Brandon Vandenburg Vanderbilt Retrial – The victim testifies

Vandenburg Retrial- Mack Prioleau’s great life

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3 Responses to Vandenburg Retrial- Mack Prioleau’s great life

  1. nicjonez says:

    I truly can’t believe the more and more I look into this terrible person, the more and more ridiculous things I come across, and it’s as if he is flying under the radar for being a despicable person who isn’t the least bit guilty or ashamed of his complete lack of action because he is brazen enough to be all over the internet, preppy head shots and all, as if he were some kind of damn hero or something! I am seriously disturbed that he is getting off so easily, and casually, all the while showing the complete opposite of remorse and any kind of understanding of his piss poor actions.


    • Mack taking advantage of this tells me all I need to know about him.


    • seems to be one of those “reputation defender” moves. Notice Mack Prioleau is the only person quoted and with a picture. Everything else is stock content by “Admin.” There is no, “About us.” Strikes me as typical Mack Prioleau. I wouldn’t do business with anyone in their family.


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