Gotcha Legal Services Process server Kris Vorsatz Hit With New Charges By San Mateo Deputy DA

To highlight in action of DA Rosen

Santa Clara District Attorney Jeff Rosen

While traditional media seems a bit unconcerned why Santa Clara’s District Attorney Jeff Rosen’s office facilitated the twice-convicted felon and some-time process server, Gotcha Legal Services, process server, Kris Vorsatz, — San Mateo County is picking up the slack.

Gotcha Legal Services process server Kris Warren Vorsatz was hit with new charges last week.

San Mateo Deputy DA Lucas King added a few new charges against Vorsatz; including what Kris likely thought was fool-proof detection scam.  Using his identical twin brother, Kraig’s ID.  Lucas also including Kris’ penchant for waving a badge around, inferring he was working with the County.

Fortunately, at present, Kris Vorsatz is not available for release.  But in event he does become probation eligible, I believe his behavior demonstrates it is worth being on effective, GPS.  California has a history of ineffective, GPS.

dishonest process server jailed

Kris Vorsatz is the twin on the left. Kraig Vorsatz is on the right.

Which reminds me of the Judicial Council’s 68 million pre-trial release program and how that implies protecting the public, while the problem of Counties protecting bad contracts, which are repeatedly, renewed.  

I tipped NBC to one frequently used GPS “monitoring” company with a record so dismal, Orange County finally dumped them.

(Click the above link for one scary video too many counties continue to use).

There is a better way than the dynamic that typically plays out in Government “systems” which prompted the well-deserved quote, below.

“You do not rise to the level of your goals, but fall to the level of your systems.”

Effective leaders find a better way.  They are open to better solutions.  Particularly if they are cost-worthy.  My hope is none of  Kris Vorsatz’s victims, have to contend with junk-GPS.

Californians have begun to understand which county DA acts to use the best technology, given the new technology is price comparable to the companies formerly used in Orange County.

Judicial Council OKs $68M for Pretrial-Release Pilot Program

Given it’s time to clean up both the process-serving industry and the so-called, GPS Monitoring business;

  1.  The first agency whose process servers begin wearing body-cams is going to win the hearts and minds of the public as well as the courts.
  2. Junk GPS which has not worked in decades, but remain, in-use and causing problems, noted here “California Counties have issues with GPS Monitoring Services, as neither the Sheriff or Probation know how often they fail, it does seem time to go with what works, instead. 
  3. Sentinel in the news, in Georgia.
  4. Yes, we are aware of California judges who awarded GPS contracts to their kids. Talking to you, former El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Steven Bailey.

The Tahoe Daily Tribune reported,

“As a sitting judge since 2008, Bailey often would order defendants to become involved in a monitoring program called SCRAM, run by CHI Monitoring of Placerville. Defendants basically pay for the monitoring service, commonly known as wearing an “ankle bracelet,” instead of being jailed.

The judge in ordering numerous defendants to enroll with CHI often failed to note for the record that his son was employed there, according to the counts delineated by the Commission on Judicial Performance.”

When CHI clients failed to pay, Judge Bailey misused his authority to order the balance be paid as “victim restitution” when the monitoring firm is not a legal “victim” as outlined by the courts.

The California Commission on Judicial Performance also contends Judge Bailey directed potential clients to attorneys who were personal friends of the judge, without proper disclosure of that fact.

Also, the California Judicial Commission, composed of six public members, three judges and two lawyers, didn’t mince words in describing Bailey’s time on the bench.

“Judge Bailey has violated the Code of Judicial Ethics both on the bench and off the bench,” the decision concludes. “Citizens are expected to comply with the rule of law. Public respect for the judiciary cannot help but be eroded when a judge fails to abide by laws and rules applicable to the judiciary.”

Click here for:  The entire Decision against Judge Steven Bailey.

I telephoned District Attorney Wagstaffe for a comment, earlier this week regarding using effective GPS, and learned he will be returning   next week. I also called Deputy DA Lucas King, who was in trial.

 I repeatedly telephoned attorney Jeff Gananian, who represents Vorsatz victim, Gib Papazian, and Gib Papazian, too. I did not hear back from either; making my efforts 0 for four.  

I will try next week as I am aware of a need for this in San Mateo, from the testimony of Bonnie Beaton who spoke on non-agenda items, near the beginning of a Board of Supervisors Meeting on July 23, 2019.  Ms. Beaton focused on her former husband’s repeated violation of restraining orders, and the problems she has been having with Menlo Park Police, in getting the police to do their job after he routinely violates court orders.  According to her testimony Menlo Park officers have repeatedly told Beaton they will not make a report.

One can’t expect the District Attorney to act without the cooperation of local police.  By the way, over 2,000 plus women are killed in the U.S. yearly. Generally by someone who once professed their love.  But there are probably more, as their is no standardized reporting.  County and   State officials cannot fix the federal problem.  But they can use cost-effective, life saving GPS.


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