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Todd Kincannon Was The Outlier For Everything Craven and Wrong with America.

I jumped on Twitter about five years ago and immediately, uneasily, recognized Todd Kincannon was an outlier.  I just didn’t realize Kincannon was the outlier for everything craven, and crazy wrong about America. Unfortunately, as the former head of South … Continue reading


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Todd Kincannon – belated arrest on domestic violence charge as Lexington County dropped the ball

While most are happy to see Todd Kincannon in Orange, it turns out the delays caused by  Lexington County, remain significant. So, yes. Lexington County screwed up again. – – – – But they aren’t the first.  Simpsonville Police Department … Continue reading

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Todd Kincannon – Wife taped hours of threats

Good news!  Unlike California, which a two-party state when it comes to secretly recording people, (unless one feels one’s life is in danger) the State of South Carolina is a one-party state. Meaning only one party needs to be advised … Continue reading

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A Todd Kincannon update: Still crazy, but at least Ashely Kincannon finally noticed

Update on Todd Kincannon.  Not his alleged, “lucrative” law practice, covered earlier.  Updates to include Kincannon’s very scared wife, <—–  Ashely Kincannon. (Those new to the cesspool known as Kincannon’s mind can get a sense of it through a small … Continue reading

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