Explaining what a “no-hype” publicist, does

Most of my clients are attorneys who do good things and deserve, good, media attention.  Particularly when they are working in an new area, such as HOA law, or in an area media typically ignores.  Such as Family Court, the largest, busiest, most used court in the nation.  I also, sometimes work with litigants in Family Court, as well as those who are older and facing Elder Financial Abuse.

That’s harder because often the litigants trusted people who, say in the case of former attorney, Patricia Gregory, embezzled from them.  In that case I led the charge to get a very reluctant San Diego District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis, to prosecute Gregory. Charges were only filed after Dumanis’ record of letting crimes attorneys commit, slide, were profiled in the San Diego Union Tribune.

This was hard in part, because Patricia Gregory used to work in the DA’s office.  Ironically, in Child Support Enforcement.  🙂

Sometimes media is not too interested in how people who must show up in court, become victims of the court, and the Elieen Zelig was one.  “Was” because Eileen begged for help, and was ignored.  Eilieen Zelig was killed by her ex, at the courthouse.  After completing a courts in Domestic Violence.  (If you don’t know the person who is victimized, is often accused, then thank media for not covering it, appropriately.)

After Eileen’s husband shot her in the chest in front of their daughter, the family sued, and lost at the lower court level.  They appealed and won at the Court of Appeal level, and lost in full, at the California Supreme Court.

But one continues because, it’s necessary.  However, sometimes even good people like me, have a bad day!  My suggestion for how to deal with a bad boss, when I am the boss, was featured, on “Recruiterhere.

I call it, “best for last”  because a sense of humor is important! 🙂


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