How WEBMD & Vitals deals with Doctors like Dr William T. Clusin; who infect women with herpes

The below photograph is of physician, Dr. William T. Clusin.  A California Appeals court recently ordered Dr. Clusin to pay almost a million dollars for knowingly infecting his wife of four months with genital herpes.  (See prior post.)

Turns out, Clusin’s third wife wasn’t the first woman Clusin infected with herpes.

However, companies touting physicians such as WEBMD and “Vitals” don’t mention this while trilling Dr. Clusin’s background and accolades on their websites.  My question is:  Why?

Dr. William Clusin knowingly infected women with herpes

Dr. William Clusin doesn’t tell women his history of infecting women with genital herpes and the lawsuits he lost after doing so.

More importantly, why does a near total lack of corporate accountability seem to be okay for publicly traded companies such as as WEBMD?

Especially when said publicly traded WEBMD features this Google trill:

WEBMD - Fails on Herpes - Dr William Clusin

Dr. Clusin’s knowingly infecting women with herpes is not part of WEBMD “Better information.”

Better Information.  Better health”  –  minus the history of physicians on their websites?!  When might say, Jim Cramer, or the folks at Squawk Box begin to squawk about the utter lack of real transparency and solid information?  Wouldn’t shareholders appreciate a company that was the go-to in the field, instead of what is simply — advertising?

This is espcially important as in the area of publicly traded company specifically linking to “First, Do No harm” physicians.  Also important?  The public should know companies like WEBMD and “Vitals” don’t answer emails asking how they are going to deal with current information regarding people with say, Clusin’s background.

I wrote to both.  And received in response,


Don’t you just hate it when companies that brag about transparency, don’t respond to emails?


On a brighter note, from Mark L. Zeidel of the America Society of Clinical Investigation,

American Society for Cllinical Investiation

who responded promptly.  Sadly, Dr. Zeidel also responded incorrectly.

Herpes - Dr. Clusin - American Society for Clinical Inestigation


Perhaps the American Society of Clinical Investigation could check their records.  I mention this because,

Dr Clusin membership in American Society of Clinical InvestigationDr. Clusin is actually listed, twice.  

Under Dr. Fearson who was elected in 2015; is another notation:

  “Dr William T. Clusin M.D. Ph.D. represents the Society at this institution.”

Dr. Clusin represents the Society at this institution

People are apt to trust Clinical Investigative Societies.

People are apt to trust WebMD.  But the LA Times explains why people shouldn’t trust medical boards.  At all.

Here’s a little something to consider:

Dr. Clusin - Medical Boards - LA TimesRepublicans are always trilling for “free market” while Democrats believe some government help is necessary.

But neither matters when increasingly, it turns out private companies online, as well as publicly traded companies, in the “free market”  are every bit as bad as government backed health care.

Next question

Why does this stunning lack of accountability and transparency; continue?

Last question.

Who will care enough change this?


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5 Responses to How WEBMD & Vitals deals with Doctors like Dr William T. Clusin; who infect women with herpes

  1. Moms Hugs says:

    By the way, does anyone else think this idiot looks like he could’ve been in Hollywood Hillbillies? He could also play Charles Manson, too. Just saying….


  2. Strongly Dislikes Injustice says:

    Great investigative work! You are doing the community a big service.


  3. Moms Hugs says:

    Dr. Zeidel may wonder why you wrote to him since he’s not on ASCI’s leadership roster nor Stanford’s faculty either. Why him & not Dr. Wu who is on both? Or maybe you did & he hasn’t responded yet. Just a caution… don’t hold your breath waiting for state medical boards to officially investigate & discipline licensed doctors. Surely you know from the GOP efforts to cap malpractice awards, that lawyers are the cause of all their troubles!


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