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Maternity tourism: How rich women foreigners obtain American citizenship for their babies

Behold!  A new kind of potential immigrant! Forget fear-riddled Tea Party fist shakers – shaking their angry fists at….children. Forget tea party types defaming innocent newborns, venomously attacking infants as “anchor babies” (never mind where parents of tea party ‘fraidy … Continue reading

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Nathan Fletcher’s divorce reveals a deep misunderstanding of Family Court

On March 2, 2015, the San Diego Reader barely reported former California State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher filed for divorce. Instead, the report detailed Fletcher was a former protege of Randy Duke Cunningham, (once voted America’s most crooked politician; since released … Continue reading

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Reporting 101: There are two kinds of GPS – but reporters aren’t covering the kind that works.

First, there are two kinds of GPS.  Second, most reporters and State and Congressional staffers, don’t know this.  Sadly, it follows when reporters are unaware of critical information, the public is then and repeatedly, misinformed.  Misinformation is responsible in part, … Continue reading

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Bradley Stone, Nicole Stone and how reporters are getting women killed. As horrible as the butchering of a family is, Philly news reporters DAVID GAMBACORTA, JASON NARK, WENDY RUDERMAN, DANA DiFILIPPO & BARBARA LAKER, still found the time to report … Continue reading

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Did Aaron Kushner single-handedly plan to kill the Southern California’s newspaper industry

It almost seems planned.  How else could one east coast greeting card millionaire, first plan, then execute a vision of such journalistic mayhem in such a short period of time? The destruction is so immense, one has to wonder if … Continue reading

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