Can we stop pretending racism isn’t a learned, mental illness?

Are we evolved enough to agree America would be a much healthier nation if we gave ourselves a long over-due reality check around racism?  I mean a couple hundred years of mostly ignoring the obvious, isn’t working.

As KKK members demonstrate, teaching their young to hate, racism is a learned, mental illness. Like cancer.

But when taught hate as a baby, hate then increases with nary a second thought.  This is how racism metastasizes from one generation to the next.

(The disgusting part, separate from the racist premise itself, is racist chest beaters act as if teaching hate as a family values – as the American way.  Racists slap a flag around this kind of ignorance, often adding a gun to the mix, and self-identify as “good” Americans.)

Except that teaching  this kind of toxic hate becomes after a time, a learned, mental illness.

The Oxford Handbook of Personality Disorders waited until 2012, to include a new chapter on identifying and assessing “pathological bias,” an extreme prejudice that could lead supremacists to commit random violence against another race.

Co-author Dr. Carl C. Bell, of the University of Illinois at Chicago, called for further study of racism as a personality disorder.

“Of course, most people do not understand the reality that probably 98 percent of racism is learned behavior,” Bell told one man in an email and telephone exchange, “and maybe 2 percent is due to some serious underlying personality problems.”

It’s way past time to sort things out

Some of my friends are “African-American.” Others are unapologetically “Black.” What works for them, works for me.

Also, as someone who as long said we should just drop the “Pledge of Allegiance:  – which isn’t much of a pledge since it’s clear “…and justice for all” hasn’t been any kind of overriding goal since 1863.  Put another way; Eric Holder:  Why haven’t you disbanded Ferguson Police Department?

However, while our alleged Justice Department has proven an immense disappointment, who is really overjoyed the State of Florida only recently decided to fire law enforcement personnel who were also KKK members?  I mean, come on people!  Get busy.

(As long as I’m standing on the soapbox, will quickly add anyone; A-n-y-o-n-e who is an attorney in the South, or who is in any southern law school; and not performing some kind of action to overcome voter suppression, is probably not going to be the kind of lawyer I would ever hire. Aside from a demonstrable lack of real ethics, civil rights lawyers are smarter than those who aren’t; as those attorneys who work in the trenches see problems and solutions, those office-bound attorneys, don’t.)

Also Racism, anti-gay, or misogynistic?

Who believes we choose just one?

Patricia Arquette

Patricia Arquette – thank you and rock on.

As we’ve been ignoring the misogyny that’s woven in the basic fabric of America culture – I’m done with that. Ergo, whenever I see something like the below,

Patricia Arquette

Misogynistic racist tweet from @CraigSJ retweeted by angry women of color

will respond.

Racist tweet

Get a grip on reality, BlackbroDude

Just like women who tolerate abuse silently, only to become an accessory to the person causing them harm, not calling out misogyny; or anti-white racism towards Patricia Arquette is not something I will let pass, unchecked.

Whether one or both are true, either is an attack on Patrica Arquette.

As for hatred of others for being, other?  Again, mentally not healthy to hate anyone for their sexual orientation.  However, people dumping on Patty?  Stupid beyond the pale.  Remember the First Amendment?  Or do those complaining only like it if they are included in Arquette’s every thought?   So please.  Those complaining would do well to grow up and attempt to be gracious on the height of Patricia Arquette’s night of professional success.  It’s not as if Arquette doesn’t give to others; it’s just that she doesn’t have attend to your needs for her every waking moment.  So please. Give it a rest.

A sneaky way to end hate

Wish we could commit to figuring out how to expand the successful anti-hate program an Irish priest came up with Dublin back in the 70’s when Dublin white Catholics were killing Dublin white Protestants, over, God.  (Unlike present day conditions, the Irish were bombing each others churches over mostly the same God.)


Celtic Rosary

But the priest was a pragmatic guy.  He took one Catholic boy and one Protestant boy, and shipped them both deep into Mexico for the summer.  As neither child spoke a word of Spanish, they found themselves stuck in a brand new culture with only each other to talk to and, depend.  But by summer’s end the boys saw each other as

human beings.

Soon after the bombings stopped.

Peace broke out.


Could we decide to get radical about working to eliminate the kind of mental illness that is the root cause of our national issues?

I hear the first step is Americans admitting we have a problem.  🙂

Lets start with Disbanding Ferguson PD and legislating equal pay for all women.


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9 Responses to Can we stop pretending racism isn’t a learned, mental illness?

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  3. P.S. LOVE Patricia A ! GO GIRL !


  4. Moms Hugs says:

    She didn’t say “white women” – just women. News Flash for Dummies: WOMEN come in all shades of skin color, race, national origin & religious beliefs. Back in the 60’s Black Power was a big deal to the civil rights movement; however, those black men were just as misogynistic as white men – expecting women to do the usual “women’s work” in their organizations. We lived in an all-black neighborhood when my children started school & their black teacher & principal – both with PhDs – explained that outsiders were behind the riots, causing trouble in their schools. The men used local black boys to set fires to black businesses & then befriended the boys in juvenile court to gain their loyalty, but black businesses couldn’t get insurance as a result. These highly educated black women were very angry when they told me how it was, calling the outsiders “niggers” – then said I shouldn’t be so shocked, that those men were no different than our “white trash” – they just had a word for them. I learned a LOT from those wonderful, magnificent black women! They were the beginning of my feminist education.


    • Moms Hugs says:

      By the way, misogyny is not limited to men – no matter their race or national origin. As an attorney in practice & retirement, the worst misogynistic prejudice I’ve experienced has been from older women.


      • Please elaborate, Moms Hugs.
        As a gay man who loves and supports women, I am fascinated by your claim of older women exhibiting hatred and or contempt for women. Are you referring to an old fashioned belief that women should stay home and support their men and raise babies?
        If so, am I wrong to say that this might be more accurately be described as bigotry?
        Misogyny is such a strong and important word that my heart wants to reserve it for depraved animals like BranVan and CorBate.( Whose sentencing has been pushed back to april 24th ).Evil.
        Ingrained prejudice seems like a symptom of the disease.
        Im open to the idea that i have a different understanding or value for the term.


  5. Cheryl Maxham says:

    WOW! Excellent!!


  6. Oh this was amazing. I write a feminist blog and have been reading about people who are complaining about the ‘first-world feminism’ that Arquette presented. It’s as if people do not realize you cannot get up and stand for every issue that’s important to them. She’s a white female. It makes sense that she would use her experience to talk about what she’s fighting for. It does not mean she doesn’t support a black movement at all.
    I can’t believe some of the ignorance that exists and that people are still down to the bone racist.
    Why is this still a thing?!


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