The Ick Factor: CBS continues protecting Jacob Robbins, Sean MacDonald and Adam Nagel from their sex crime tweeted intentions

CBS Morning News logoUpdate:  Not a fan of Curt Schilling.  But he did once, do something right.

In a, “too creepy for words” segment on March 4, 2015, CBS Morning News protected the names of wannabe serial sex crimes predators who used twitter to communicate their intentions to their target’s father, Curt Schilling.

CBS did so during a segment with reporter Anna Werner from Boston, while interviewing Curt and his wife Shonda, (a college journalism major.)  Unfortunately, CBS went all-in to protect the tweeters.

First, CBS protected from public view, the names of the wannabe sex crime perpetrators who relentlessly tweeted their delight of the possibility of committing multiple sex crimes against the extremely talented (and gorgeous), Gabby Schilling, the Schilling’s daughter.GabbyschillingSecond:  CBS coyly described the tweets as so “offensive,” “vulgar,” and “not fit to air.”

on-airThird; CBS offered no reason for not airing the names of those tweeting the sex crime intentions.

Fourth:  CBS offered no reason for blocking out the photographs of the those tweeting their sex crime intentions.

Fifth:  CBS barely used specific sex crime terms to describe the tweets.


Anna Werner

Instead, Werner’s slant was hard on Schilling for going after those targeting his daughter.  In a sly backing of the those unloading a barrage of threats on a woman they did not know, Anna Werner asked Schilling:

“Is that fair?”

Schilling responded, “It’s not about fair.”

While Werner’s question was idiotic;  Schilling’s answer was incorrect.  It’s not about throwing the rules out as Schilling also claimed.  It’s about enforcing the rules by “all legal means necessary” as Schilling also intends to do.

However, while Werner missed the obvious in fairness, and while her (C) BS report was breathless in its scope of bad reporting, Werner’s report was spectacular in one area.  She perfectly captured (albeit inadvertently) the underbelly of America’s rape culture supported by media.  Thanks Anna!

Back in the studio, confusing, “he’s so mean” with relentlessly tweeted rape threats, Nora O’Donnell sternly called the behavior, “bullying.”  CBS THIS MORNING

Considering O’Donnell is on the Board of Directors of the International Women in Media, my hope is O’Donnell immediately rethinks her words, or resigns.

The larger issue

While the report better illustrated the reality that CBS; a media company that purports to report news, instead protects would be criminals; unknown is how long this will continue.  Likely not unless stockholders scream.

CBS is led by family man Les Moonves, the man ultimately, responsible for everything CBS. Therefore and first, while any story about the massively targeted Gabby Schilling is deliberately missing the names of those tweeting their wish to do her harm, is far past bad reporting…yet fantastic in the silent scream of misogyny-based media, this won’t go unaddressed by Moonves.  Right?  Wait.  Stockholders.  So, we’ll see.

The second question concerns whether/when the public might notice CBS is more interested in protecting guys like Jacob Robbins, who tweeted:

Jacob Robbins - wannabe rapist via Twiter

Jacob Robbins – Tweeter of rape threats. Also, #ParentalFAIL

than accurate reporting.  Trouble is:

CBS appears to have doubled-down for misogyny

So the question must be asked: if broadcast media giant CBS, headed Les Moonves,

Les Moonves - Julie Chen

Why does Les Moonves allow CBS to protect the names of those tweeting criminal threats to rape?

allows a breath-taking amount of pro-misogyny reporting to continue, and CBS remains a huge part of the massively huge part of the problem; how many more women will be targeted for sex crimes while stockholder rake in profits?

How about  “a Massive number”

Welcome to Corporate America!

Clearly CBS doubled-down in their attack of Schilling with Boston affiliate, Feiger and Massarotti. Taking it several steps down, Feiger and Massarotti screeched Schilling should get off Twitter.  Stepping lower still, Feiger and Massarotti inserted tags (in a coordinated effort???) to downplay sex crimes as “internet bullying.”

Schilling - Why Felger - Massarotti should retire

Downplaying sex crimes is one reason why Felger – Massarotti should be out of media.  The English language is another.

Seems to me, that when people employed in a media conglomerate remain unclear about the English language as it relates to crimes against women, their continued on-air positions signals both a misogyny and HR problem.

wrap it up

Remove from on-air reporting.

Also, should Hillary decide to run for office, this is worth a mention.

Meanwhile the Yankees fired part-time ticket sales jerk, Sean MacDonald(no one would identify him as a salesman.)

How often are college age women threatened?

Since grade school.  Thus a parent must act when a school or media, is on the side of criminals.  Lawsuits are chronicled on the “Schools” page of

Adam Nagel, Jacob Robbins, Sean McDonald and other cowardly wannabe rapists, who, for good measure laugh about committing sex crimes in their tweets, while verbally assaulting the object of their disdain, now know they will remain in the public eye.

No thanks to media which purports to report the news.  All thanks to Curt Schilling.

Schiling background - Adam Nagel - Jacob Robbins - Sean MacDonald

Theta Xi Fraternity FAIL – Sean MacDonald  #ParentFAIL – Bookdale Community College FAIL – Adan Nagel #Parental FAIL

Any good news?

Yes!  While vigilance has lousy pr, (it’s such a tiresome word) but eventually vigilance is rewarded.  When wannabe rapists who turn into real rapists, such as Vanderbilt’s wannabe football star, (and avowed “Christian”)  Brandon Vandenburg,

Vandenburg - Twitter originalwho facilitated the gang-rape of his date as a bonding experience for his football team mate, “bros” as part of his American dream, might be appropriately rewarded.

For a little background on the Vanderbilt rape case that continues, (only two of the four defendants have been tried) as well as the awesomely brave victim, click here to learn about one Victim who refused to remain victimized.

Cheers Adam Nagel, Sean MacDonald, Jacob Robbins, Miles Finley, and others.

Be seeing you.


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6 Responses to The Ick Factor: CBS continues protecting Jacob Robbins, Sean MacDonald and Adam Nagel from their sex crime tweeted intentions

  1. bigstockplays says:

    These guys are bad actors


  2. Pingback: FOX NEWS continued attacks on women spreads to other networks and police departments | Media and the courts

  3. Mark T says:

    Just so you know, Theta Xi has permanently suspended Sean MacDonald. While it may not seem like much, it is the heaviest punishment a fraternity can levy against a member (active or alumni), one taken very seriously. Basically, he has been black-balled. Our membership, at least those that have heard of this transgression, are equally outraged that such behavior exists, let alone gets tolerated by anyone.

    Mark Takatz
    Alpha Psi of Theta Xi #396


  4. AngryDad says:

    it just a shame that everyone is going after the wrong school… a web cache of jacob robbins’s twitter shows him as a san jose state university student.

    the email for the dean is
    someone should start talking to her. don’t let this issue die until he is held responsible.
    make sure he is expelled. he’s not safe to have on campuses.


  5. newprude says:

    I heard about this on my local sports radio show. The men/fathers on that show definitely went for the jugular. They put all of these men on blast and encouraged the listeners to retweet and hashtag their names. The goal was to make sure all the vile details of these men’s actions would follow them forever. Good luck finding a job or a date.


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