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An open letter to Judge Charles Tinlin: Please stop getting women killed.

In 2021, Judge Charles Tinlin announced plans to retire. But before Tinlin leaves, he wants the County to hired more judges… because judges don’t have time to read cases. Although Judge Tinlin has long been aware (since 2006) of the … Continue reading

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The problem with police body cams: Ex Ohio Trooper, Bryan Lee

Ex Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper Bryan Lee, the married father of three children under the age of six, is Exhibit A for mandatory wearing of body cameras and mics. Bryan Lee is also Exhibit A for making sure any … Continue reading

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Nathan Fletcher’s divorce reveals a deep misunderstanding of Family Court

On March 2, 2015, the San Diego Reader barely reported former California State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher filed for divorce. Instead, the report detailed Fletcher was a former protege of Randy Duke Cunningham, (once voted America’s most crooked politician; since released … Continue reading

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Why Republican women supporting rapist friendly judges are the scariest of all Americans

I always vote, and don’t engage with those who don’t.  Also, my vote leans to issues, not a particular party, as my belief system is that is just part of the job of a responsible citizen.  Feel free to disagree. … Continue reading

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Could Huma Abedin choose a Hollywood role model instead of Hillary?

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Looking at the total picture; isn’t it true Huma Abedin’s judgment skills could also be called into question? Do we really need either Weiner in government considering Mrs. Weiner seems okay with her husband treating half the population as badly as … Continue reading

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