Frank Serpico, deadbeat dad wannabe, is running for office. Would his son vote for him?

Frank Serpico

Frank Serpico litigated to pay less child support

Frank Serpico is running for the Stuyvesant Town Council.  Here’s why you might not want to vote for him.

Years ago while looking for a hero to profile, my thought was – “Can’t  go wrong with Frank Serpico!”

Turns out, I could.  The more I researched, the more Frank Serpico’s dark side came into focus. Including the fact that,

Frank Serpico fought all the way to the New York Supreme Court for the right to pay less child support than the law allowed.  Serpico had a novel “Deadbeat Dad” approach.

Turns out, the record indicates Frank’s most enduring trait isn’t bravery, it’s holding a grudge.  Holding a grudge is why he’s running for Town Council.  Full circle!

The NYPD backstory

Sometimes after a dream comes true, it turns into a nightmare. This sums up the life of Frank Serpico, who decades later, still refuses to forgive NYPD, for not being the kind of agency he thought he was signing up to serve., and turning on Frank when he did the right thing.

Frank Serpico will never get over the fact that some cops hate him, and that NYPD brass treated him poorly.  He was right, NYPD was wrong.  But Frank Serpico, for all his “meditation” and living with nature, can’t let that grudge go.

So, not surprisingly, a grudge also explains Frank’s latest “quest” for office.  Poor Stuyvesant.

However, it turns out Frank has a problem with accountability when it comes to his own behavior.

Turns out, Frank Serpico does not hold himself to the standards he insists others comply.

Frank Serpico:  Absentee Dad

This includes refusing to do the right thing by his only child, an infant son.  Perhaps because Frank felt as tricked by the boy’s mother, as he was by NYPD.  Anyone else see a pattern?

Frank Serpico had two quick marriages and then began to roam. In all, Frank married four times. The wife who lasted the longest (although none lasted long), died of cancer in Europe, where they living at the time

Returning to New York, Frank began hooking up. But on March 15, 1980, Frank was furious to learn he’d become, surprise; a first-time father. Frank claimed the women he’d had an affair with told him she was taking birth control pills.

  1. Dad Frank said the woman told him she was on the pill.
  2. Mom says she said no such thing
  3. Mom says she wasn’t on the pill.
  4. Mom got pregnant.
  5. Dad Frank, bailed.

Enter: Family Court

Frank objected to supporting the child saying he felt he was tricked into fathering. The now, non-couple litigated and Judge Nanette Dembitz of Family Court agreed with Frank knocking a couple hundred bucks off the support order because she felt the the sudden, new mom, made “misrepresentations.”

Mother appealed and the court commented on Serpico’s argument was a “Novel” approach, but agreed with Mom, stating in part,

”mother’s alleged deceit has no bearing upon” Mr. Serpico’s ”obligation to support his child.”

The Court of Appeal added,

‘The statute does not require, nor, we believe, does it permit, consideration of the ‘fault’ or wrongful conduct of one of the parents in causing the child’s conception,” wrote Associate Judge Sol M. Wachtler for the court. 

(You may remember Sol Wachtler.  Sol Wachtler became New York’s top judge, before going to prison after initiating a 13 month non-stop campaign of anonymous letters and telephone calls, threatening to kidnap the daughter of Joy Silverman, the woman Wachtler had an affair with, who broke up with him.  Wachtler thought she might turn to him for help.  Silverman instead, turned to the police, who caught coming out of a turnpike phone booth, after yet another threatening call.)

But Frank, still intent on “winning” because he was “right” litigated all the way  New York’s top court.

The top Court unanimously affirmed the Court of Appeal, telling  furious Frank:

“The kid’s needs are greater than the parents.

The top court added:

”mother’s alleged deceit has no bearing upon” Mr. Serpico’s ”obligation to support his child.”

Frank’s heart grew harder as bitterness stole over him.  Frank Serpico did not raise his boy. He saw him occasionally.

The young man is now making his own name and winning awards in his field.

He was not mentioned on Frank’s website or blog years ago.

Frank Now is Frank Then

By today’s standards, Frank has an age appropriate girlfriend.  Meaning she is twenty years younger than he is.

Lee Jamison

Lee Jamison – has the background to work with Frank Serpico

Interestingly, Lee Jamison is challenging the Town Supervisor on the Democratic and Working Families Party line. Could someone advise her of Frank’s lesser known background? I ask as Ms. Jamison is also seeking the Women’s Equality Party endorsement, and feels Frank’s is part of an “awesome” ticket.

The Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation endorsed Lee’s candidacy. Apparently, non are aware of the behavior of police towards women.  Good thing there’s, there’s a history.

Lee is a 35 year resident of Stuyvesant and works at Columbia Memorial Hospital as a psychiatric social worker serving people with developmental disabilities.

So if Frank wins, Lee would be equipped to deal with him.

What happens if Frank doesn’t win?

Have read Frank has renewed passport and gotten rid of his chickens and goats.  Currently, he’s said future plans include a visit to Cuba.  Perhaps just in time to settle into a new round of taking on the Cuban government and imagined acclaim.

Frank’s run boils down to Frank Serpico as a 79 year old man stomping his foot yet again, because he feels betrayed, yet again.  This time by the town of Stuyvesant.

In Frank’s world, grudges make the world go ’round.




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12 Responses to Frank Serpico, deadbeat dad wannabe, is running for office. Would his son vote for him?

  1. Jane Smith says:

    Very interesting article.


    • My original intent was to write about a hero. Research pretty much killed that idea.
      Frank’s been living off one good act…an admittedly great act, for decades. But as a father, he’s was a dedicated, jerk.


  2. Thank you Bonnie… I didn’t respond when you originally wrote this, honestly because I still hoped my father would be the bigger adult between himself and his heartbroken child. Sure me and him are both at fault in the way a broken man insists on putting himself at equal with his own child that he chose to not love in the flesh (since the torment of paying child support combined with seeing the eyes of the cunt he procreated with in his own offspring, was much too much for a real man to bare…. much simpler to just to bundle all of his hate for that woman along with me and let my needs as a fatherless child just go abandoned…… I’ve been so proud of my Father for so many years, but it’s only now that I’ve realized I’ve been making excuses for a man revered for his “strength” and “courage”….. no, I’m sorry…. A real man would give fuck all to everything else, and only care that he was revered for being a wonderful father and mentor. Proper fathers to their only son’s… they are the men… the only men whom I respect and applaud, with all of my formerly broken heart and previously empty childhood soul.

    While I want nothing more then to gush over and be proud of my father, I can not any longer… as I’ve gotten older and learned the true meaning of a “hero”. A father.


  3. Sarah Porter says:

    Thank You for a well written interesting honest article. In this society a woman who has a back bone and the courage and intelligence to speak is admirable. Never stop. It will give you peace & pride in yourself when you are old.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Christopher B Zielinski says:

    If he never paid his child support I would say maybe I could agree with you, Is this the case? If not being a divorced father of 2 who has paid his child support for many years, how canyou call him deadbeat?. arguing over money with my ex is something I’ve had the unfortunate experience of going through for years.My kids are my life, and I’ve tried to afford them everything in my power, but sometimes you have to say no. Anyway lol was just watchin serpico on TV and decided to read real Bio, and saw your Blog. Ha, Take care.P.S. I hope he has a relationship with his son, regardless of how, It is greatest gift you can Ever receive!!!!


  5. Emilia says:

    What do you think of the fact that Serpico was deceived by a woman who deliberately failed to take her birth control?


    • Since you asked my opinion; I think you are clearly choosing to over-look the screamingly obvious.

      That being: How pathetic is it that an 83 year old man (who, like Nixon, still refers to himself in the third person) might have encouraged a woman to write on his behalf, asking about the mother of his only child in such a way as to denigrate her.

      I also think it’s screamingly obvious Frank turned out to be a wimp. But not just any wimp. A wimp who clearly, holds grudges.
      Lets review the facts.

      1. As a police officer, Frank Serpico clearly knew people lie.
      2. As a man who, like everyone else at the time, clearly knew birth control pill manufacturers Never once guaranteed 100% effectiveness; Frank continues whining about the fact he completely disregarded then and now – decades later; his responsibility to take control of his own reproductive rights.
      3. Frank chose instead, to believe what he wanted to believe.
      4. Frank continues to ignore the responsibility of one’s own reproduction lies with the individual. Decades later, he’s still in denial of his decision to be irresponsible.

      But, back to you. My real answer is: So what.

      Nothing the Mother did matters. What matters is the child. (Unless one is a Republican. Then clearly, children only matter in the womb). What matters is Frank spent a fortune stomping his foot in court, in a futile attempt to duck responsibility. (I don’t know what the Mother did for a living, I only know Frank was aware then as now, that pay disparity still exists.)

      Instead of “manning up” Frank chose to engage in protracted litigation to leave his only child both financially, and likely, emotionally. That’s what really makes Frank a wimp. That Frank continues whining, still, is – well, frankly, (pun intended) I’m embarrassed for him.

      Frank’s holier-than-thou act, doesn’t pass the smell test. Not even close. I seriously doubt he ever took his son’s feelings into consideration. And shame on you for daring to suggest anything else.

      In conclusion, you and Frank can take a hike.


  6. connie says:

    His kid was born in 1980. His kid is 35 years old. The kid, Alexander, is a middle aged man. He does not bear a grudge toward his dad. Why do you????? Seems like you are the one who holds a grudge against men. Grow up, lady.


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