OU President David Boren expels two racist frat boys

President BorenxYale graduate, President of the University of Oklahoma, and Sooner leader, David Boren just expelled Parker Rice and Levi Pettit, two racists frat boys in a short, but succinct letter.

President Boren released the announcement by traditional means, which now includes, Twitter.  As of this writing the announcement had 2.9 “Reweets” and 1.9 “Favorites.”

OU Explusion - President Boren

University of Oklahoma – Expulsion Letter to frat boys creating a “hostile educational environment.”

How do you know you’re a racist?  Easy.

If your “God” hates the very same people you do, you’re a racist!

KKK - Jesus Saves

KKK rally and; God????

The belief racism is a learned, mental illness, is evidenced by none other than

Beauton Gilbow

Beauton Gilbow proves racism is taught.

Oklahoma “housemother” Beauton Gilbow, a seventy something,  happy racist chanter!

After seeing Gilbow’s delighted with herself,  chant, I contacted long-time Oklahoma Republican (Broken Arrow) representative,  Dr. Mike Ritze for his take on the exploding situation.

His response was perfect.


Dr. Mike Ritze

Oklahoma Representative (Broken Arrow) Dr. Mike Ritze

Dr. Mike Ritze:  “I think the recent situation is disgusting and President David Boren handled it extremely well.  As a physician and surgeon myself, I think President Boren did an excellent job in excising the tumor and the situation that erupted inappropriately at the University.

Ritze added,

“What we should also realize is that this is a small number, less than a handful that participated in this disgusting chant, which does not represent the goodness of Oklahomans who embrace race, creed and color.”

The good news?  That would be OU students, President David Boren, and legislators like Dr. Mike Ritze.

They are the good news, and also bringing the good news the situation is changing.


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1 Response to OU President David Boren expels two racist frat boys

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    Catching up here. Your post about OU Pres. Boren expelling those students for good cause is excellent. Especially your use of that old photo to show how “Religion & Klan” seem to go together like “Peanut Butter & Jelly” hidden away in various places of the country… not all Southern. For example, Indiana & Ohio are hotbeds of KKK. Richer members of the Klan have been buying up old farms for private places to gather, buy/sell guns, practice shooting… and perhaps even celebrate Jesus… maybe… well maybe not, just guessing. 😉 In any event, I wish the Southern Poverty Law Center would hire a bunch of law student interns to comb property records over the summer… or maybe hire old retired lawyers to do it since they’re probably scouring ancestry records anyway.


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