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Breaking: Judge Monte Watkins grants “Mistrial” in Brandon Vandenburg, Corey Batey, Vanderbilt rape trial

Jury Foreman Todd Easter, got a little more fame than he bargained for today after Nashville Criminal Court Judge Monte Watkins granted a mistrial for Vanderbilt University foottball players, Brandon Vandenburg, and Corey Batey who were earlier convicted of multiple … Continue reading

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Two guys stop an “in progress” campus rape!

Nooooo – of course it wasn’t two, Vanderbilt guys. Lawn rape It was two guys riding bikes on the Stanford University campus, who first noticed a rape in progress on a lawn near the Kappa Alpha fraternity.  The victim was … Continue reading

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Brandon Vandenburg’s friends react to the Vanderbilt rape case verdict

Update:  January 31, 2015:   Since writing this piece was contacted by Evan Andrew Ross. Turns out while the California crew all shun Brandon now, they remain friends with Brandon’s California Co-defendants.  Meaning, they’ve learned zip. Also learned Evan has … Continue reading

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Vandenburg verdict: Guilty

Splashdown:  The Verdict is in: Guilty on all counts.     Pent up emotions can now be freed.         Vandenburg looked entirely perplexed.  Then disbelief settled in.    Mom Shawna and the twins boys weren’t present.  Likely wanting … Continue reading

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