LA Register goes bust. UT San Diego looking to become a non-profit.

What’s a reader, hungry for information, but too lazy to look for it, do?

First, Aaron Kushner, an east coast greeting card millionaire, decides running a California newspaper can’t be much different.  I mean – it’s paper, right?  But Kushner was wrong.  LA Register Ceases Operation Effective Immediately.  And Kushner was wrong on the timing.  As is Dough (sic) Manchester, who is now looking for make the losing-money-fast, renamed, San Diego Union Tribune, a “non-profit.”

But what’s a San Diego reader who would just like to read not too filtered, news, to do?

First, wake up.

What’s apparent is San Diego Media, is wholly separate from journalism.  Journalism being largely absent in the San Diego market. Also, the UT hasn’t been a functioning newspaper since finally waking up, upon belatedly realizing – then belatedly addressing Randy Cunningham’s crooked life. This was in 2005, approximately four years after I, (self-administered back-pat) noticed and called for his resignation on a website.


Another preventable murder of a San Diego woman.

As for San Diego’s war on women?  Going strong! Casualties mounting! As the murder rate relates to the con of the family court industry, meetings with UT editors (who nicely sprang for lunch) to explain that unless the UT changed their coverage regarding why women continue getting killed for simply wanting a divorce, to include reporting on the mechanics of family court, the paper could be listed as an accessory to murder. Editors declined to change their abysmal coverage (and banned me from commenting on what passes for their pages on FB.) They also recanted, apologized and said they would reinstate me. Except then Tom Mallory claimed he couldn’t undo it. (Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.) 🙂

After accidentally discovering the high-tech solution to crime prevention in Real Time: Only CBS ran the solution. Neither Lansdowne, Mack Jenkins, and Zimmerman seem interested. But Channel 10 went so far as to air bogus stories about the high-tech solution to crime prevention. How scary is that?

The residents of San Diego remain remarkably uninformed thanks in part, to the prevalent “But the weather is so good” attitude, and of course – what San Diego media. I’ve always said San Diego is at peace with its corruption.  I just wish San Diego wouldn’t continue proving it.  Having lived all over the country, I confess to never seeing such a large accumulation of chipper, Chamber of Commerce news anchor types, happily chirping

“San Diego is America’s FINEST City”

(noticeably absent during coverage of one of San Diego’s many self-inflicted scandals) only to immediately resume as scandal news, fades.

So, if UT San Diego becomes a non-profit, so what? I mean, come on. It’s not as if residents are losing a valuable news source.

And ladies, if you’re interested in staying safe, ask your attorney to demand real-time GPS as an enhancement to your restraining order requests. Here’s how it works.


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