Todd Kincannon – belated arrest on domestic violence charge as Lexington County dropped the ball

Todd Kincannon - mug shot

Todd Kincannon domestic violence mugshot – after Lexington County delayed for days the mounds of evidence provided.

While most are happy to see Todd Kincannon in Orange, it turns out the delays caused by  Lexington County, remain significant.

So, yes.

Lexington County screwed up again.

– – – –

But they aren’t the first.  Simpsonville Police Department holds that honor as they too, allow crime victims to decide whether a crime has been committed.  Or, put another way:  Duh.

‘This just in from the Charleston City Paper

“Just before midnight on April 13, 2013, according to one incident report, an officer with the Simpsonville Police Department responded to a call from Kincannon’s father, who said he wished to report an incident but did not want to press charges. The father (whose name has been redacted from the report) said that he had been woken up at 11:55 p.m. by his dogs barking because Kincannon was banging on the front door. Kincannon reportedly said that he had spilled Coca-Cola on his hands and needed to wash them. When the father followed him into the kitchen, Kincannon allegedly pulled a out a revolver, pointed it at his father, and screamed, “Get back, motherfucker, or I’ll kill you.”

The father said that he tried to retreat, but his son pushed him against the front door twice and said, “Now I’m going to kill you, motherfucker.” The father ran shoeless to another house and said that “he could see the red laser sight from Todd’s handgun bouncing around as he was running,” according to the report.

Speaking to police, Kincannon’s father said he and his wife had given Kincannon “large amounts of money in the recent past (including $35,000) to help Todd pay off student loans and to help him catch up on payments to the rental house” and that tension had arisen recently over inheritance issues after a family member passed away. An officer wrote at the time, “He advised that he’s seen the weapon plenty of times in the past, especially when Todd put his own gun to his head and threatened to kill himself.” Kincannon’s father also said there was “a lengthy history of Todd verbally and physically abusing he and his wife.”

A week later, on April 20, 2013, Kincannon’s father called police again to say that he feared Kincannon would show up at his house with a firearm. He said that Kincannon had prepared his grandfather’s will and that Kincannon “believes he should have all of it.” The report also stated that Kincannon’s father “said he had recordings of threats being made to him but he could not let us listen to them at this time.” The father called again later in the day to report that he had received threatening text messages from his son.

“I advised him that he could get a Mental Health Pick up order issued for his son,” the responding officer wrote in an incident report. “He stated that he would look into it.”

So the police did nothing.  Can we charge Simpsonville Police with elder abuse.  Seems common.


Returning to the latest meltdown of Todd Kincannon:

Delay is always the name of the game in any domestic violence case, and Lexington County excels in that area.

With expected results.

Although surely one would expect law enforcement to be very aware South Carolina leads the nation in husbands murdering their wives, First in the nation, (beating Alaska in May) never-the-less, Lexington County officials took their sweet time reviewing the mounds of evidence provided by Ashely Kincannon, before finally arresting Todd. Because Lexington County dropped the ball, Kincannon was able to talk Ashely into not cooperating with any prosecution.  Meanwhile, and giving us giggle fits, FITSNEWS continues identifying Kincannon as a “prominent” attorney.

When Todd appeared in court, as almost reported by WISTV, except WISTV omitted the name of the judge and the DA – Kincannon pleaded before the faceless, nameless judge, to waive the no contact order.

(It is inexcusable the identity of the judge was not included, but we’re working on it.)

UPDATE:  The Magistrate who indeed, waived the “No Contact” order was Magistrate Arthur L. Myers and his term expires April 30, 2015.  Am expecting a re-appointment because and again, South Caroline leads the nation in husband-wife murders, and Judge Arthur Myers ordered they continue marital counseling.  That’s right.  Kincannon’s threatened to kill Ashely on tape, and Judge Myers ordered continued counseling.  Whew.

And of course, as abused women often do, however, because Lexington County took their sweet time, the “couple” released a “joint statement.”

“We appreciate the interest and concern created by last week’s incident – and we understand the attention this matter has generated in the local and national media. Our marriage is obviously not perfect, and as a result we are – individually and jointly – receiving counseling in an effort to make the best decisions moving forward. As part of that process, we both agree it is in our shared interest to remain separate from one another for the foreseeable future. Whatever happens with our personal relationship – we wish each other no ill will professionally, and hope to support each other’s careers into the future. We are grateful for the prompt, professional and courteous efforts of the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department in responding to last week’s incident, however we wish to make it clear we will not be voluntarily participating in any further inquiries regarding this matter – nor will we be testifying in any court proceedings related to this matter. Furthermore, we will we have no further comment to the media regarding what we believe to be a private matter and a closed case – one warranting no further press attention or expenditure of taxpayer resources. We are thankful for the kindnesses shown by friends and family members during this period of separation and counseling. And we are thankful to God for providing us with such strong support networks as we seek to determine the next chapter in our lives.” Ashley Kincannon - in car
Todd Kincannon - behind bars

Todd Kincannon – looking nice in mesh

Previously, Todd was very clear.  He blamed all their problems on Ashely.

Because I blame you for creating the problems,” was Kincannon’s response. “And if the relationship dissolves I will get my revenge.  I wanted something out of this.” “I got into this marriage with expectations that it would be a thing that it is not,” said the defeated chub-hub. Then Todd threatened Ashely:

And I am telling you right now, you will cure that problem and you will begin to meet my expectations or else you will be very sorry with what happens next.”

But it doesn’t begin or end with Kincannon, as Lexington County’s latest screw up.

Truth be told, South Carolina goes to extreme lengths to protect killers.

Beverly Melton who was run off the road by a stranger who saw her at a convenience store, then repeatedly raped before killing her with a baseball bat as she pleaded for her life, was offered a deal by a bunch of lazy District Attorneys.

Lexington County Sheriff A. Lewis McCarty allowed the Kincannon case to slide. With taped recordings of Kincannon’s threats.  This begs the question, exactly what are women receiving for their tax dollars?  Certainly not “police services.”

Which could mean, if Lexington County DAs are as lazy as the police, Kincannon will slide.


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6 Responses to Todd Kincannon – belated arrest on domestic violence charge as Lexington County dropped the ball

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  2. Moms Hugs says:

    Hmmm… this explains my niece’s situation with her abusive hubby while living in SC. She “endured” the abuse to the degree she lost custody of her children when they visited their father in Germany.


  3. jodi says:

    Well written post. It seems Ashley is backing down. Who is pushing (or scaring) her to do that? Todd or the “justice” system or both? She’s pretty young yet. I hope she has good family & friends for a lot of support and to be a voice of reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Abused women often return to the people abusing them. It’s why the cycle continues. Just posted an update. The courts are set up to get women killed. If a stranger threatened to kill someone and their family it would go Straight to a Criminal court. However in South Carolina, the murder capital of family murders, women are shuttered off into a lower court; and the sheriff shows up to testify. Ashely’s interests are not represented. In this case the Magistrate, Arthur L. Myers thought (I am not making this up) it was a good idea for the Kincannon’s to resume “marital counseling” and he waived the no contact order. I know this reads like a skit for Saturday Night Live – (Or in this case, dead) but when one considers Todd Kincannon promised to kill Ashely, her family, and then himself; and the Magistrate of a sub-court, waives a no-contact order, then one shouldn’t be surprised South Carolina’s murder rate is the highest in the nation. By the way, Arthur L. Myers’ term expires April 30, 2015. Given the SC legislature doesn’t care about women; he will likely be reappointed.


  4. Thomas says:

    Lexington’s Sheriff was forced to resign after federal authorities finally indicted him. Where was Solicitor Donnie Meyers? Where was SCAG Wilson’s indictment? Sitting on Meyer’s desk in the ‘yea right’ stack of never to be prosecuted stack? Look guys, McCarty was appointed by Haley, you can bet, after hours and hours of acrimonious phone calls and letters of recommendation…to get someone in there to keep the corruption from ever coming to light! Then the same crowd anointed their candidate with very early endorsements and a hundred grand in political donations that used to be accessible. A few years ago the search parameters changed to a ‘donations by zipcode’ search only. Long story short of course the county sheriff is corrupt. Elections matter…for those who work the system…er ahh corrupt the system with their form of “justice”. Unless those who are victims of institutional corruption realize how they ‘work’ the elections, nothing will ever change.

    As for Ashley’s allegations and Todd’s arrest, you can be sure that the charges and her complaints are long over due.


    • Well, this would explain my previous efforts to obtain PUBLIC records from Lexington County. (See prior column) however, can’t say media behavior is anything to write home about,asfitsnews and Kincannon go way back…and Paul Bowers at Charleston City Paper never bothered to interview Ashely. The List goes on…


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