California Court of Appeal says Judge Lisa Schall is “arbitrary and capricious” YOLO!

Judge Lisa Shall - recent

Judge Lisa Schall – the judge who goes through life with a YOLO attitude.

The more I read about Judge Lisa Schall, the more it seems she’s screeching through life yelling, YOLO!

But that’s only because she should.  After all, she has the San Diego Law Enforcement endorsement, and this is San Diego is her record in “America’s Finest City” so YOLO!

Which means when federal prosecutor Carla Keen ran against Schall, well.

Keen lost support from Clear Channel.  See this post.

Judge Lisa Schall is a YOLO judge.  She’ll keep putting it out there, because just like honey badger, San Diegans don’t care.  For other details, on other nightmare San Diego Judges, see San Diego and remember, folk:  YOLO!






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