Bradley Stone, Nicole Stone and how reporters are getting women killed.

As horrible as the butchering of a family is, Philly news reporters

still found the time to report these spectacular murders in rote fashion.

1.  Plug in the name of the suspect

2.  Plug in type of weapon

3.  Plug in the by now, standard:   “The victim repeatedly said he was going to kill her” from a neighbor.

4.  Plug in the also standard:  “He seemed like a nice guy.”  Hey reporters, just because some idiot is misguided, doesn’t mean they have to be quoted.

5.  Plug in a comment from the police and some Domestic Violence advocate and

completely miss the story.

1.  Example from  Three reporters “contributing” Not one reviewed family court records.

2.  Not one media outlet staffs family court, the nation’s largest, busiest, most-used, most often court because:  as has been demonstrated:  Families are disposable.  It’s really all about the business world.

3.  Worst of all?  The high-tech real-time GPS solution has been around for years, but even the company who has the solution, doesn’t market to the largest need:  Family Court.

Report reality:  Women crime victims are doomed as police often refuse to enforce laws for family related crimes.  There’s a reason for that:  Police officer families have a higher rate of assaults in their own families.  See the Bad Cop section of

So reporters, stop.  Just stop. Decide women are important enough to ask tough questions.  Investigate.  Women pay taxes for police and court services, continue to not receive them.  This post below explains it all.





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