Getting murdered in Arkansas remains super easy

Domestic violence

Is Ethan Nobles really interested in "ending" Arkansas murders?

Turns out while Missouri and Arkansas tie for 7th in the nation for women getting murdered by their “intimate” partners, media is still tip-toeing around our national ugly reality.

First, there’s really no such thing as “domestic violence.” That’s just a cock-tail party phrase designed by fund-raisers to “end domestic violence.”  The report detailing Arkansas and Missouri tied for 7th top place for women to be killed, also indicated,

Sixty-eight percent of victims were killed by husbands, exes or boyfriends. Sixty-three percent were murdered with guns.

The article went on to state that one City Prosecutor’s office,

“announced yesterday that its Domestic Violence Court received a $230,409 grant from the Department of Justice. Part of the grant money will go toward a 36-month project that involves hiring a Domestic Violence Offender Accountability Coordinator, who will invent and manage a coordinated system to track the city’s most violent offenders.”

Track?  Most people are unaware tracking is not monitoring.  Tracking is not done in real-time.  Monitoring is.

So in family court, monitoring is the Restraining Order Solution.

Real-time monitoring is the accountability factor, and would for the very first time, provide for effective restraining orders.

GPS provides a tool for women to save their own life

The solution is monitoring technology used in Family Court so cases don’t wind up in criminal court long after the victim has been buried.  But not just GPS.  GPS with Victim Notification.

The solution is Family court judges adding a Victim Notification enhancement to their restraining orders since so many criminal cases originate in family court.

Indeed, GPS has come of age.  Nursing homes GPS their elderly patients whose tendency to wander increases as mental acumen diminishes. Ski resorts use GPS as marketing tools,

“GPS little Jessica and we’ll find her faster in case of an avalanche!”

So GPS with victim notification is the common sense, life-saving solution…which also saves the State ultimately, millions.  The cost of one GPS device for one year doesn’t equal the cost of one night’s worth of a murder investigation.

Not the entire police investigation.  Just one night.  Match the cost of one night’s worth of a murder investigation against the cost of a complete police investigation, coroner’s report, jail time before trial, trial preparation, trial, expert witnesses, witnesses, post-trial conviction incarceration; and the cost factor pales.

Thus, GPS with victim notification, which likewise empowers the woman to save her own life is the missing link.  (An added benefit for men falsely accused of stalking, is they are secretly GPSing themselves to answer and overcome accusations.)

The earlier missing link is now available.  Staffers monitoring ankle bracelets real-time notify the intended victim should the person wearing GPS begin to advance towards an area a family court judge ordered them to stay-away from.  Staffers notify the protected person ahead of time and in enough time for them to vacate the vicinity.

Recently than Nobles of was made aware of GPS and its use in family court.  Nobles is one of those real-estate, “recovering attorney” media types who sponsors legal groups to “end domestic violence.”  Nobles seemed very excited to learn of the solution.

In fact, Ethan Nobles said he would ask someone at FirstArkansasNews to contact a GPS firm to write an article about this technology before the latest “Equal Access to Justice” shindig took place.  In fact Nobles did so, twice.

Didn’t happen

Instead, Nobles ran a generic post about yet another “Domestic Violence” whoopdeedo, “conference.”  My experience with media types like Mr. Nobles is, while appearing to care, fail at a basic level to educate and inform the public.

Meanwhile the murder rate continues to climb, with the public, those in power and the eventually killed remain clueless there is a real, and real cost-effective solution.

When I chided Mr. Nobles for his failure to follow through he replied,

“I was feeling guilty about not getting back to y’all on this. I sure as hell don’t now.”

In the old days there was a little something called “The Fourth Estate.”  Newspaper owners prided themselves on educating and informing the public as to good public policy, while making as much in ad sales as possible.  It seemed to work.

Often media coverage propelled those in power to effect change, much like the FAA is now doing, in response to the public outcry against guys sleeping in airport towers.

But those days are gone.  Now we have companies such as FirstArkansasNews – ignoring – well, news.

Thanks Ethan.


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5 Responses to Getting murdered in Arkansas remains super easy

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  2. Might want to re-read the article. The not so noble Ethan Nobles was all PR glitz, and zero follow-through. So your statement Nobles, was “someone who apparently was willing to help” is one hundred percent, factually inaccurate. The noble-free Ethan Nobles rather than educating the public, continues instead, to keep them at grave risk.

    However my other concern is you whoever you are, seem more interested in emotions than facts. Family members whose loved ones are in the graveyard might be bitter, (and who could blame them) but those in a position to move towards solutions, who instead fail act as change makers, wind up committing a lethal kind of journalist malpractice. So your concern is more appropriately addressed there.


  3. Donna Carbone says:

    In lieu of the death penalty, GPS monitoring is the next best thing. Of course, you already know I think we don’t use Old Sparky or his modern day equivalent often enough.

    Good post!


  4. If nothing changes – then nothing changes.


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