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Ahmed clocks Texas education system; victimized by ‘fraidy cat “Hoax Bomb” Law

Alternate, shorter title:  “Ahmed clocks Texas educational system.” Or, because I love a good pun, “The hoax is on you.” What happens when a one 14 year old kid, Ahmed Mohamed, is nicer and smarter than his teachers, his principal, … Continue reading

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@JSavite – “Just Janis” – The Intenet phenom

A word to the Twitter, wannabe-wise regarding @jsavite A few years ago I pleaded with reporters to retire the word “awesome,” a word that had degenerated from describing someone or something of staggeringly breathtaking, achievement or say, beauty; to describing … Continue reading

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Murder, Media, and stock values, on the killing of Alison Parker, Adam Ward

When media, murder, and publicly held companies converge for good.  Or not.  A story in four parts. First:  There haven’t been enough accolades for Adam Ward.  Adam’s camera expertise and more so, his profound passion for life allowed him to … Continue reading

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Can Katie Jacobs Stanton can save Twitter?

[Update:  Two weeks later.   I was wrong.  Katie not interested.] I think she can!  Let me say it again. I think it’s possible for Katie Stanton Jacobs to save Twitter.  Because she’s that nice. Although we don’t know each other, … Continue reading

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Why online reader comments are important for news, business values, and valuations

SPOILER ALERT:  Why Twitter is failing although the firehose announcement is great. On January 28, 2015,  The Guardian reported Bloomberg recently relaunched its various financial sites with zippy brand-new, whiz bang stuff.  The relaunch included one, significant change.  The decision … Continue reading

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