Trump’s Inauguration: Women are Marching and that ain’t all

Men freak out so easily.  Women are marching!  Men are jumpy!  Maybe they should be.

Sites organizing the Women’s March – are all over the place…and by all over the place, I mean, Nationwide.

*(Click here for Womens March, Google Docs updates…in DC.)

But here’s one typical example of male nervousness…straight outta Myrtle Beach, with local hayseed, JP Bockus.

This week I changed my no big deal, Twitter avi  from a typically boring picture taken

bonnie-wants-female-equalitya couple of years ago to something more relevant.

I did so to address the unmitigated hateful glee of some concerning America’s Predator-elect.

Yes…and heads up misogynists; we noticed!

Anyway, if you visit, “Rockmedia” now, (I do scoops, exposes, and  other kinds of media) instead of my smile, am sporting a hot new avi saluting a real American hero.


John Lewis speaks for every American.











which apparently freaked out JP Bockus of Myrtle Beach, SC,  who wasted no time from behind his “I’m a stud” avi,


Ignore that this is an old pic

informing me:  “Women don’t matter” in a series of tweets.


“You don’t matter”

Why Bockus has a problem with a gender-free avi, is easy.

Often those whose sexual roles are rigid, have a really hard time dealing with gender free avis. They must know to whom they’re speaking in order to decide which bias to unleash.  (This is why black women carry a double load of hate.  Especially in the South.)

But JP Bockus didn’t stop there, (including his, “or both: dig).   Which I thought was worthy to note in a follow up tweet.


Yep, clueless JP Bockus from Myrtle Beach, figured he got himself a twofer!

However, having already scrolled Bockus’ Twitters time line – I figured misogyny, wasn’t exactly a secret.  Neither was his racist rants.  Well, South Carolina, ya’ll.   Could well be a family trait.

South Carolina legislator, attorney Chris Corley‘s, core values include not resigning after his felony arrest for punching his wife’s lights out in front of their kids.  As of January 18,2017, he’d refused to resign, although was suspended from the legislature.


We hate women

When I called him out, JP Bockus claimed not to know Todd Kincannon, (former head of SC GOP, who exited for a mental institution some time back); or the recently arrested, South Carolina legislator, Steve Corley.  Wife beater and champion racist!

image003I listened to the 9-1-1 call and can report the most sickening sounds separate from Corley’s kids screaming, was the sound of Chris Corley’s fist connecting with his wife’s face.

Myrtle Beach’s JP Bockus didn’t know Corley, either.  Not sure Bockus reads.

Back to the Womens March!  The ladies are getting cuter. Knitting caps and in some cases, tiny Trump Mittens, courtesy of Eloise Hay Cook.  Retired teacher, expert troller of America’s newest version of Agent Orange.


Retire teacher, Elsie Hay Cook, is used to dealing with little boys of all ages.

That kind of action  just freaks out people like JP Bockus.

Enough so Bockus blocked me…then changed his avi.  (All while processing faith to his family.  Presumably the misogynist, racist family who are so confused about what equality means to America.)


After all, what did Agent Orange do when he got scared?  Bikers for Trump!

Could these gym-toned sissy boys, get any more ridiculous?

It’s a rhetorical question.

If you enjoyed this article and would like to contribute to future campaigns to end misogyny, examples of past success in educating the public, are here.

5 Responses to Trump’s Inauguration: Women are Marching and that ain’t all

  1. Feminists and mostly lesbians wiped a ton of gay ass in the 1980’s gay HIV epidemic while society turned a blind eye. Do gay men work for reproductive rights? Women’s equal rights? NO. They tolerated and succored rich white hetero males with paraphilias like Caitlyn Jenner who have goal to destroy women’s rights, appropriate our sex and enforce rigid gender roles.

    There are exceptions. That is anecdotal. My gay brother is 60. Says, “gay men don’t much like women”.

    Women worked hard for gay and lesbian, women and civil rights. Gay men are not standing up to the trans gender violence against women.


    • Yes. Absolutely. I was in San Francisco in the early years of the panic. A nun contracted AIDS from a bad blood transfusion for her leg surgery. Even Nurses refused to nurse. My friend’s aunt nursed the woman, after medical personnel fled in fear. So this poor nun, after a lifetime of teaching, died a horrible death including just prior, enduring lesions in her throat.

      The kicker is – at least for restraining orders…I found the solution in technology. Took me three years to discover no one, not state officials, not law enforcement, or these so-called “non-profits” want it. Turns out DV is a lucrative career field.

      The short version is women pay taxes for police services the police continually refuse to provide.

      Currently real-time GPS is used criminal, not family court…where the idea of murder, begins.

      Below two news clips demonstrate how effective GPS, works. Too bad no one wants it.


      CBS – more detailed


  2. Catte Adams says:

    Great read. I’m a new fan as of this article.
    Keep up the great work. Oh, I’ll be marching in Los Angeles and so many people are coming from Palm Springs, San Diego, all the areas that are not marching are coming to either Orange County or Los Angeles. As this is a family friendly march and all are welcome I am curious to see how many men will come in solidarity.
    Then I started thinking, will gay men come out to march like we did when it was about standing up for them? All curious things that remain to be seen.
    Some will think I am a jerk just for posing the questions, but that’s ok. I’m used to being on an unpopular side of issues historically. It has served me well. I have seen great change in my 62 years. (Born in ’54) I recall when my mother divorced my father she couldn’t even get a credit card without HIM signing for her as a co signor. Couldn’t open a BANK account without his signature. So PRESS ON my sisters. And march till your shoes wear out. I’ve done it for years. And will continue to do so. See you out there on the front lines!


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