Thanking attorney Hal Moroz for demonstrating “Conservative” hypocrisy in three tweets


Hypocrite Hal Moroz

Some days, life is almost too easy!

Today turned out to be a super easy day for exposing religious bigots. Our thanks goes to ex judge, attorney, Hal Moroz who unwittingly demonstrated to all, the behavior of a colossal hypocrite.

The subject is the same:  America’s founding fathers insistence on the separation of Church and State, and the ongoing conniption fits of  Tea Party types who continue to maintain their phony, “Conservative” label.  (Not sure if Hal Moroz is in favor of a mandatory, Baptist nation, but if so; my hope is dancing won’t be banned.)

Anyway, it happened like this.

In response to a Hal Moroz (who still calls himself a judge at every opportunity) tweet:

“NOW is the time to STAND against the Obama agenda & elect a Conservative as Speaker!”

(Anyone know of any president who didn’t have an “agenda?”)

@familylawcourts tweeted the below to Hal @JudgeMoroz



And how did this so-called “proud Reagan Conservative, former infantryman” – and clearly biased ex judge, react?

He blocked them.  Yep.  Former Judge Hal Moroz immediately blocked them without comment.

Twenty minutes later @Rockmedia responded in kind with the below tweet and block to Hal.



And Hal, being Hal, fell right in the trap.

Yes, old Hal did himself in by showing the world, via Twitter, how to live like a hypocrite, in spite of writing a book titled,

“Living the Godly Life.”

which included a line in the Bible about not trading “insult for insult”

(Maybe Hal had a ghost writer.)

But just like the old Candid Camera television show, Twitter showed Hal Moroz caught in the act of being a himself.   A hypocrite.


Would list the number of times “Hypocritical Hal” complains others “name call” (he blocked @Rockmedia – then tweeted and named called her while cowardly tweeting from behind his block)….but where would my day would go if all I did was evidence many times Hal demonstrated his vast amounts of  hypocrisy?  🙂

Tea Party types hate Veterans who need services

Considering how many times so-called “Republicans” in Congress voted against helping Veterans,  Tea Party Hal should be ashamed of himself for saying he admires these brave men and women.  Also, although claiming to be a “Reagan loving Conservative,” Hypocritical Hal is mute on Reagan’s speech regarding the Separation of Church and State.


Hal Moroz is confused on separation of Church and State. President Reagan was not


Bottom Line:  I work with attorneys and veterans.

Currently am producing a movie about war heroes; but personally, having been reared in the military, would never send any veteran in need of legal assistance to Hal Moroz.


(Wondering if ole Hal was this biased while on the bench? It would be interesting to know whether the two-faced Hal Moroz ever did this while on the bench….in the interest of “justice.”)

Separately, Hal doesn’t seem, well, adult.  Also, and this is only personal; Moroz’s website is like, from the 90s.

However, should anyone be interested in following two, real Conservatives; and by real, I mean the thoughtful, able to hear both sides – kind; who are both smart, funny, and have what’s known as “judicial temperament” in spades.

Those interested in real conservatives; for Georgia:   Follow @judgedillard. (@familylawcourts does..and being a true Conservative, he follows them back. Judge Dillard also has a cool music collection and a good looking family.)

For Texas: @justicewillett (@familylawcourts follows Justice Willett. Because his kids are the cutest…and he’s funny. He doesn’t follow them back, but occasionally favs some of their tweets.  Seems addicted to Blue Bell Ice Cream, which naturally causes us some concern.)

Also, more appropriately, and unlike “Hypocritical Hal,” neither Judge Dillard or Justice Willett follows convicted felon, Dinesh D’Souza, once sued by his own company.)

Both Judge Dillard and Justice Willett are daily, demonstrating the best kind of Conservative.

Skip Hal.  Screechers like Hal aren’t Conservative in the slightest. They are religious zealots interested in killing the Republican Party – and there’s nothing “conservative” about their, and Hal’s kind of venom.

Best For Last

That said, don’t think I don’t appreciate Hal Moroz for demonstrating his over-the-top, brand of hypocrisy fast, and often.

I do.  Oh boy, I surely do. 🙂

So, kudos to Hal!  Thanks again for the demonstration!


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