@JSavite – “Just Janis” – The Intenet phenom

JSavite - Intenet Phenon

This long drink of water is “JustJanis” on Twitter

A word to the Twitter, wannabe-wise regarding @jsavite

A few years ago I pleaded with reporters to retire the word “awesome,” a word that had degenerated from describing someone or something of staggeringly breathtaking, achievement or say, beauty; to describing a meal, or a new pair of shoes.

Suddenly, everything was awesome and frankly, I was sick of it.

Then I discovered “JustJanis” – on Twitter, who is in in fact; beyond totally awesome!

Janice - black eye

Through a screen, the black-eye was a result of a baseball accident. Yep, The ever-gorgeous JustJanis: is a jock.

As in awe-inspiring.  Not because “JustJanis” works tirelessly – keeping herself in top, physical and mental condition – to help others.  Although she does that.

(The girl’s got some kind of stamina.)

Janice - on a bike

All-American good looks, JustJanis

Terrific.  Wonderful.  Heartwarming.  Not awesome.  My standards are admittedly, pretty high.

Janice - high fashion head shot

JustJanis, From her modeling portfolio –

Not because as a former All-American J. Crew sports type girl, whose kick-ass good looks catapulted her onto the international catwalks while still in high school.  Nope.   Major league terrific.  Just not, awesome.

Janice - her little boy

Mom to awesomely talented little human.

But,  “JustJanis” is totally awesome because:

she has bucket loads of patience for people who may or may not be equipped to deal with reality.  Some of whom, like to shower JustJanis, the bringer of facts, with insults.  Because she is equipped with facts and logic.  And some serious mojo.

For the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to witness on a daily basis, JustJanis trying to re-educate people who have been brainwashed – by design or accident – into believing something untrue.

People whose beliefs range from the patently absurd, to the just plain inaccurate.

Racist people.  Misogynistic people.  To them JustJanis responds unfailingly with good manners, facts, grace, good humor…but most of all: patience* while attempting to introduce factual matters into the conversation.

Some of the aforementioned people are opposed to facts.  People opposed to facts, often respond with memes. Some, really stupid memes.

Through it all, JustJanis responds by sticking to facts.  We’re talking about lonnnnng conversations, folks.  She’s almost like a machine.  One, very well-oiled, machine.  It’s really something to behold.

This makes JustJanis not “Queen of Twitter” as some allege.  This makes JustJanis,

The Internet Phenom.  Because JustJanis has a level of patience not generally seen in today’s world.

Yes, Just Janis is Phenomenal

But I say “Awesome” because while phenomenal is more accurate, it’s also a couple more syllables longer and than awesome; and — I’m lazy.

I admit to sometimes dropping by JustJanis’s Time Line (TL) to preemptively block the very people Just Janis tries so hard to educate.  Simply put, JustJanis’ patience and good humor exceeds all human standards in extraordinary abundance, (much like her intelligence…which she never brags about, or the company she founded.)

But people should know this about JustJanis.  She was an international model, (even her hair made money) graduated with multiple degrees, founded a successful landscape design firm, takes care of her wonderful, talented family.  Then there’s what she does for kicks, to give-back to Americans at large, in addition to charitable efforts in her hometown.  The ability to educate people as it turns out, is JustJanis’ super power.

Including people who may or may not appreciate an education.

But it’s JustJanis’s other-wordly amounts of patience that makes her an awesome standout, online.

In return some people call JustJanis vile names.  My favorite part is when these misogynistic dullards call her ugly.

JustJanis instantly agrees!  What a sense of humor!!!

Some people get more blessings in life than others.  Just Janis got a quadruple scoop.

But how many people with so many blessings, offer strangers the ability to sort fact from fiction?  JustJanis does this on a daily basis, more than anyone I know.  To all.

For no reward other than the opportunity to change a few minds with a few facts.

Who does that?  Hardly anyone, especially on Twitter.

This is why I admire JustJanis.

This is why you should too.

You may not agree with her politically.  But if you want intelligent discourse, follow JustJanis.  She has a few conservative friends on Twitter.  But only because they’re smart.  So there’s that.

Not having the type of patience JustJanis has, I do admire that she generally ignores slings and arrows and responds machine-like, with, more facts.  Today, I dropped by her TL and discovered more name calling.

Well, in fairness, I did mention I have trace amounts of patience.  I did mention to using JustJanis’s feed to preemptively block dullards.  But today, my trace amounts of patience, ran out.

So, I give you, you dullards who refuse to be educated – while making time to call a really nice person ugly; a bit more information about JustJanis.

Have a nice day! 🙂

* I should probably mention once Just Janis refers to you as “Skippy” well – you’re about two tweets away from a “Mute.”





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