Did Aaron Kushner single-handedly plan to kill the Southern California’s newspaper industry

It almost seems planned.  How else could one east coast greeting card millionaire, first plan, then execute a vision of such journalistic mayhem in such a short period of time?

aaronkushner - killed journalism

Aaron Kushner – killer of hopes, dreams, jobs and journalism.

The destruction is so immense, one has to wonder if it was done for a larger, business plan.

Lay-off notices from Orange and LA County posted at the OC Weekly, here.

Now couple that with Dough (sic) Manchester’s plan to kill off the UT San Diego by making it a non-profit.  Or more of a non-profit,  and am wondering if collectively Southern California might want to put in a call to Michael Bloomberg.  Or Al Gore.  Someone.

Go east Aaron.  You’re killing us.



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