TJ Ducklo has two fatal diseases. Lung Cancer and Misogyny

Update: One day later, TJ Ducklo resigned. I remain completely proud of my column below.

Gotta wonder why the White House Skirt Offense ramped up a full skirt swirl to protect TJ (The Jerk) Ducklo…as the cowardly Ducklo, as in “ducked low” behind the skirts.


Sellouts near the top

Nevermind that Ducklo called Tara Palmeri, threatening, “I will destroy you” should Tara Palmeri move forward with her story. It was also reported TJ (The Jerk) accused of Palmeri of being “jealous” that a different man had “wanted to f–k” McCammond “and not you.”

One hundred percent full of himself, TJ then accused Palmeri of being “jealous” he was dating McCammond.


It’s not the “Cancel Culture” — when Men self-cancel

Ladies. Get Real. Misogyny kills.

TJ Ducklo immediately made a business dispute about sex.

So to the all female communications crew of the White House — you let President Joe Biden down. There was no need for this to become what it has. Ducklo, who doesn’t have the grace to resign, should have been terminated as President Biden said would happen.

You let that President Biden has a soft spot for cancer victims badly color your judgment.

Had anyone been on their game, any one of these experienced staffers could have found Ducklo a position somewhere, anywhere else. Frankly, America was failed by the all-female team, who acted in jock fashion…when a moderately bright staffer would have just found the creep another job and presented his resignation letter.


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