesn’t seem to match the other Beth Shepard’s on Facebook.

Vandenburg - Beth Shepard shill2

Vandendurg - Beth Shepard shill3

Also from Beth:  “This case seems like a joke.  If these are the kind of tactics that are going to be used through out the trial, I feel bad for the jurors but ever (sic) worst for the boys who are getting dragged into.”

Vandenburg - Beth Shepard shill1

And then, poof.  Beth disappeared shortly after the victim testified.

Oh.  It also turns outs John Herbison also has his own issues with the Bar.  This isn’t Herbison’s first rodeo, either.

Ultimately, seems like Fletcher Long and John Herbison are quite the pair to draw to!

One last thing.  Will get back to you after getting a status check on Defendant Miles Finley.  Last I heard the plea hadn’t expired.  So we’ll see.

Miles Finley - lake

Miles Finley

Still, when it comes to protecting women – TN is slipping into its old ways

11-13-12 Lamberth_William State Rep

William Lamberth

Rep. William Lamberth, R-Cottontown, sponsored a bill that removed a judge’s discretion to waive the 12-hour hold on someone arrested for violence.  As judges began using “discretion” to ignore victims, specifically after one Nashville judge called in a favor and got a prominent developer out of jail early, and the developer returned to assault his victim a second time….the bill has been gutted (amended) to allow the fake “discretion” factor to remain, but, adds paperwork.  In other words, judges calling in favors to spring their criminal friends, now must document in writing, their failure to protect the victim, so at least the victims can be notified the guy will soon be coming back for round two.

Or put another way, business as usual.  But thanks for trying Rep. Lamberth!


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9 Responses to Brandon Vandenberg fires two attorneys, keeps Perez for his appeal

  1. newprude says:

    Any updates on this case?


  2. Njpjm says:

    With regard to Perez, what is anything is going to be done about the previous allegations that he played Robert Kardashian (who allegedly “helped” his friend OJ Simpson) and allegedly helped destroy evidence ? Also , I have to wonder why Perez thought it was appropriate to shake his head and scowl at the jury as the verdict was being read . First , that was total arrogance . Second , he would have to be brain damged to actually believe that BV had any chance of acquittal . The words “squeeze that bleep ” were probably enough , in addition to his other depraved actions , all caught on surveillance tape . By the way , BV has zero chance of a reversal . They know this full well . I imagine that they are looking down the road five years to a possible sentence reduction, if anything . Or , if they are granted a new trial due to the issue with the juror , a plea deal to say 17 years . But BV is going away for a long time . That is the end result . The only question is whether he may be released in 2031 or as late as 2040 ish . 2040. Think of that . No Palm Desert for you until circa 2040, BV.


    • John Crain says:

      *Sigh* Too light, was thinking a minimum 30 years at least. Two questions:

      Do we really think that 20 years locked away in the pen will reform these guy into being better people? They can still do damage at that age, and probably more resentful too.

      Secondly, after being found guilty on ALL charges, won’t the sentencing be cumulative?


      • Thanks for the additions. Don’t know what the reform programs are like in TN so my prediction is Bates will have a loyal family who will visit him and give him spiritual guidance…and Brandon won’t fair so well. As for the sentencing the judge will decide whether the charges will be concurrent or consecutive.


  3. Njpjm says:

    Is this Beth Shepard person alleging that the victim had sex with Batey (?!) after the rape ? We already knew about BV, as per the testimony of the victim. If BV thought the fact that this would result in jury nullification then he was obviously delusional . And if his attorneys told hil he had a legitimate chance based on that then they were as dumb as he is and they did their client a disservice . If that is the card you are going to play them you have to go all out and attack the victim , which they did not do . It would not have worked anyway but I don’t know what else could have been done .


  4. Moms Hugs says:

    Hiring new appellate attorneys was expected since that work is vastly different than that of trial lawyers. I also expect that team will also analyse whether BV has a malpractice case against Long – not only for purposes of appeal, but insurance being the deep pocket as well. Sorry for my cynicism, but that’s reality.


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