National media gets it wrong on South Carolina’s Republican Party’s No Sex pledge: Good news for Todd Kincannon

Todd Kincannon - Soliciting naked pictures of womenNational Media gets it wrong again.

Not true that SCGOP is asking everyone to sign the “Purity Pledge” it dreamed up in 2012.

Here’s their FB update:

“For some reason, old news about a fake “purity pledge” [Wait.  There was a Purity Pledge] that the Laurens County Republican Party supposedly passed back in 2012 is circulating. I am writing this to clear up the lies and to state what actually happened. Everyone complains about RINO’s—Republicans in Name Only who fail to uphold the Party Platform, either by votes or behavior. In 2012, we decided to do something about this. We literally had a candidate who was running for a local office who stated to our Chair that he wanted to run for office as a Republican because it was “easier to get elected as a Republican.” So, with the advice of an attorney, we came up with a Resolution (only applicable to candidates filing to run in Laurens County), which was asking the candidates to sign a statement that they had read the SCGOP platform and were in agreement with it. My understanding is that some counties already require such a pledge; this was nothing new. A disgruntled candidate, who knew by his behavior in office that he might have trouble now running as a Republican, went whining to a local paper. They published a bunch of lies, which were picked up by other media, which were picked up by even more media, until we were smeared nationally. Meantime, our state GOP Chair called me (the 1st Vice Chair) and our Chair Bobby Smith telling us to say nothing and hope that this would be a one day story which would die and that we can’t get a fair shake from the media. I personally am opposed to letting lies stand unchallenged. The State GOP should have issued a statement clearing this matter up and allowed us to do so as well. Our Chair ended up resigning due to the huge media firestorm which ensued. So, everyone on social media is now posting and re-posting this old article and weighing in with their opinions on premarital sex and everything else, all of which are based on false allegations, and as such, render these discussions pointless. Please don’t believe everything you read, especially when it’s something this absurd.”

Remember dear readers – you heard it here First.

Then, South Carolina’s Republican Party wanted it’s members to tow the line in the marital bed.  That meant there was no, “pre-marital” bed.  Yep.  No sex prior to marriage.  Also; knock off the porn.    So said – well, everyone in Laurens County, South Carolina, as its members voted Unanimously to clean up their bedrooms in 2012.  (I imagine people left in droves.)

But then:  Cleaning up the image, those wishing to join the Laurens County Republican Party had to sign a Pledge SC Laurens County GOP is now calling a statement:

You must favor, and live up to, abstinence before marriage.

You must be faithful to your spouse. Your spouse cannot be a person of the same gender, and you are not allowed to favor any government action that would allow for civil unions of people of the same sex.

You cannot now, from the moment you sign this pledge, look at pornography.

Which means, now that Laurens County has disavowed their pledge – er, “statement” to the Republican Party’s Platform; I guess Columbia attorney, Todd Kincannon, could leave Columbia for Laurens County any time now!  Whoo hoo!  I mention this as at one time, Todd Kincannon was the Executive Director of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Todd Kincannon - I have a big

Todd Kincannon – trolling for three-ways.

When not running the Republican Party, the mouth from the South also spent a lot of time harassing and attempting to harass women.  Due to Kincannon’s silly missives threatening to sue me, I kept tabs on his legal style.  I also complained to officials when Kincannon suggested someone should have killed  Col Morris Dean, and trying to get pictures of naked women, as he did the woman, below.

Todd Kincannon - Soliciting naked pictures of women

Why Any Woman would like Kincannon remains a mystery.

Yet, for all Kincannon’s self-raves and rants, reality is quite different. Turns out ole Todd is great on the talk; but his walk is more of a waddle.

As reported earlier

In a surprisingly quiet move, Todd Kincannon, South Carolina’s self-appointed, so-called defender of free speech, Mouth of the South for racists, misogynists and homophobes – as well as an enthusiastic troller for three-ways, has stopped.  Shut down.  For those of you new to malignant hate the short version is:  Kincannon hates anyone not like him.

On July 14, 2014, Legal Insurrection, posted Todd Kincannon’s blustery Complaint against the South Carolina State Bar and others Kincannon deems nefarious.  The suit alleging First Amendment violations was filed in U.S. District Court.

Always a blowhard, Kincannon’s splashy Complaint was laughable in many areas, including Kincannon’s reference to his “highly lucrative” law practice.  (Which only makes Kincannon’s creeping back on Twitter to beg for donations to “defray” legal costs of publishing his alleged book that much funnier.)

Gone boy gone

But, it’s likely – over.  Shut down by….none other than “Mr. All Talk – No Back Up” himself.

From the Court filings:

– – – –

Case Number:  3:14 – CV -02832-MGL

Filed: 07-14-14 – however no Summons was initially requested.  (Hint:  PR stunt.)

Eventually a Summons was issued, months later.  The Summons had to have been served by 12-19-14.

After no “Proof of Service” by Kincannon was received by the Court, the Court issued a “Motion to Show Cause” to Kincannon to address the matter.  Kincannon’s Response was due on January 9th, 2015.

Cue the crickets!

After receiving zip, Judge Shiva Hodges issued a Report and Recommendation to dismiss the suit without prejudice (meaning Kincannon could at least attempt to get his very flimsy act together and try again) but if not; Judge Hodges recommendation to Dismiss goes to the presiding judge on January 30, 2015.  The court could then elect to rule on the matter then, or later.

– – – –

Kincannon supporters likely do not know his history of dropping claims.  One example is below.  Feel free to look up the rest.

Kincannon drops lawsuit to reinstate candidatesThere’s more which we would happily detail, including Kincannon’s repeated threats to sue us, except Kincannon supporters aren’t know for smarts.  They are primarily known for drinking Kincannon’s Koolaid; and thus, simply refuse to believe anything that does not support Kincannon.

However, while Kincannon supporters aren’t known for being the sharpest tools in the shed; they are known as fanboys and girls for racism, misogyny, and homophobia.  Ever helpful, we recommend David Duke protege, Steve Scalise for the simple reason that unlike Kincannon, the Republican Party did not throw him out.

Todd wants to be pretty, too.

As an aside, Legal Insurrection featured a younger, slimmer picture of Kincannon as he prefers to see himself; rather than the bandaid wearing, pudgy schlub wearing a cheap suit and dark circles, that he is.

Todd Kincannon - badaidBottom line?  The poster boy for South Carolina’s Bar and legislators ongoing inability to protect the public or clients from “impaired” attorneys –


Todd Kincannon - I may be a sick duckis closed, for now.

And he did it all by himself.

Laurens County:  No Worries!

Perhaps Kincannon will want to move from Columbia to Laurens County now that you all have lightened up!

Also, while everyone will would have been lying about pre-martial sex;  while offering that they were hiking the Appalachian Trail, now the coast is clear.  You can pretend to believe them!


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