Covid-19 tests are available – the problem for government is not doing this

My name is Bonnie Russell,  Call me at 858-324-1717, if you need the Korean Covid-19 tests, and PPEs now.  The newest tests are completed  in minutes, not hours.  That’s huge.  Also huge?

Democrats are likewise screwing the simplest of things.  Getting tests and masks to those in need.

Normally I work in media relations.

I’m in Southern California, and am also quite professionally, curious. So I have done a fair amount of exposés. 

My last exposé happened to be medically related…and the reporter interrupted my excited call to ask,

Lubbock.  Why were you reading the papers in Lubbock!?

Professionally curious got me into exposing some weird, Organ Harvesting  (completely unauthorized but very profitable) which I immediately recognized was a story way bigger than my blog, (devotedly read by four readers) could handle.

Jeff’s excellent follow-up was picked up by the wires, Organ Harvesting 2,San Diego Organ Harvest

including the Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune, and more.  Jeff did a great job.  Still, with COVID testing, both parties are screwing it up.

It saddens me to read reports like this.

 But it really saddens me to report the following regarding media:

  1. All media is mistakenly driving up Covid-19 testing costs with incorrect information regarding a perceived lack of testing and PPEs.
  2. Tests and masks are super available. Turns out, city, county and state governments handle a pandemic exactly the same way they handle everything else. By committee.
  3. I come with receipts. By demonstration, and certainly not to make anyone feel badly. But to provide examples because I don’t say anything unless I have proof. When Montana Gov. Steve Bullock pleaded for masks and tests on MSNBC, — I heard his plea and called Helena Police to get contact information for after hour emergencies. (Back when the earth was cooling I worked for a police department).

Next, I called Bullock’s Chief of Staff, Ali Bovingdon, and Deputy Chief of Staff, Adam Schafer.  I left messages for each that tests and masks (safety glasses) were readily available.


I called back, including a call for Ali’s assistant Kaydee, (daughter of former CA legislator, Gary Condit). Kaydee once called me for information while working in Government in California. I reminded her of that in my message to her.


  1. Again, — referencing Item 2., state governments handle a pandemic exactly the same way it handles everything else. By committee.

Prior to Dr. Valerie Arkoosh appearing on Rachel Maddow’s show, but shortly after the announcement federal help was being withdrawn in her community, I sent the good doctor an email detailing testing and mask prices (at a fair price) not something that would warrant attention in Propublica, or most recently, the Washington Post as pictured below,

and promptly received an invitation to fill out a form…

“Dear Ms. Russell,

On behalf of Dr. Arkoosh, I would like to thank you for your willingness to distribute PPE at this time.

I would like to encourage you to fill out our PPE vendor form online here:”

The Solution.

  1.  First, no medical personnel should have to wear a laundered mask. Also,…Ew.
  2.  City, County and State Governments, must — must think less like bureaucrats, and more like First Responders. Thus,
  3. For fast service to entities in desperate need, call me.  My number’s at the top of the page. If you’re a frustrated employer, call me. 
  4. Please all, act like exactly like a first responder. I can walk you through it.
  5. Have staffers decide in conjunction with the person writing the check. Then the person cutting the check contacts the company making the best offer for their needs — who can likewise, continue supplying tests and equipment in a way that doesn’t get the supply, hijacked, enroute.  I happen to know one such company.

As the renown tech journalist Kera Swisher wrote about her own antibody test in The NY Times,

“We are the most monitored, followed and data-mined people to have ever occupied this planet, and we know very little about a virus that knows everything about us.

As jacked into the system as I am, to get a tiny piece of possibly unreliable data about myself, I had to know a guy.”

         In the case of masks and COVID-19 testing, this )girl is that guy.

Personally, I’m in it so my now 97 year old Dad, gets to stick around long enough to complete his short-term goal. (Dad mentions all his goals are  short-term). . .and Dad would really like to vote in the upcoming election.

Dad’s Riverside County retirement community is so large they have their own polling place. I sometimes make fun of Dad on Twitter…as there is no way I could equal his record of service.  But I can do my best.

One last example behind my attempt to get media to refocus on supplies.

Doctors contacted me privately because their employers continue to fail them.

Their hospitals are not meeting their safety needs. None of this needed to happen. Korea has had 225 deaths which double every five days.  The U.S. response to date has failed, and we need to protect our first responders and all medical personnel, as well as non-medical personnel, who work in hospitals and doctor’s offices.  I leave you with this.



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