Todd Kincannon – Wife taped hours of threats

Ashley Kincannon ski suit

Ashely Kincannon – downhill racer – from Todd Kincannon

Good news!  Unlike California, which a two-party state when it comes to secretly recording people, (unless one feels one’s life is in danger) the State of South Carolina is a one-party state. Meaning only one party needs to be advised taping is happening.  Generally, that would be  the person taping.  🙂

Turns out Ashely Kincannon has been secretly recording her husband.  More specifically, her husband’s threats to make her miserable because she’s not doing what he wants.

One of many earlier Todd Kincannon  freakouts was reported a few day’s ago, (here) which brought an official police response.

But an official police response is also the bad news

South Carolina’s husband – wife murder rate is quite high.  Second in the nation, high. (Only Alaska is higher.)

So while Lexington County Sheriff officials might have a wide-range of choices to consider charging Todd Kincannon with, and although the original report listed an assault; the question is:  police work is not considered a given.

However, at least Todd provided the ground work with their previous fight, ending with Ashely’s escape, covered earlier.

The newest twist continued with Ashely asking Todd why couldn’t they just let their relationship dissolve.  Click on the link below to hear the recordings.

Ashley Kincannon - in car

Ashely Kincannon driving away from a nightmare?

Because I blame you for creating the problems,” was Kincannon’s response.

“And if the relationship dissolves I will get my revenge.  I wanted something out of this.”

“I got into this marriage with expectations that it would be a thing that it is not,” said the defeated chub-hub.

Then Todd threatened Ashely:

And I am telling you right now, you will cure that problem and you will begin to meet my expectations or else you will be very sorry with what happens next.”

With so many tapes the police could have quite the high old time deciding which charge to begin charging Kincannon.  But and sadly, no one I talked to at the sheriff’s office had ever heard of Kincannon.

No really.  I was told that.  Repeatedly.

Also, while it seems that Lexington County Sheriff A. Lewis McCarty claims to go by the Golden Rule. . .apparently the Golden Rule does not stretch to some personnel. 

Who are not big on returning calls.

Including Public Information Officer, Major John Allard (three calls from early in the morning were met with – the sound of silence.)

The detective on the case hung up.

The records folks were nice.  Ladd, a retired guy was nice.  Lt. Scott Frier, MIA.

This is potentially, very bad news for Ashely – again who lives in a state with the second highest murder rate in the country. 

This could mean Kincannon slides.

One might wonder how bad the policing is in Lexington?  I can’t say.  Can only say hints were detected.  Basic stuff.  The main number features a voice activated message which cuts off after 30 seconds. Whew.  🙂

Ashley Kincannon - in happier times

Todd and Ashely Kincannon in what is usually described as, “In happier times.”

Anyway, According to Todd, the demise of their marriage is all her fault.  But you guessed that, right?

Oh wait.  Allard finally returned my call.

More bad news!  Allard’s attitude was typical of the type of kind of police officer who grades requests rather than attending to their job function.

Imagine not returning a call for several hours and then copping an attitude about one’s own lack of responsiveness.  Oy.

So look out Ashely.  If Lexington County is where you’re looking for help; girl, you’ve got your work cut out for you!


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5 Responses to Todd Kincannon – Wife taped hours of threats

  1. Buddy Miles says:

    I was stalked, harassed, and conspired against after leaving a relationship (live in) for six months, including semi automatic gunfire outside my house at night. I reported to law enforcement only to discover later that the reports were altered. Her activity partner was a person I’ve never spoken to or met. He was a S.C. National Guard member that served with the deputies I had reported to. Three years after the stalking, when the statute of limitations expired, the Sheriff got an award from the National Guard for his support. Just another example of the good ole boy network looking out for one another. Would you like to hear the lie I recorded by Adjutant General Livingston? Want to see the altered reports (they don’t jive with one another)? I also have a wealth of other damaging information. Filing a false police report lands you in jail, but to bring attention to law enforcement short comings means hiring a lawyer.


  2. Moms Hugs says:

    Well, Bonnie, I’m counting on you to take a look at another state – Pennsylvania – where the divorce took 5 years & Nicole Peppelman was finally granted a divorce in January. However, she didn’t get sole custody of the couple’s 3 young sons despite her testimony of physical & psychological abuse by their father. Today the county coroner ruled that Christopher Peppelman killed Nicole by choking & knifing her before gouging her with a chainsaw. His death by chainsaw was ruled a suicide. Their oldest son, an 8th Grader in Middle School, was on spring break & returned home to find them dead. Comments to articles claim some fault lies with the family court system there.


    • Here’s what happened. The police blew her off. The courts blew her off and so he was free to do the same.
      This is what happens in case after case. As far as I’m concerned, the disinterested police are the the main problem.
      Essentially, women pay taxes for police and court services they don’t receive…to become sitting ducks.


      • Moms Hugs says:

        Yes, indeed. Many commenters in local news were stating the same. Her family asked in her obituary that donation should be made to the Laurel House, a domestic violence agency in that PA county ( I swear high school bros stay bonded later in life when they continue to look out for each other (us against the girls) regardless of marriage, family, work or profession.


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